Attention Readers:

The scheduled cool things for this week will not be taking place. This means that there will be no Spotlights, just me ranting about stuff on an uneven schedule.

Taking place this weekend is Anime Supercon, and there’s alot of crap I need to do before hand, such as pack my stuff, get all my books arranged, make a price list, make some signs, finish my Zatanna costume, celebrate my dad’s birthday, empty my catbox, campaign for Obama/Biden in the deep south, practice the steps to both the Lucky Star and Haruhi dances, Caramelldansen until my butt falls off, call people at two am, push back the dates of the Pushy Uke revolution until November, get new Spotlight guests, pimp out some ho’s, change my calender to October, maim, rape, pillage, and plunder, finish reading the longbox of comics I got at last Saturday’s Tate’s sale, plant a tree, do battle with a squirrel, and sort through my pins to see which are going to be pinned to me.

If you live in the Florida area or just enjoy a good Anime convention, Anime Supercon will be taking place this Friday through Sunday at

THE HILTON MIAMI DOWNTOWN 1601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL. 33132.

For more information on guests, events, and prices, please visit the con website. If you’d like to hang out with me, ToG, I’ll be the only girl in the place with a Zatanna costume and a rolling suitcase. Or possibly Yachiru, from Bleach. Or my third surprise costume. Anyway, I’m going to have a suitcase, so it’s not like I’ll be easy to miss.



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