10 Things You Never Want to Hear Over the Phone

10: Someone barfing.

Because ew, how grotty is that?

9. Sex.

And again, ew, how grotty is that?

8. Off-key, drunken singing.

Mainly because it means that your friends are off having fun without you.

7. The almighty dial tone.

Picked up a second too late.

6. “Hello?” “Oops. *click*”

God, at least be nice enough to tell me you’ve got the wrong number or something.

5. A murder.

Because that makes you a party to murder, when the police check phone records.

4. Lindsay Lohan.

Because that would mean that you are on the phone with Lindsay Lohan, and how grotty would that be?

3. A concert.

They always come out all distorted and feedback-y. Also, I think that’s illegal or something.

2. A member of your family talking to their shrink.

Especially if they’re talking about you. Say no to butt-dialing!

1. A member of your family trying to seduce someone.

Especially if said member of your family is over 40. Or under 18. I repeat, say no to butt-dialing!!!

Comic update to come when I damn well feel like it. I promise.


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