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A Weak Week it Was

I only picked up two comics this week.

I’m a full, 100%, hardcore DC now (until they finish rebooting Runaways and even then, I’ll probably just read it in store) and as much as I love the company, jeez. What a crappy comics week.

The comics I picked up, Green Lantern #52 and Power Girl, were pretty good, but nothing to really rave about. The comic I read in store, The Rise of Arsenal, was downright depressing. But I’ll review before I rant, so here we go.

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps have both been direct tie-ins to the Geoff Johns-penned limited series Blackest Night, which is basically DC’s power ring-fueled answer to Marvel Zombies, for the better part of a year. Blackest Night wraps up next week, and I’m pretty excited to both see it finish, and finally drop the book from my pull list. While I’m a fan of zombies and gore, I’m not a fan of needless character deaths, and Blackest Night has quite a few. Poor Tempest. But I’m rambling. Last time on Green Lantern, Sinestro pushed Hal Jordan aside to receive the power of all the avatars of the emotional spectrum. Yeah, I’m not too sure, either. Anyway, the bright light clears and boom, we’ve got ourselves White Lantern Sinestro. This issue has sort of put me off the whole ‘Lanterns of the Emotional Spectrum’ deal that’s been going on. I’ve been a casual Green Lantern reader since the days when Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke used to occasionally go on little crime-fighting road trips, so I’m not a stranger to the franchise. And when I really started getting back into the two GL series’, the Sinestro Corps War started. And then came the Star Sapphires. And the Red Lanterns. Aaaand the Blue Lanterns. And Agent Orange (not the band). And with Blackest Night, came the Indigo Tribe and the Black Lanterns. And now that Blackest Night is almost over, we’ve got ourselves a White Lantern.


Okay, Geoff? Listen to me. Put down the pen and back away. We all appreciate you for breathing life back into a tired book, but enough is enough.

And on to Power Girl we go. God, I love this book. Aside from Secret Six and Booster Gold, this is my favorite series right now. I mean, it’s a series about Power Girl trying to run a company (not unlike Ted Kord’s, actually) in her civilian persona while occasionally running off to do battle with ultra smart gorillas, interplanetary party princesses, and space kings set on obtaining her biological information.

I’m not kidding, check the back issues.

This issue focuses on the fact that a kid had caught her changing into her PG costume on the roof of her apartment building, and now he’s blackmailing her into…going to the comic book store with him.  A future career in villiany does not await him. Oh, and then there’s the little plot twist at the end where her BFF Atlee (the new Terra) is actually the Ultra-Humanite, back for revenge on PG for accidentally frying his gorilla body and beating up his girlfriend (who, incidentally, had also been trying to beat up PG this issue). Well, I can’t wait for next month!

Remember how I mentioned earlier that the first Rise of Arsenal issue was depressing? Hold onto your hats, folks. A tornado made of NERD RAGE is coming, and it’s a biggun.

I’ve been a Roy Harper fan for as long as I can remember. I mean, he was a hot redhead with great archer’s shoulders and mastery over several kinds of martial arts and most weapons. What’s not to love? And then there was the way he interacted with his daughter, Lian. He may never have been expecting to be a dad, but he made a hell of a great one. Not to mention that he was both the ‘bad boy’ of the former sidekick set and pretty much the anti-drug spokesman of the DCU. Let everyone fawn over Nightwing and his perfect butt, I’ll stick with Roy.

Flash forward 11 years or so. Roy’s gone from being a member of the Titans to the leader of the Outsiders to a member of the Justice League. He’s gone through four costume changes and a name change. Red Arrow has the world.

And then he loses it.

In the blink of an eye, Prometheus cuts off his arm, destroys most of his city, and kills his daughter. And then, to make matters worse, the painkillers he’s on begin showing him visions of a friend that died of an overdose. Thank god this series is called the Rise of Arsenal, or else I’d be fairly certain Roy would be biting the dust. It’s a new era for former sidekicks everywhere. Dick is wearing the cowl of Batman, Wally is sharing the mantle of Flash with Barry, Donna is hanging around in limbo doing nothing, and Garth is dead.

Welcome to the new pecking order, Roy. Good luck, and I’m sorry.


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I, I’m Back?

Well now, isn’t this embarrassing. I’ve been away from WordPress for a rather long time, but I’m back now and I promise that this time, I’m back for good.

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been blogging just about every day, but it’s mostly about my life and barely about comics. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s 60% about my life. The rest of the time I’m bitching about having to drop books in order to afford the new books that I want. For all I’ve had to give up to continue to buy Teen Titans, it had better be awesome. Like, Eisner Award-winning awesome. Every issue. I gave up R.E.B.E.L.S. and Batman and Robin for this book, I expect some bang for my buck.

Let’s see, what else? Since last we met I’ve dropped R.E.B.E.L.S., Batman and Robin, New Mutants, Green Arrow/Black Canary, and Titans from my pull list; gone through a bout of depression; met a guy and moved in with him; seen my best friend through three boyfriends, three moves, an eviction, and her dad being arrested; become addicted to Jamba Juice; significantly improved my already vast action figure collection; successfully predicted the death of Billy Mayes; gotten a Twitter account; killed OVER 9000 hours on Gaia Online; turned 20; got a netbook from my boyfriend for Christmas (it’s purple, and I put a giant green Flash symol decal on the lid); finally gave in and just started being Jewish; and last but not least, learned how to make slideshow videos with One True Media.

It’s been a long, hectic nine months. Stay tuned for the comic review later today.

And this time, I mean it.

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