Musically Yours

I love music.

No, seriously, I love music so much that I consider my Ipod to be my perfect mate.

I could write about music every day, until my hands fell off, and I still wouldn’t be able to cover every band I like.

But god damn, does some of my music make me feel old.

Not all of it, mind you. Most of the music was first recorded when my mom was a kid, and therefore ANCIENT (kidding, oma), but remember, I’m 18.

I grew up in a time when boy and girl bands ruled the world.

Seriously! The Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Hanson, O-Town, 98 Degrees, the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, B*witched, TLC, the list stretches on for miles. Now let me tell you all a little story.

When I was 7, a band called Hanson really hit it big with their song Mmbop. The band was made up of the three Hanson brothers, Taylor, Issac, and Zachary. My mom and I just loooooved Hanson. Insert shotacon joke here. Middle of Nowhere, their first cd, was on constant repeat in the car, up until my dad literally BEGGED us to put on something else. I had all their songs memorized. I still do. That year was the only year that mom and I went to the Y100 Wingding, just to see them perform. It was the only time I ever saw Hanson live. Mom still goes to see them whenever they come down.

The reason I told you that story was to tell you this story: I just came across Middle of Nowhere on my Itunes thing. From the moment Thinking of You started until Man from Milwaukee ended, I was 7 again. I danced to my favorites (iWithout You, Madeline), skipped over the ones I wasn’t partial to (Lucy, Weird, Yearbook, Speechless), and just generally enjoyed myself. Then I realized that the first time I’d ever heard that cd was 11 years ago last May, and cursed out loud. How the heck did I get so OLD? All three Hanson brothers are married with children, partially retired, and a heck of alot more manly looking than they were eleven years ago. Then I realized that this is exactly how my parents feel everytime they hear ANYTHING from their childhoods.

So I turned off Hanson, put on a nice Supremes cd, and sat back to enjoy.


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