Webcomic Spotlight on: Anders Loves Maria!

Anders loves Maria is a comic about Anders von Silfersked, his knocked-up girlfriend Maria Holm, her overprotective brother Johan, and her childhood “friendemy” Tina Törnros.

A short summary:

Anders loves Maria. Anders wants to have a baby with Maria. Maria goes drinking with her friends, and finds out she’s pregnant the next day. His mother is a lesbian. Her parents are alcoholics. Anders beats up a guy that hit Maria. Accidentally flashes his wang at the press while in the hospital. The two go to stay with Maria’s family. Anders meets Tina. Tina loves Anders. Anders cheats on Maria. Maria finds out. They break up. Anders sleeps with Tina some more. Tina gets preganant. Rinse and repeat.

Anders loves Maria is one of the honestly good soap opera-esque webcomics out there, and I highly suggest it be read by readers 16 and up.

Anders loves Maria is drawn by Rene Engström, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and can be found at http://anderslovesmaria.reneengstrom.com/

Have a good read!

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