It’s Been Two Days, but my Head is still Spinning

Okay, so. There is a fantabulous movie called Repo! The Genetic Opera, I may have mentioned it before. The cast is made of awesome. The movie is made of awesome. And the music is made of awesome laced with crack.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now.

I’d originally picked up the movie because I am seriously in love with Sarah Brightman and her beautiful voice. And then, before she’d even shown up in the movie, I fell in love again. With another voice. A man’s voice.

If you’ve never heard of Terrance Zdunich, I pity the empty little life you’ve been living. His voice is like liquid ecstacy dipped in sex, then finely coated with every drug you’ve ever imagined. My soul floated out of my body for a few seconds, I’m pretty sure.

Shortly after viewing the movie, I sent him a message via Myspace, a website I abhor, which is how you can tell I’m in love, telling him how awesome I’d thought the movie was, and how awesome he is. You see, Terrance isn’t just the narrator of the film, he is also one of the creators, and drew all the art.

And two days ago, he wrote back.

I screamed. Ask anyone from here to Michigan.

Sigh. Oh, Terrance Zdunich, you sexy, sexy man. You will some day be mine. Some day.


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