This was a pretty damn good week, as far as comics go. Every Wednesday, I make the hour-long bus trip from my house to my local comic books store (Tate’s comics on University, look for a link at the end of the post) to pick up my books and mill around arguing about who does and does not suck. Ever since July, I have been waiting patiently for the release of the first issue of Terror Titans. Wednesday, I got it. Personal opinion?

BUY SIX COPIES NOW OMG. Seriously, a great read. I hope this series serves to branch out Ravager’s character and confirm that she is in fact a good guy. Because if this mini turns into a “Hey, Rose is evil after all!” kind of thing, I will punch Dan Didio in the face. I don’t care if it was his fault or not, I will track him down and punch him in the face.

So, I finally hopped onto the Blue Beetle bandwagon a few weeks ago. I’ve been saying since ’05 that Ted was the only Beetle for me, that I’d never pick up a series bearing his name but not his character…but I couldn’t help myself. Blame scans_daily. Paco’s family converted me into a regular reader. Blue Beetle trade number 4 out now, kiddies! Pick up issues 20-26 in one handy little package! Also, issue 31 is heeere! I am personally hoping for some sort of catfight between Brenda and that kid of Doctor Polaris’.

Also, if you haven’t started reading the Final Crisis offshoots (Legion of Three Worlds, Rogue’s Revenge, Last Will and Testament, etc), start now! I’m still eating my hands waiting for RR3 to come out. Don’t kill Inertia! For the love of all that is holy, don’t kill Inertia!

On the Marvel side of things, Runaways #2 from the new “season” is out. While the storyline is getting better, though still somewhat sketchy (what’s up with Bob the coma dude?), the art is just pitiful. No offense, Huberto Ramos, but human beings don’t work that way! No, neither do Skrulls or Majesdanes. Sorry. Also, thank you for finally drawing Xavin as a girl. She is female, as she is a lesbian, and lesbians do not have teh penor.

And finally, four weeks until Anime Supercon! October 31st-November 2nd! Buy your tickets now while they’re still cheap!


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