Oh look, a new series! Wait, -two-? Holy crap.

I’m freaking out, you guys. This is a week of first issues, starting with the series I’ve been looking forward to since the end of Legion of Three Worlds: Legion of Superheroes.

I’ve been following the artist, Yildray Cinar, on his Deviantart page for ages now, devouring every scrap of Legion art he posted, and it’s just made me even more excited for the series to start. And it’s being written by former DC prez and all-around awesome guy Paul Levitz. A team like this can do no wrong. So my thoughts on the first issue? Brainiac 5’s freakout nine pages in was worth the wait. Seriously. I know I sound kind of biased, but this guy is what makes the issue for me. He refrences the Lord of the Rings, for god’s sake! I love him, I love him! And Garth and Imra’s kids are finally back in continuity, so yay! The issue ends with tragedy and shock, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Long live the Legion!

I hate Brightest Day. I hate it. Three issues in, and I’m tired of it. And it’ll be going on well into next year. Pray for me, you guys, for I have to keep reading it and reviewing it.

In an opposite opinion, I love the new Zatanna series. From the looks of it, she’s going to be a detective. Eee! And a character from the Vertigo oneshot that was put out a few years back was in it! Double eeee! Yeah, I’ll be following this series from now on. Way to go, Paul Dini, you’ve done it again.

Yeah, it was a pretty short week this time around, but I’ll make up for it next time. Until then, don’t forget to spay and neuter your children. ToG out!


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    ellie said,

    i likey! but hey, why keep reading brightest day if you dont like it? what i should say is why keep PAYING for it if you dont like it? review another, better comic u actually enjoy reading! looking forward to your next post!

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