Photobooth Shenanigans

As promised, the picture links of myself, Ellie, Hector, and our new friend Guy Whose Name I Totally Forgot having some fun with the Fotobot. This was our first picture of the day. Yes, I’m pretty sure Ellie took those glasses. I’m sorry, Fotobot people. So we could still see each other, even when we’re far away from each other. Aww. Damn, my shoulders are red there. These are totally in the notebook I carry with me. Hector and his Jew Harem. Our new pal, What’s His Face. Ellie, you should date him. I -know- what it looks like I’m doing in picture 3, but I’m not. I stuck out my tongue as I made a peace sign, then at the last second, realized how it would look. I apologize to everyone.


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    ellie said,

    thats funny cuz when i happily and giddily showed these pix to my dad he was pretty upset and totally thought you were making the eat pussy sign. when i tried to convince him youre way too prude innocent humble modest nerdy and embarassed to do something like that he was kinda just blowing me off till he realized, ohhhhh its alana. of course she would never do something like that. so it was just funny that you apologized for it, my dad forgives you! <33333

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