Brightest Da- oh who cares

I’ve got dinner waiting on me, so this will have to be quick.

This month in JSA: All-Stars, Anna Fortune fucks up, Johnny Sorrow is a total creep, and King Chimera is probably the baddest of asses.
But I digress.

The actual issue takes place before Blackest Night, so Damage is still around to fight another battle. All the subtle references to his death were heartbreaking to read, if you picked up on them. As it turns out, Johnny Sorrow has been after Courtney all this time because only a kiss filled with love from her would turn him into a human again. So he disguised himself as Al. WHAT. Yeah, so the last two issues have all been about screwing with the shippers. Well played Sturges, you glorious bastard. End result has both Johnny Sorrow and the King of Tears (and wouldn’t that be a great name for a rock band?) defeated, Atom Smasher is back on the team, there’s a little bit of teamly bonding and- wait, what’s this? Is Al trying to hit on Anna, a chick who is probably the same age as Courtney? Talk about repeat offenses, oy.

The second feature was actually pretty entertaining this month, equal parts humor and adventure. I especially loved the interaction between Icicle and Hourman at the end. Booze heals all wounds, it seems.

Batman and Robin is ridiculously awesome this time around. And that’s before Dick slugs Deathstroke the freaking Terminator. The issue starts out with Robin attacking Batman, his body under the control of Slade. Dick discovers that hurting Damian hurts Slade as well, so he hit him with a taser. Repeatedly. Cut to the dynamic duo paying a courtesy visit to Mummy Fearest and her League of Assassins. Who is apparently in the cloning business, when she reveals that she has made another tiny fetus copy of Damian to smother with her insanity. Oh, that’s not going to come back and bite her in the ass at all. Long story short, Damian is officially the Al Ghul black sheep and banned from all family reunions forever. Back in Gotham, Black Glove seems to be back in town, and Dick, Alfred, and Damian discover the first official proof of Bruce’s whereabouts. And then, in the twist I honestly did not see coming, the identity of Mr. Sexton is revealed. I’m not saying anything, but I’m pretty sure I shat a brick when I turned to the last page and saw…well, go get the issue yourself to find out.

Red Robin was a mixture of suck and win this month, and it kinda got to me. The guest characters protecting the targeted characters was pretty cool, and seeing Kid Flash and Superboy drawn in Marcus To’s style was a nice surprise. Having Tim pretty much officially become Bruce was not. I mean, he’s now the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Ra’s Al Ghul called him ‘Detective’, his nickname for Bruce. This fan is not pleased. Then again, I did enjoy watching Tim get kicked through a window only to land in Dick’s arms. That, and the little moment the entire Batfamily has together in the Cave kinda balances out the nerdrage I’m feeling reading this issue. Then again, Ra’s pretty much told everyone who reads this comic that he’s going to send Talia to rape Tim, which is squick personified and so the nerd rage continues. Hooray for Vicki Vale bringing some levity to this otherwise dark comic with the splash page featuring Tim’s “engagement” to Tam Fox. And boy is Steph piiissed…

Secret Six was a bit of a snooze for me this time around. Lots of scenes of Catman tracking people and snatches of his life as a child. Snoooore. Black Alice really made this issue for me. I do hope she’s a permanent fixture on the team. From stealing the powers of Dr. Occult to find Thomas, to getting into a fight with Scandal over nothing (“An’, an’ I know you want Peter! You want my boyfriend!” “Wait, she does? Wait, boyfriend?!”) while stealing the powers of Etrigan and molding them to her own use as the demon Estrogan. I love you, Lori. Never, ever stop being a brat.

Brightest Day officially starts this week, and I am conflicted. I’m gonna read it because I want to stay on top of things, but I’m still going to be bitching about the people the white light revived. Y’know what? Screw it. Brightest Day had a really weak start, so I’m not going to bother to review it. This is Touch of Grey signing off for this week.


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    ellie said,

    so basically they made that whole series blackest night just so they could make another series reviving people? lame
    i love you
    and i read ALL your shit, so keep posting

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