Wikipedia: Full of LoLs

I picked up a copy of the May 09 DC Previews at my local comic shop (Tate’s Comics and Games on University), just to see what was coming later this year, and as I was scanning the Johnny DC titles (I ❤ Tiny Titans!), I noticed that the new Cartoon Network Action Pack featured a Ben 10: Alien Force  story with a character called Ship.

A bit back, I came up with a character concept for an android being from an alien world called SHIP: a Synthetic Humanoid Interactive Persobot, that was the living computer on board an alien space ship. Immediately, I went to my old buddy Wikipedia to find out if this Ship was anything like my SHIP.

As it turns out, their Ship and my SHIP are nothing alike, so I decided to read some of the main character biographies, just to see if Alien Force was an interesting enough show. I mean, I’d caught an episode or two, but it’s not like I watch it week to week. And then I found this little gem:

“Throughout the Alien Force series, Kevin has developed romantic feelings for Ben, which has more than once been evidenced, although he is very reluctant to openly admit them which could be due to the fact that he is very self-conscious and concerned that it will never work out between them for obvious (if not too obvious) reasons, his checkered past, his lifestyle, as well as just being the pretty much opposite of him.”

I did a double take, then started laughing my head off. Ben 10 slash had honestly never occured to me before, but if it’s canon, I think I can hop aboard this bandwagon. Obviously, the article had originally said “Gwen”, Ben’s cousin, but some slasher came and flipped the names. Thank you, nameless Wiki editor, for bringing laughter to my day.

To see the article yourself, before someone gets wind of it and fixes the “problem”, please visit Wikipedia.


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