I have returned triumphant! And sunburned.

The weekend-long tent sale at Tate’ Comics is still going on, folks! Hurry out and buy yourself a longbox for $35! Or comics, 5 for $1.

And now for the sale review, as per my experience.

WEAR A SHIRT WITH SLEEVES AND LONGISH PANTS. I’m burnt on my shoulders and knees, and that’s it. Whyyyy?!

But the sale itself was pretty awesome. We got there around 10am, when the sale started. The goal of the sale was to finish up at least two of my series’ (I’ve got like, 30 different books I’m missing issues from) and find a bunch of good Superman/Action Comics for Hector. Mission accomplished! I’ve officially finished the Teen Titans series from the late nineties and he Ion series from 07-08, and Hector has more Action Comics than ever. Moving on.

Tate had rented the Foto Robot again (funnest machine ever) so when my best friend showed up, shenanigans ensued. Pictures will probably be available in the Tate’s Flickr photostream. Links to come shortly.

The only really bad thing about the sale, aside from the severe sunburn, was that it was a pretty lousy selection if you were looking for JSA, Nightwing, or Batgirl comics. Not a single one. But on the bright side, I picked up a few Silver Age Flash issues.

Sale’s on for another few hours, go get yourself some comics.


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