Rage Kitties, Speedsters, ohh I am LOVING this week!

This is going to be a rather small week, as I’m only grabbing four books and- oh, wait. Huzzah, my comic shop got in the thrid issue of Return of Bruce Wayne! Oh, and what’s this? The first issue of the new Velocity series from Top Cow? Okay, we’re in business.

Return of Bruce Wayne takes on a nautical theme this month as Bruce rocks around during the golden age of piracy. It…honestly didn’t grip me much. I dunno, I’ve never been a big Batfan, and I think it’s that particular bias that’s holding me back from fully enjoying this series.

Raawr. I rawr at you, new issue of Teen Titans. And not even because of the main story, either. Actually, this plotline with the Wyld’s home dimension is actually pretty neat. And on the outside, we finally get to see Amy and Lorena interact. I smell femyay starting up. Don’t you dare disappoint me, internet. As for the second feature, I’m having a bit of nerdrage. I mean, y’all know my thoughts on how incredibly gay Zachary Zatara has always come across as, right? And now, in his perfect world, no, Eddie isn’t alive. He’s married to his once dead, never before heard of, girlfriend ‘Kate’, and they have twins. What? Why is this? Eat me, second feature.

Green Lantern was full of Rage Kitty this month. Oh, and Lobo. Screw Lobo. We got to see the origin on Dexter aka Dex-Starr, the Rage Kitty. He’s my favorite Lantern, you know. Yeah, even more than Guy Gardner. Sorry, babe. A kitty made of HATE kinda take presedence. Aww, but what a sad origin Dex-Starr has. Poor Rage Kitty. That reminds me, I should probably feed the cat before he attracts a red ring of his own…

It’s the sister versus Sister finale! Last time on Gotham City Sirens, a guardian angel had caused Maggie Kyle to lose her marbles and become obsessed with killing her “posessed” sister, Selina. Oh honey, that’s like a pot calling a kettle black at this point. Anyway, Selina is able to prove herself to her sister and lives to, well, rob another day. But what’s this? The angel hasn’t left Maggie? Oh, I smell future arc…

It’s speedster week! In the latest issue of The Flash…nothing happens. Okay, that’s a lie. We get to see how being brought back to life has affected Digger in the form of his spontaneous black energy boomerangs. We also get to see a lot of Barry, but not a whole ton of Flash. Needless to say, the art is pretty, but the story’s not there. Try again next month, Geoff.

Why did I declare it speedster week? Back in 2007, a publishing company called Top Cow ran a little contest called Pilot Season where they put out 5 individual single-issue books, and two of those books would eventually be published as ongoings. One of them was about a speedster named Velocity, and it won. Fast forward three years. In my hands, I now hold the long-awaited first issue of the Velocity series. Opinion? YES. The art is phenomenal, the story sucked me right in…I know nothing about the Cyberforce series, but now I want to. This is a great series, and I’m not just being speedster-biased. Seriously, check it out.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. I’ve got to go tend to my own Rage Kitty and maybe catch some grub. This is ToG saying, peace out!

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