So much Gail Simone, so little money

Big week this time around, including the first issue of Time Masters: Vanishing Point, and the long awaited return of Gail Simone’s amazing Wildstorm series Welcome to Tranquility! Let’s do this.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point is a companion book to The Return of Bruce Wayne. That’s…basically all it is. If you’re a Rip Hunter fan, pick it up. If you’re not, you can skip it. It’s okay, but not something I’d recommend.

And to continue this parade of mediocrity, Brightest Day. Actually, I’m not even going to try and bullshit you guys. I only actually pay attention to the parts with J’onn and Deadman. Firestorm and the Hawks have never interested me, so I just don’t bother much with them. A shock ending this week with J’onn has guaranteed me picking up the book for at least another issue, and Hawk, Dove, and Deadman talk about cheeseburgers. I like those three, they’re fun. But I also sense that Deadman thinks Dove is hitting on him, so…don’t know what to think there.

Moving on! Hey, it’s time for Legion of Superheroes! So I happen to love me some Legion, but I’m a bit on the fence about the Original Legion being back. I grew up reading the Reboot, so I’m used to the complex egos of teenagers getting screentime. This…it’s not terrible, but it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. Also, Darkseid is in the picture again so, um, woo?

When did Jimmy Olsen get hot? That’s honestly the only question I ask of the latest issue of Supergirl. Supergirl versus Bizarrogirl was…boring and short. I mean, 70% of the issue was about Kara moping over being unable to save New Krypton. Wow. So DC has ditched Tim Drake as the official emo kid of the DCU and taken on Kara? Nice. Next comic!

Zatanna is an epically awesome book. Then again, it’s penned by Paul Dini. The man knows his way around the DCU’s premire Mistress of Magic. The first arc ended with a bang this week, and just from me to you, worth every penny. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Welcome to Tranquility. If you only pick up one book from Wildstorm this year, make it this one. Gail Simone truly shines with this series. Not gonna say too much, but trust me, if you like small-town drama, you’ll love this book.

The art in Power Girl sucks. No, I’m not being biased due to my love of Amanda Conner, Sami Basri can’t figure out how to draw expressions. The storyline is pretty solid, though. PG is fighting two battles at once; one to save her company for being dismantled, and one to save New York City from being destroyed. Winick, you’re not too bad this month, try not to fail me.

Last week, Diamond shortchanged the entire East Coast when it came to Birds of Prey, but I finally go my copy! Gail, oh my darling Gail. Never stop writing this series. The issue starts out on a weird note, with Penguin having a bloodloss-induced sexual daydream about the Birds. And it just got better/weirder from there. Secrets revealed, old, lost enemies turned friends turned enemies again, and of course the ever-present question; Who is the White Canary? Oh god, the next issue can’t come soon enough.

Well, I’m dehydrated and in pain, I think I’m gonna go have some chow. Until next time. Touch of Grey is outtie 5000.


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