Upcoming Awesomeness

I’ve decided to work up a posting schedule that starts NEXT SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12TH.

Sunday: Day of Rest (aka ToG gets to post WHATEVER SHE WANTS MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

Monday: Webcomic Spotlight

Tuesday: Artist Spotlight of the Week

Wednesday: Geek Day (aka New Comic Book Day), which means there will probably not be a post as I am busy reading comics.

Thursday: New Comic Overview (of, erm, the titles I read, at least. I’m not rich, ya know!)

Friday: Let’s see some cosplayers!

Saturday: Fanfic Writer Spotlight (note to self: you are not eligible)

There will be random posting in between official awesome posts.  Stuff that just pops into my head, mostly. And now back to your regularly scheduled boring lives.


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