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So I was scrolling through the blogosphere this afternoon, and something dawned on me.


I mean, honestly, who freaking CARES about her 16th birthday blowout or candid pics of her walking her genetically engineered invisible dog or WHATEVER? Celebrities get too much exposeur as it is and in times like this, shouldn’t normal people be more focused on doing background checks on the political figures that may soon be running our country? Eight years ago, people were uproarous about Clinton getting head, and we ended up with the biggest dumbass in the known universe running our country. Just a few months ago, we were shocked and appalled to learn that John Edwards had fathered an illegitimate child, which put him out of the running in the presidential campaign. Now up pops Sarah Palin (whom I am pretty sure is all hair and glasses, from what I’ve seen of her in the debates), who is practically swimming in scandal, and we say next to nothing. Come on, voters! What the hell?!  Half of the blogs I visited this afternoon were either by older teenagers that had not yet bothered to register to vote (too late if you’re a Florida citizen), younger teenagers that treat Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers like a major religion (thanks so much, Disney), or jerk-offs who probably study the bustlines and figures of celebrites, attempting to find some minor physical fault,  so intently that their eyes pop out of their heads.

And it seriously needs to stop.

Celebrities, normal people only care about you because you are richer and more attractive than most people we know. Normal people, the fact that you know everything from the doctor that delivered Jamie Spears’ baby to the color of Nick Jonas’ underwear while shooting Camp Rock isn’t impressive, it’s creepy. As Will Shatner once said, get a life. And as I say almost every day, get over yourselves.

I know this is supposed to be a fun, geeky little blog that calls DC and Marvel on all the stupid shit they do, but this celebrity thing just gets me so damn agitated I can’t even tell you. Normal Geekiness shall return tomorrow.


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    Dimitri said,

    You have to admit though… Lilly Truscott (or Lola when shes in Hannah’s tow) is pretty cute. Lmao… but i whole heartedly agree, people live their lives out through Celebrities… and its kinda sad. They are all for the most part fake in some way shape or form, no longer normal human beings, instead they are what the public eye WANTS them to be. whether it be “America’s princess” or that child hood star turned addict. sometimes i wonder if even those seemingly normal moments are scripted for our entertainment.

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