A big week while I’m…weak

The ToG Blog’s unofficial motto is thus; Updates every Wednesday come hell, high water, or that time of the month! I’m sick as a dog, y’all, but that’s not going to stop me from bringing you folks the good word.

I love Green Lantern Corps. That may surprise some of you, as my feelings for most Green Lantern characters are less than pleasant, but I jsut can’t help myself. It’s a fun book, and it’s currently being written by Tony Bedard, two things that keep me tuning in. GLC has reached it’s 50th issue, but instead of interrupting the current storyline for some unneeded double-size issue, it’s just business as usual, and I like that. Kyle, Soranik, John, and Ganthet are still on Grenada, fighting Alpha Lanterns, and I say god bless ’em for it. The issue’s end also gave us a sneak peek at the new Green Lanern: Emerald Warriors book coming out next month. I got a glimpse of Guy being Guy, and that settled it for me. Heck, I may give Hal the boot to make way for him!

The Return of Bruce Wayne is two issues from over. That should make me happy, as only the first issue had caught my interest so far, and I’m not a Batman fan, anyway but you know what? I enjoyed this issue. I enjoy most things set in the Old West, and this was no exception. I mean, this series is effectively making Bruce Wayne bigger than Jesus, the Beatles, and sliced bread combined, but whatever. Let him be the new comic Messiah, I’ll just nod and pretend I give a damn.

Newsflash! Bombshell and Aquagirl fight tentacles before being digested by a giant sea monster!

…really, DC?

I haven’t been on the Teen Titans fan train since they killed off Eddie, but even that little piece of what-the-fuckery is making my head spin. This Wyld monster is kinda reminding me of the Cloverfield beastie We’ve seen it, what? Once? And it was about as unimpressive as anything I could think of. The second feature is getting better, though. As far as second features go, this Coven one is eons ahead of the Ravager one. I’m still pissed about what Zat’s fondest wish was translated as, but hey, what can you do?

Gotham City Sirens’ new artist doesn’t sit well with me. But hey, at least the story is good, right? Next to Gail Simone, Tony Bedard is probably my favorite writer DC has right now, if only because he’s one of the few good writers out there. The new storyline looks like it’s going to be another two-parter, focusing on Poison Ivy this time around. Let’s see, if the pattern hold, the next arc will be about Harley, followed by another Selina story. Let’s just hope they get a good artist onboard soon.

Oh my god, Green Lantern freaked me out this month. Okay, say you take one Hector Hammond and splice him with a greed entity. What do you get? The creepiest thing the comic world has seen since, hmm. I’m going to cite Wicker Sue as pretty creepy, but nothing quite gave me that skin-crawling feeling like the splash page of Skyman/Everyman revealing to Natasha Irons that he’d been chowing down on her boyfriend. And you know what? Hector/Ophidian is still creepier. At least Larfleeze writing to Santa Claus gave this issue a much-needed moment of d’aww. Even if we were all d’awwing for different reasons.

I don’t know what weirds me out more about Lex Luthor, the fact that he built himself an android Lois Lane to act as his moral compass, or the fact that in a self-imposed fantasy about being Superman, he just rips open his shirt and goes to fight. No costume, just…rips open his shirt. I’ve only recently started picking up Action Comics, and I’m probably not going to continue once Lex is no longer the star, but I like this story.

Holy crap. And the award for best rescue from a crashing helicopter goes to…Barry Allen! I think this is the first actually cool thing I’ve ever seen him do. Before the hate starts, I love Barry Allen. I love all the campy stories from the 60’s and 70’s. I loved his relationship with his Rogues, with his wife, with his sidekick. And now I love how we finally get to see him be the badass Geoff Johns keeps telling us he is. One final thought; Is it wrong of me to want to see what evil Iris Allen would look like? Because while Mirror Mistress sounds like the name of a disco ball dominatrix, you know Manapul would end up giving her a hell of an awesome costume.

I’ve got goosebumps. What if, to save the entire world from a war that would destroy it, you only had to take down one man? That’s what the sixth issue of Generation Lost is about. Kill Max Lord, save the world. Let him walk free, doom the world. It all boils down to that. This issue is all about Captain Atom’s magical explosion-based trip to the future, where everything is like the Old West and Power Girl is a hag. Yeah, you read that right. Honestly, I’m intrigued. Next issue cannot come soon enough.

Well, that’s all for this week, you guys. I think I’m gonna take a nice shower, drink some orange juice…then shoot myself in the head to get rid of all this damn congestion. If I survive, I’ll see y’all next week. This is Touch of Grey signing off.


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