Why So Unimpressed?

I only picked up four comics this week, so this is gonna be pretty brief.

Mushy mushy mush, that’s the vibe I’m getting from Green Lantern Corps this month. Mogo erects a memorial tree to honor the dead, Soranik and Kyle wax poetic about his memorial mural, and Kilowog resigns as a drill instructor. Then Isamot and Vath have a moment after it’s revealed that Isamot gave his Sector partner his legs. And then the Guardians repeal the thrid law, so, don’t expect to see Kyle and Sora for a few issues. The issue ends with Kyle and Guy sharing a beer at a decimated Warriors. I’m gonna say it here and now: until Ted comes back to life, these boys are the new official DC Bros.

Gotham City Sirens was a breath of fresh air for me. This issue, Ivy starts her new job at S.T.AR. labs while Selina and Harley meet the neighbors. There have been a slough of missing pets in their area recently, leading the girls to believe that a gang was setting up dogfights. The twist at the end is priceless, so I won’t spoil it for you.

The second issue of the Rise of Arseal was not something I was looking forward to reading. Roy Harper has always been one of my favorite characters, and seeing what is happening to him is too much to bear. Getting a replacement arm is nothing compared to the pain of having to bury your daughter. Of seeing your mentor unmasked and jailed for murdering her murderer. Of falling back into addiction. Of lashing out at your friends to make yourself feel even more alone. God help you, Roy. You need it more than anyone else, now.

What the hell? The latest issue of Teen Titans was just one long string of puns! I am not impressed. And Ravager’s second feature has finally come to an end. A sickeningly sweet, then just plain sickening end.

Yeah, not happy with the comics I read this week. They all just seem to be missing something, something important…

In other news, I just found out about the Red Hood mini coming out in June. If you haven’t seen the cover of the first issue, look it up. Batfans shall wet their pants in joy.



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