Nerdrage? Not so much as nerdapathy…

This week is pretty Bat-heavy, so get your capes and cowls ready!

JSA: All-Stars begins a new arc this month, and lord knows it isn’t an All-Stars issue until there’s romantic drama and a fatal injury. Oh, Cyclone, you unlucky wench. The second feature was a little sad for me, as Rick backslides and uses Miraclo to get Jesse and Icicle out of a trap. I really wasn’t wowed by this issue, so excuse me if I don’t have anything snippy to say about it.

Brightest Day is turning into Countdown for me. One or two interesting segments, namely the Hawk/Dove/Deadman feature, but wholly unsatisfying. Apparently, the white ring can’t bring back those that are at peace. Which we knew already, because neither could the black rings. So, restating things is the new norm? Geoff, get your head out of your ass already, I’m starting to hate you a little because of your crappy writing as of late.

John Ostrander, you’re no Gail Simone. But hey, you amuse me. The guy is good at showing badassery, I’ll give him that. Now please pardon me, I have to make this joke: In most dangerous game in Soviet Russia, Secret Six hunt you!

Three Bat-titles this week, beginning with the first issue of Batman and Robin in about three months. And the art sucked. Grant Morrison is a master storyteller, Frazer Irving is a shitty artist. You wouldn’t expect the two to work together, and frankly, they don’t. Damian looks decent, Jim looks like movie Alfred with a thicker moustache, and Dick seems to be rocking the 1st-appearance Batsuit. Fail fail fail.

Red Robin was pretty bland this month. We get to see just how detatched and neurotic Tim is, and that was fun, but it was pretty unsatisfying overall. Oh, and there’s a Tim/Damian fight, so, whee. Enjoy that.

Red Hood was excellent this time around. The story, not the art. This was a bad week for art, methinks. But yeah, the story? Teriffic! We get to see Jason as more than just an angry kid. He’s not a Tim-level genius, but he’s definitely a master of planning. You can’t help but love him for that.

So yeah, this was an overall disappointing week for me. I’m gonna drown my sorrows in a coolatta. God knows, I’ve earned it. Try not to melt in the heat, fellow Floridians. And for everyone else, until next time. Peace out.


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