Well, here I am

So I see this Yahoo article on all the SMUG ASSHOLES (yes, I mean Perez Hilton) that are making a mint off of blogging. Now, I happen to have many blogs, but I can’t link to any of them because the content within them would make my mother kill me, and I like being alive. Besides, the one I write in most is my emo blog, which is pretty much where I go to whine about hating my house and my family and my boobs (they are evil and plot my downfall!), and mope about how I miss this guy that I broke up with almost a year ago. BUT WHATEVER LIFE GOES ON. Have you seen my spiffy header? Made it myself in Windows Paint.  And now to the point.

I am 18, I am pretty much broke, I live with my parents, and my career of choice is in writing, prefferably for DC comics. But DC comics will never let me in because my first act as a writer would be to attempt to have a BIG GAY ORGY in the Batcave. Then Grant Morrison would kill me, and no one wants that. BUT ANYWAY, I am a geek. I love comic books and manga and Gaia Online with the burning passion of several thousand white hot suns. I collect action figures. I write fanfiction. I cosplay and sell yaoi manga out of a suitcase at anime conventions (I am vengence. I am the night. I. AM. FLORIDA YAOI GIRL!) My skin is so pale, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK.

And I want to make some cash off of this. SO, I am going to write what I know (comics), post pictures of cool people doing fun stuff (cosplayers), put up links to places that showcase my AWESOME LITERARY SKILLZ (poetry blog and fanfiction.net), put up links that showcase the art and stories of other awesome people, show y’all where the best webcomics around are, and basically whore myself out over the internet until I can afford to rent my own place.

So let’s have some fun, folks. I’m going to direct you to some of the most AWESOME and BADASS writers and artists on the internet, make friends, ROAST AND EAT my enemies, mock celebrities, make political statements, and perhaps even write something worth reading.

Buckle up, kiddies. This is going to be one hell of a ride.


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    Dimitri said,

    OOH its a new blog 😀 Well i hope that you keep this blog updated and stuff.

    btw side note you may whore yourself out to the internet… but i whored myself out for Pocky. =[ I made out with my best friend Alex for Pocky. lol, was well worth it though

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