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Ten Things I Love About: The Runaways


10. Teen angst is not the main focus.

Seriously, it’s not. Gert dies, Chase mourns (in a bit of an extreme way, mind you), but then he heals. Victor falls in love with a girl that lives 100 years in the past and she doesn’t come with him to the future, he pretty much forgets all about her by the time the new “season” starts.

9. Dead characters don’t rejoin the cast.

Which kinda sucks, because I want Gert back. But on the other hand, Alex Wilder will never be a problem again.

8. Lesbians! Alien lesbians!

Xavin the Skrull and Karolina Dean, the last (nice) Majesdanian. Proving time and again that love knows no gender, race, or alien culture.

7. Occasional crossovers.

WE NEED MORE YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS CROSSOVERS. It’s the only way the YA’s are seeing print, these days.

6. Molly’s hats.

I want her hats with a furious passion.

5. Nico’s clothes.

And she makes them HERSELF.

4. The cast doesn’t constantly change.

Over in DC at Titan’s Tower? People are constantly moving in and out. The Watchtower? Forget it. Cast-change city. Even the Outsiders are starting to become serial switchers. Here at Marvel…I’m not even going to go into it. But the Runaways have had the same central group (Molly, Chase, Nico, Karolina) with few additions or deaths since the beginning. I like that.


When Nico saw that Victor and Lillie had fallen in love, she gracefully stood aside. She was also the cause of (and solution to) one of the more dramatic moments back in “season 2”, when she kissed Chase, but Gert got over it. Not to mention the Xavin/Karolina/Nico thing that’s been hinty hint hinted since ever, except K dropped it in favor of just sticking with Xavin.

2. Almost always drawn/written by someone decent.

I am looking at YOU, Humberto Ramos! I’ve got nothing against you personally, but I’d really like Michael Ryan back, if you don’t mind.

1. It’s a series that resurrected itself.

Runaways was originally created as a series that would appeal to kids that read manga, along with several other series, which collecively were known as the Tsunami project. Of all these series, only Runaways made it out alive. Sentinel, Namor, Human Torch, and others folded completely. New Mutants was revamped as New Xmen Academy X. Runaways lasted for 18 issues, and was cancelled in September 04. It was revived (due to popular demand!!!) in April 05, and has been going strong ever since, with 30 issues in it’s “second season” and 6 issues in the “third season” so far.


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