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A big week while I’m…weak

The ToG Blog’s unofficial motto is thus; Updates every Wednesday come hell, high water, or that time of the month! I’m sick as a dog, y’all, but that’s not going to stop me from bringing you folks the good word.

I love Green Lantern Corps. That may surprise some of you, as my feelings for most Green Lantern characters are less than pleasant, but I jsut can’t help myself. It’s a fun book, and it’s currently being written by Tony Bedard, two things that keep me tuning in. GLC has reached it’s 50th issue, but instead of interrupting the current storyline for some unneeded double-size issue, it’s just business as usual, and I like that. Kyle, Soranik, John, and Ganthet are still on Grenada, fighting Alpha Lanterns, and I say god bless ’em for it. The issue’s end also gave us a sneak peek at the new Green Lanern: Emerald Warriors book coming out next month. I got a glimpse of Guy being Guy, and that settled it for me. Heck, I may give Hal the boot to make way for him!

The Return of Bruce Wayne is two issues from over. That should make me happy, as only the first issue had caught my interest so far, and I’m not a Batman fan, anyway but you know what? I enjoyed this issue. I enjoy most things set in the Old West, and this was no exception. I mean, this series is effectively making Bruce Wayne bigger than Jesus, the Beatles, and sliced bread combined, but whatever. Let him be the new comic Messiah, I’ll just nod and pretend I give a damn.

Newsflash! Bombshell and Aquagirl fight tentacles before being digested by a giant sea monster!

…really, DC?

I haven’t been on the Teen Titans fan train since they killed off Eddie, but even that little piece of what-the-fuckery is making my head spin. This Wyld monster is kinda reminding me of the Cloverfield beastie We’ve seen it, what? Once? And it was about as unimpressive as anything I could think of. The second feature is getting better, though. As far as second features go, this Coven one is eons ahead of the Ravager one. I’m still pissed about what Zat’s fondest wish was translated as, but hey, what can you do?

Gotham City Sirens’ new artist doesn’t sit well with me. But hey, at least the story is good, right? Next to Gail Simone, Tony Bedard is probably my favorite writer DC has right now, if only because he’s one of the few good writers out there. The new storyline looks like it’s going to be another two-parter, focusing on Poison Ivy this time around. Let’s see, if the pattern hold, the next arc will be about Harley, followed by another Selina story. Let’s just hope they get a good artist onboard soon.

Oh my god, Green Lantern freaked me out this month. Okay, say you take one Hector Hammond and splice him with a greed entity. What do you get? The creepiest thing the comic world has seen since, hmm. I’m going to cite Wicker Sue as pretty creepy, but nothing quite gave me that skin-crawling feeling like the splash page of Skyman/Everyman revealing to Natasha Irons that he’d been chowing down on her boyfriend. And you know what? Hector/Ophidian is still creepier. At least Larfleeze writing to Santa Claus gave this issue a much-needed moment of d’aww. Even if we were all d’awwing for different reasons.

I don’t know what weirds me out more about Lex Luthor, the fact that he built himself an android Lois Lane to act as his moral compass, or the fact that in a self-imposed fantasy about being Superman, he just rips open his shirt and goes to fight. No costume, just…rips open his shirt. I’ve only recently started picking up Action Comics, and I’m probably not going to continue once Lex is no longer the star, but I like this story.

Holy crap. And the award for best rescue from a crashing helicopter goes to…Barry Allen! I think this is the first actually cool thing I’ve ever seen him do. Before the hate starts, I love Barry Allen. I love all the campy stories from the 60’s and 70’s. I loved his relationship with his Rogues, with his wife, with his sidekick. And now I love how we finally get to see him be the badass Geoff Johns keeps telling us he is. One final thought; Is it wrong of me to want to see what evil Iris Allen would look like? Because while Mirror Mistress sounds like the name of a disco ball dominatrix, you know Manapul would end up giving her a hell of an awesome costume.

I’ve got goosebumps. What if, to save the entire world from a war that would destroy it, you only had to take down one man? That’s what the sixth issue of Generation Lost is about. Kill Max Lord, save the world. Let him walk free, doom the world. It all boils down to that. This issue is all about Captain Atom’s magical explosion-based trip to the future, where everything is like the Old West and Power Girl is a hag. Yeah, you read that right. Honestly, I’m intrigued. Next issue cannot come soon enough.

Well, that’s all for this week, you guys. I think I’m gonna take a nice shower, drink some orange juice…then shoot myself in the head to get rid of all this damn congestion. If I survive, I’ll see y’all next week. This is Touch of Grey signing off.


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So much Gail Simone, so little money

Big week this time around, including the first issue of Time Masters: Vanishing Point, and the long awaited return of Gail Simone’s amazing Wildstorm series Welcome to Tranquility! Let’s do this.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point is a companion book to The Return of Bruce Wayne. That’s…basically all it is. If you’re a Rip Hunter fan, pick it up. If you’re not, you can skip it. It’s okay, but not something I’d recommend.

And to continue this parade of mediocrity, Brightest Day. Actually, I’m not even going to try and bullshit you guys. I only actually pay attention to the parts with J’onn and Deadman. Firestorm and the Hawks have never interested me, so I just don’t bother much with them. A shock ending this week with J’onn has guaranteed me picking up the book for at least another issue, and Hawk, Dove, and Deadman talk about cheeseburgers. I like those three, they’re fun. But I also sense that Deadman thinks Dove is hitting on him, so…don’t know what to think there.

Moving on! Hey, it’s time for Legion of Superheroes! So I happen to love me some Legion, but I’m a bit on the fence about the Original Legion being back. I grew up reading the Reboot, so I’m used to the complex egos of teenagers getting screentime. This…it’s not terrible, but it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. Also, Darkseid is in the picture again so, um, woo?

When did Jimmy Olsen get hot? That’s honestly the only question I ask of the latest issue of Supergirl. Supergirl versus Bizarrogirl was…boring and short. I mean, 70% of the issue was about Kara moping over being unable to save New Krypton. Wow. So DC has ditched Tim Drake as the official emo kid of the DCU and taken on Kara? Nice. Next comic!

Zatanna is an epically awesome book. Then again, it’s penned by Paul Dini. The man knows his way around the DCU’s premire Mistress of Magic. The first arc ended with a bang this week, and just from me to you, worth every penny. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Welcome to Tranquility. If you only pick up one book from Wildstorm this year, make it this one. Gail Simone truly shines with this series. Not gonna say too much, but trust me, if you like small-town drama, you’ll love this book.

The art in Power Girl sucks. No, I’m not being biased due to my love of Amanda Conner, Sami Basri can’t figure out how to draw expressions. The storyline is pretty solid, though. PG is fighting two battles at once; one to save her company for being dismantled, and one to save New York City from being destroyed. Winick, you’re not too bad this month, try not to fail me.

Last week, Diamond shortchanged the entire East Coast when it came to Birds of Prey, but I finally go my copy! Gail, oh my darling Gail. Never stop writing this series. The issue starts out on a weird note, with Penguin having a bloodloss-induced sexual daydream about the Birds. And it just got better/weirder from there. Secrets revealed, old, lost enemies turned friends turned enemies again, and of course the ever-present question; Who is the White Canary? Oh god, the next issue can’t come soon enough.

Well, I’m dehydrated and in pain, I think I’m gonna go have some chow. Until next time. Touch of Grey is outtie 5000.

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Nerdrage? In MY blog?

This week, oh, this week. Expect a great deal of nerdrage from me, a new Generation Lost cometh.

A new arc is starting in R.E.B.E.L.S. this week, and it looks pretty kickass. Did I say pretty kickass? So sorry, I meant totally freaking epic. Lyrl is taking over Colu! With a giant…star-thing version of Pulsar Stargrave! I’m nerding out here. The Captain Comet/Starfire interlude was sort of…sigh. I like the girl, I do. But she slept with the guy, and then immediately emotionally blueballed him. Not cool, Kory. The art is getting so much better, I can’t even begin to praise it. Claude St. Aubin, you ust keep doing what you’re doing.

Adventure Comics has been renumbered to be #516. Whee. Oh, don’t listen to me. The reading of R.J. Brande’s holowill was pretty sweet, and the art was fab as always, so I can’t really complain. I didn’t bother reading the new second feature because frankly, I don’t care about Ray Palmer. Don’t care at all. Sorry, Ray! But I don’t care.

Batgirl concluded its ‘Batgirl Rising’ arc this month, and holy balls was it good. And with this issue, Batgirl is officially a year old. Like Gotham City Sirens, this is a series that has kept me hooked not only issue to issue, but actually has me looking forward to the future issues as well. It has a lot to do with the supporting cast as well, eh, ‘Proxy’? Oracle has a sidekick now! And I know that every blogger and his mom will be making fun of the fact that the two main information people in the DCU are handicapped, but fuck ’em. Yeah, I said it. Fuck ’em. I’ve been waiting for something cool to happen with Wendy since she came out of her coma at the end of the Oracle miniseries, and it finally has. Good luck to you, girlfriend.

Booster Gold is my favorite series. Ever. Hands down. I swear my loyalty to Gail Simone and Birds of Prey, but when it comes down to it, I always have a special place in my heart for Booster Gold. Let’s begin. This issue was…oh my god. If it weren’t for the intro and outtro, I’d think I was reading something from the Bwahaha era. Keith Giffen, J.M. Dematteis, please stay on this book as long as possible. You make my heart sing with tragic joy. If you aren’t already reading Booster Gold, you couldn’t possibly pick a better time to start.

I have very little nerdrage, amazingly. Generation Lost, this week, was actually…good. They’re functioning as a team and aside from the little creative license Winick took with how Booster and Max met, which was WRONG, this was a very enjoyable book. If a new JLI stems from this series, it’s pretty obvious that Jaime will be on the team. And I think I’m making my peace with that.

A good week! And now, my parents wish for me to join them in a viewing of Jennifer’s Body. I don’t think they’re gonna like it, but ohhhh well! Until next time, my friends! Peace out!

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Nerdrage? Not so much as nerdapathy…

This week is pretty Bat-heavy, so get your capes and cowls ready!

JSA: All-Stars begins a new arc this month, and lord knows it isn’t an All-Stars issue until there’s romantic drama and a fatal injury. Oh, Cyclone, you unlucky wench. The second feature was a little sad for me, as Rick backslides and uses Miraclo to get Jesse and Icicle out of a trap. I really wasn’t wowed by this issue, so excuse me if I don’t have anything snippy to say about it.

Brightest Day is turning into Countdown for me. One or two interesting segments, namely the Hawk/Dove/Deadman feature, but wholly unsatisfying. Apparently, the white ring can’t bring back those that are at peace. Which we knew already, because neither could the black rings. So, restating things is the new norm? Geoff, get your head out of your ass already, I’m starting to hate you a little because of your crappy writing as of late.

John Ostrander, you’re no Gail Simone. But hey, you amuse me. The guy is good at showing badassery, I’ll give him that. Now please pardon me, I have to make this joke: In most dangerous game in Soviet Russia, Secret Six hunt you!

Three Bat-titles this week, beginning with the first issue of Batman and Robin in about three months. And the art sucked. Grant Morrison is a master storyteller, Frazer Irving is a shitty artist. You wouldn’t expect the two to work together, and frankly, they don’t. Damian looks decent, Jim looks like movie Alfred with a thicker moustache, and Dick seems to be rocking the 1st-appearance Batsuit. Fail fail fail.

Red Robin was pretty bland this month. We get to see just how detatched and neurotic Tim is, and that was fun, but it was pretty unsatisfying overall. Oh, and there’s a Tim/Damian fight, so, whee. Enjoy that.

Red Hood was excellent this time around. The story, not the art. This was a bad week for art, methinks. But yeah, the story? Teriffic! We get to see Jason as more than just an angry kid. He’s not a Tim-level genius, but he’s definitely a master of planning. You can’t help but love him for that.

So yeah, this was an overall disappointing week for me. I’m gonna drown my sorrows in a coolatta. God knows, I’ve earned it. Try not to melt in the heat, fellow Floridians. And for everyone else, until next time. Peace out.

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Rage Kitties, Speedsters, ohh I am LOVING this week!

This is going to be a rather small week, as I’m only grabbing four books and- oh, wait. Huzzah, my comic shop got in the thrid issue of Return of Bruce Wayne! Oh, and what’s this? The first issue of the new Velocity series from Top Cow? Okay, we’re in business.

Return of Bruce Wayne takes on a nautical theme this month as Bruce rocks around during the golden age of piracy. It…honestly didn’t grip me much. I dunno, I’ve never been a big Batfan, and I think it’s that particular bias that’s holding me back from fully enjoying this series.

Raawr. I rawr at you, new issue of Teen Titans. And not even because of the main story, either. Actually, this plotline with the Wyld’s home dimension is actually pretty neat. And on the outside, we finally get to see Amy and Lorena interact. I smell femyay starting up. Don’t you dare disappoint me, internet. As for the second feature, I’m having a bit of nerdrage. I mean, y’all know my thoughts on how incredibly gay Zachary Zatara has always come across as, right? And now, in his perfect world, no, Eddie isn’t alive. He’s married to his once dead, never before heard of, girlfriend ‘Kate’, and they have twins. What? Why is this? Eat me, second feature.

Green Lantern was full of Rage Kitty this month. Oh, and Lobo. Screw Lobo. We got to see the origin on Dexter aka Dex-Starr, the Rage Kitty. He’s my favorite Lantern, you know. Yeah, even more than Guy Gardner. Sorry, babe. A kitty made of HATE kinda take presedence. Aww, but what a sad origin Dex-Starr has. Poor Rage Kitty. That reminds me, I should probably feed the cat before he attracts a red ring of his own…

It’s the sister versus Sister finale! Last time on Gotham City Sirens, a guardian angel had caused Maggie Kyle to lose her marbles and become obsessed with killing her “posessed” sister, Selina. Oh honey, that’s like a pot calling a kettle black at this point. Anyway, Selina is able to prove herself to her sister and lives to, well, rob another day. But what’s this? The angel hasn’t left Maggie? Oh, I smell future arc…

It’s speedster week! In the latest issue of The Flash…nothing happens. Okay, that’s a lie. We get to see how being brought back to life has affected Digger in the form of his spontaneous black energy boomerangs. We also get to see a lot of Barry, but not a whole ton of Flash. Needless to say, the art is pretty, but the story’s not there. Try again next month, Geoff.

Why did I declare it speedster week? Back in 2007, a publishing company called Top Cow ran a little contest called Pilot Season where they put out 5 individual single-issue books, and two of those books would eventually be published as ongoings. One of them was about a speedster named Velocity, and it won. Fast forward three years. In my hands, I now hold the long-awaited first issue of the Velocity series. Opinion? YES. The art is phenomenal, the story sucked me right in…I know nothing about the Cyberforce series, but now I want to. This is a great series, and I’m not just being speedster-biased. Seriously, check it out.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. I’ve got to go tend to my own Rage Kitty and maybe catch some grub. This is ToG saying, peace out!

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