Nightwing: Unofficial Fandom Bicycle

So I was slogging my way through Y!Gallery (Slogging: to drag yourself through crappy art/fics in order to find the hidden gems), when I noticed something. Every other picture in the Justice League filing was of Dick Grayson doing someone. A certain artist named Furian Fyre seems to have done an entire series of these.

But is Nightwing really that much of a slut? Or have we fans blown his erm, tendency to have sex with people alot, completely out of proportion? Because yes, he’s dated/slept with many, many women since he was first introduced in the 1940’s, but (and I’m typing this with tears in my eyes) no men. Forget all the Batman rumors and the Dick/Tim innuendo and the thing he had for Roy Harper and Jericho (that last one was a bit in my head, I’ll admit), none of it was actually proven in print. 

In conclusion, folks, I think we should declare an international day without Nightwing smut. The guy has to sleep sometime.


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