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Comics Review!

This week, although my wallet wept, I still picked up my comics. I’m beginning to think it may not be worth it.

Titans, what the hell happened? After the last arc, I knew there’d have to be a “cooldown” issue, but c’mon! It was 25 pages of blah! You’ve got until next month to shape up, or I’m dropping you. And could the hinting about where Jericho is hiding be any more blatant? Geez.

Gen 13, while I’m not expecting the awesomeness of the previous “15 Minutes” arc (the world having ended, and all), please try a little harder. Caitlin kissing Bobby, causing Sarah to take a hike, was not touched on at all. No one even wondered where she was all issue! The main focus seemed to be Eddie surviving the half-pike (or whatever it is) of death, finding out where the stoner skaters were getting their food (PEOPLE! The soup is made of PEOPLE!), and finally, the cliffhanger that was Eddie being pushed into the giant cooking vat. If he does die, I’ll be sad to see him go.

Booster Gold, stop where you are right this second! Michelle is not allowed to go emo over the fact that she’s not supposed to be alive! Knock it off with the depress-o-fest, or I’m bringing in the hoses! Though, at least we now know why Rip didn’t try that hard to save Ted. He knew that if Ted was still in the picture, Booster would never get married, and he would never be born. Because the gold is ever so gay for the blue, you see.

Green Arrow/Black Canary is starting to bug me. Since the departure of Mia and Connor, Ollie and Dinah have been riding the fast train to splitsville. I mean, I hope they work out whatever they’re going through, but I still think we may be seeing a quickie divorce in the near future.

Thank God for R.E.B.E.L.S.. Seriously. Brainiac on Brainiac snark is so wonderful, I can’t even tell you. This may become my favorite monthly series, even if it’s sort of turning into a sort of  Legion of Superheroes of the past. Starhaven? Oh, pleeeeease tell me he’ll be off to Durla or Naltor next. And if anyone in DC is reading this blog, PUT LOBO IN R.E.B.E.L.S.! PUT LOBO IN R.E.B.E.L.S.! PUT LOBO IN R.E.B.E.L.S.!

In sadder news (to me, at least) Frank Quitely seems to be working on Batman now, if this week’s DC Nation is any indication. This is the man who made Apollo (of The Authority) hideously ugly. He will be drawing the batboys, and I do not like how his Robin looks almost as much as I don’t want to think of what he might be doing to Dick. God help us all.

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It’s Been Two Days, but my Head is still Spinning

Okay, so. There is a fantabulous movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera, I may have mentioned it before. The cast is made of awesome. The movie is made of awesome. And the music is made of awesome laced with crack.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now.

I’d originally picked up the movie because I am seriously in love with Sarah Brightman and her beautiful voice. And then, before she’d even shown up in the movie, I fell in love again. With another voice. A man’s voice.

If you’ve never heard of Terrance Zdunich, I pity the empty little life you’ve been living. His voice is like liquid ecstacy dipped in sex, then finely coated with every drug you’ve ever imagined. My soul floated out of my body for a few seconds, I’m pretty sure.

Shortly after viewing the movie, I sent him a message via Myspace, a website I abhor, which is how you can tell I’m in love, telling him how awesome I’d thought the movie was, and how awesome he is. You see, Terrance isn’t just the narrator of the film, he is also one of the creators, and drew all the art.

And two days ago, he wrote back.

I screamed. Ask anyone from here to Michigan.

Sigh. Oh, Terrance Zdunich, you sexy, sexy man. You will some day be mine. Some day.

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10 Things You Never Want to Hear Over the Phone

10: Someone barfing.

Because ew, how grotty is that?

9. Sex.

And again, ew, how grotty is that?

8. Off-key, drunken singing.

Mainly because it means that your friends are off having fun without you.

7. The almighty dial tone.

Picked up a second too late.

6. “Hello?” “Oops. *click*”

God, at least be nice enough to tell me you’ve got the wrong number or something.

5. A murder.

Because that makes you a party to murder, when the police check phone records.

4. Lindsay Lohan.

Because that would mean that you are on the phone with Lindsay Lohan, and how grotty would that be?

3. A concert.

They always come out all distorted and feedback-y. Also, I think that’s illegal or something.

2. A member of your family talking to their shrink.

Especially if they’re talking about you. Say no to butt-dialing!

1. A member of your family trying to seduce someone.

Especially if said member of your family is over 40. Or under 18. I repeat, say no to butt-dialing!!!

Comic update to come when I damn well feel like it. I promise.

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Wikipedia: Full of LoLs

I picked up a copy of the May 09 DC Previews at my local comic shop (Tate’s Comics and Games on University), just to see what was coming later this year, and as I was scanning the Johnny DC titles (I ❤ Tiny Titans!), I noticed that the new Cartoon Network Action Pack featured a Ben 10: Alien Force  story with a character called Ship.

A bit back, I came up with a character concept for an android being from an alien world called SHIP: a Synthetic Humanoid Interactive Persobot, that was the living computer on board an alien space ship. Immediately, I went to my old buddy Wikipedia to find out if this Ship was anything like my SHIP.

As it turns out, their Ship and my SHIP are nothing alike, so I decided to read some of the main character biographies, just to see if Alien Force was an interesting enough show. I mean, I’d caught an episode or two, but it’s not like I watch it week to week. And then I found this little gem:

“Throughout the Alien Force series, Kevin has developed romantic feelings for Ben, which has more than once been evidenced, although he is very reluctant to openly admit them which could be due to the fact that he is very self-conscious and concerned that it will never work out between them for obvious (if not too obvious) reasons, his checkered past, his lifestyle, as well as just being the pretty much opposite of him.”

I did a double take, then started laughing my head off. Ben 10 slash had honestly never occured to me before, but if it’s canon, I think I can hop aboard this bandwagon. Obviously, the article had originally said “Gwen”, Ben’s cousin, but some slasher came and flipped the names. Thank you, nameless Wiki editor, for bringing laughter to my day.

To see the article yourself, before someone gets wind of it and fixes the “problem”, please visit Wikipedia.

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Scans_Daily has been suspended from Livejournal

I know, what a shock to be hearing from me two days in a row, right? But I’m here for a good reason.

Scans_daily has been suspended from Livejournal, because someone at a comics company thought, “Oh shi-! People are getting to read comic exerpts for free! Now they won’t go buy the comic!”

…uh, hello? Between myself and several of my friends, we’ve probably spent a collective decade and a grand or two hunting down comic books we’d originally seen on scans_daily. It’s how I originally got into Runaways, New Xmen, and most of the other Marvel stuff I read.  Get it right, folks.

Scans_daily can still be found at Insane Journal (minus tags and such), and several mirror copies of the community have apparently been saved.

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