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I’ll be in the ANGRY DOME

Another entry? What, am I on a role or something?

It’s convention time! Not for me, of course. I have no money. However, for those who live in Baltimore and Toronto, this weekend was a joyful affair, as both Baltimore Comic-Con and Fan-Expo were going on! Heh, joyful. Right.

Dan Didio, what exactly do you have against Dick Grayson? Fans love him, writers love him, artists really love him and his much-lauded backside, so what’s your beef? Were you in love with Batman as a child, but that damn pesky Robin (plus the fact that he’s NOT REAL) stood in your way? Did he kick your puppy? Steal your girlfriend? WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE, DAN?! In other Batclan news, Damian is never going to age, and Bruce will be using guns when he comes back. Alright, and here the bitching begins.

It took Dick about 50 years to get to legal age, and it took Tim almost 20. Don’t say that Damian will never age. He’s going to, it’ll just take time. Us truly insane fans can wait it out. Characters grow up, and in time, overtake their mentors. Wally went from Kid Flash to Flash, and just as Dick eventually became Batman, so too will Damian some day. I think I’m in the minority that thinks Tim would do well as Nightwing instead of Red Robin (yummm), but whatever. Oh, and this stemmed out of the topic of Damian, and it sort of explains why all the Silver Age characters are back in the saddle:

“The concept of aging characters served everybody well for a period of time, but it’s created all of our problems. The whole generational aspect is wonderful because it gives us history.” DiDio feels it’s best to hold the line, and “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” forcing them to have “their” Flash, Green Lantern or Atom. But since all of the legacy characters’ origins shoot off of the original character, they brought back those original characters.
As so helpfully translates: Dan Didio explaining that “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” so they decided to pick one Flash, one Atom, etc. and standardize on the “classic” version.

…Didio, I hate you.

You didn’t even pick the “classic” characters! Classic Flash? That’d be Jay Garrick. Classic Atom? Ray Palmer? Nope, you’re thinking of Al Pratt. Classic Green Lantern? I’m sorry to tell you this, Geoff, but that’s Alan Scott. If you’re going to do something in the “classic” sense, GET IT RIGHT.

/end rant.

“On the topic of the post-“Blackest Night” “dead means dead” rule, DiDio brought up Kid Devil’s death in “Teen Titans.” There was originally a plan for his resurrection, but to prevent the cheapening of death the plan was nixed. Van Sciver: “I don’t want to read any more superheroes crying over open graves.”

…begin rant/

Eddie was marked as dead the second he lost his powers. I knew it. I saw him powerless and went, “Oh shit, Eddie is gonna die.” The Teen Titans have become the official DCU cannon fodder. And as a longtime fan of the Teen Titans, I’ve just resigned myself to it. The current roster has the potential to drop dead at any moment for no good reason. I get it now. But blatantly teasing the fans with the possible revival of what I’m considering the only good thing to come out of the One Year Later Teen Titans series? That’s just being a dick, Didio. Not to MENTION that the entire Blackest Night event was about cheapening death. Oh, you can cheapen death all you want when Green Lantern is involved but if you want to, say, have one of the magicians (a certain Zatara, perhaps) raise Eddie from the dead in an unpermanent fashion…nope, that’s cheapening death. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Didio.

There were other interesting things, like how Generation Lost hadn’t started out as a JLI comic and how Wednesday Comics may be going digital, but my main reason for writing this entry is to bitch about the bad stuff. If I hear any good stuff, I’ll come back. Until next time, y’all. Peace.


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Surprise post! The Creator List

Hey, it’s not Wednesday, what the hell am I doing here? Well, I’ll tell you.

I was reading an article on Girls Read Comics Too about the DC vs Marvel debate, and the blogger presents a very interesting, and valid, point; why bother following one company over the other with fanatical devotion if you don’t like the content? She also pointed out that while she follows stories from many different companies, she’ll follow books by certain artists and writers in pretty much anything they do. Maybe not in those exact words, but you get my drift.

We all have our favorite artists and writers and while some of them stick to one company over another due to preference or contractual obligation, it doesn’t matter to us. If a book has Gail Simone as the writer, I’m going to at least skim through it if not buy it on the spot. I see Darwyn Cooke in the artist credits, yeah, I’m buying it. Alternatively, we all have creators whose work we either refuse to touch after a certain point (I’m looking at you, Damian Scott.), or only pick up because we hope, in some little desperate, masochistic part of our minds, that that particular creator has gotten better since last we partook in him (WINIIIIIICK). Often, he hasn’t. And we die a little inside. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society Sorry, I’ve been watching old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? to see if they still scare me (some still do). Without further babble, I present to you a list of some of the, in my opinion, greatest creators the comic indistry has to offer and their better works. Enjoy.


Gail Simone: Secret Six (Villians United), Birds of Prey, Welcome to Tranquility for Wildstorm, formerly: Wonder Woman, Gen 13, Deadpool, The All New Atom, Agent X

Jimmy Palmiotti: Jonah Hex, formerly: Power Girl, Hawkman, Terra, Wednesday Comics, JSA: Classified, Secret Six (the second mini)

Mark Waid: formerly: The Flash, Impulse, 52, Legion of Superheroes (threeboot), JLA, The Brave and the Bold (new series),  Valor, L.E.G.I.O.N., Legionnaires, The Kingdom, Xmen, Kingdom Come, Justice League Quarterly, Deadpool

Todd Dezago: formerly: Impulse, Young Justice: Sins of Youth

Tony Bedard: R.E.B.E.L.S., Gotham City Sirens, Green Lantern Corps,  formerly: Legion of Superheroes (threeboot), Birds of Prey, Lobo

Grant Morrison: If it has his name on it, just give it a try. If you don’t like the book, feel free to comment me and tell me why.  He only comes off as a crazed loon 10% of the time, you know.

Neil Gaiman: formerly: Sandman, Books of Magic, Wednesday Comics, Neverwhere, 1602, Death

Paul Dini: Zatanna, formerly: Detective Comics, Streets of Gotham, Gotham City Sirens, Mad Love, Jingle Belle, Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul (with Grant Morrison!), Heart of Hush, and of course, Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond

Marv Wolfman: formerly: The New Teen Titans, The New Titans, Tales of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke the Terminator, Nightwing, Vigilante, Crisis on Infinite Earths, History of the DC Universe

Keith Giffen: Booster Gold, Justice League: Generation Lost, formerly: Justice League International, 52, Justice League Europe, Legion of Superheroes, Justice League of America, Blue Beetle, L.E.G.I.O.N., Midnighter, Lobo


Todd Nauck: formerly: Young Justice, Teen Titans Go!, Wildguard, American Dream, Spiderman, Legends of the Legion

Amanda Conner: formerly: Power Girl, Terra, The Pro, JSA: Classified, Wednesday Comics, Gatecrasher

Guillem March: formerly: Oracle, Gotham City Sirens

Ed Benes: Birds of Prey

Kevin Maguire: formerly: Justice League International, I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League, Formerly Known As the Justice League, L.E.G.I.O.N., Justice League Europe, Velocity: Pilot Season

Karl Kerschl: formerly: Wednesday Comics, Teen Titans Year One, The Flash

Ivan Reis: formerly: Green Lantern, Blackest Night, Brightest Day,

Doug Mahnke: Green Lantern, formerly: Black Adam

Ethan Van Sciver: formerly: Impulse, Flash: Rebirth, Green Lantern, New X-Men

Ian Churchill: formerly: Supergirl, Titans, Deadpool

Darwyn Cooke: Jonah Hex formerly: The Spirit, DC: The New Frontier, Spiderman’s Tangled Web, Superman: Confidential, Batman: Ego, The Last Resort, Catwoman

George Perez: formerly: The New Teen Titans, Tales of the Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, Justice League of America, The New Titans, Infinite Crisis, Legion of Three Worlds

Ross Campbell: Wet Moon,  Shadoweyes, formerly: The Abandoned, Water Baby, Too Much Hopeless Savages

Scott Kolins: formerly: The Flash, Rogue’s Revenge, Blackest Night: The Flash

Jim Lee: formerly: Xmen, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

Whew, whatta list! Those are some of the greats, you guys. Or, at least according to me. You may notice a suspicious lack of Geoff Johns on this list. Well, there’s a reason for that.

Geoff Johns is an excellent writer, but lately, he’s been pissing me off to no end. Take the last issue of Flash, for instance. Iris Allen is going to become evil.

Iris Allen. The most amazing woman in the Flash legacy. Who has done so many things in her life, even when she knew that no one would, that no one could come to her rescue if she were in trouble. The bringer of Bart Allen. She whose devotion to her family spread across a thousand years. The woman should be officially cannonized as a saint for all the crap she’s been through to make sure history goes exactly as it’s supposed to, even to the point of having to forcibly remove herself from her family.

Nope, Word of God says that she’s gonna become evil. But she’s not just going to go evil, oh no. She’s gonna be one of Barry’s greatest enemies, even though she’s his true love. In other words, she’s gonna be Carol Ferris.


Geoff, I loved you once. You did some amazing things with the DC universe that made you one of their most valuable creative assets. So what happened? Why have you begun to suck so very hard. It’s Hal, isn’t it? I knew that Jordan boy was bad news.

Ahem, creepy monologue aside, I now bring you to a very, very short list of creators whose works I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole unless the creative team also includes one of the names above, or someone forces me to at gunpoint. These people are,

The Shitstomers:


Adam Beechen

Frank Miller

Damion Scott

Frank Quitely

The five individuals above should be considered insane. They break the laws of continuity, believe that with enough whores, swearing, and communicatable diseases, plot doesn’t matter, and have little to no perception of what the human body looks like. Repeat after me, Quitely: Robin is TEN, his face should not look FORTY. They have rare moments of genius, though. Miller’s “Goddamn Batman” launched an internet meme that has yet to end. In short, if you aren’t being forced to read books by these creators, don’t your brain, eyes, and wallet will thank you.

By the way, this is the lovely blog that got me thinking along these lines. The blame is all on her.

Hope you all had a great weekend, see you Wednesday. This is ToG reminding you to have your children spayed and neutered. Peace out.

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Hey, guess what I did yesterday?!

Okay, I kinda lied to you last week. This week may not be as epically huge as I lead you to believe. I mean, I’m going over seven titles, but it’s not like the ten-title week I was expecting. Stupid title delays. Anyway, let’s get into it!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point. I didn’t want to read this book. I really didn’t. It’s not very good. It has Booster playing a secondary role as an idiot. And, to top it all off, it has a lot of Rip’s magical inner monologue. The only up points are getting to see Daddy Booster in the opening pages of each issue.

Legion was weird this month. Even dead, Darkseid is still being passed around like a joint at a Crazybones concert, who knew? On the upside, we get to see Garth and Ayla being badass, so that’s cool. I love all the different versions of the Legion, but I’m really beginning to miss Reboot Legion. Maybe it’s because that’s the one I grew up reading, but it just seemed…I dunno. More fun. That’s another thing. Gates has been used several times in the series, but where the hell is Jenni?! Is DC trying to discard all speedsters that aren’t Barry Allen? No, because Jesse Chambers is running around in both JSA titles and Justice League, and Bart Allen has been in the Teen Titans for a few months. Argh, I hate trying to inject logic into comics. Next title!

Hey, remember Superman: Secret Origins? Written by Geoff Johns, drawn by Gary Frank? No? No wonder! Issue five came out almost six months ago. Well, it’s finally over. After a long, long, Flash:Rebirth-esque wait. Final opinion?

Welcome back, Geoff.

Your blatant favoritism towards Hal Jordan makes me hurl. The way you depicted Inertia and the Rogues in Rogue’s Revenge made me curl up in a ball and cry. But this…this is Wonderland quality. This is Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. quality. A fitting end to a series I thought would never finish. Way to not half-ass it at the finish line, man.

Action Comics was actually pretty good this month. I mean, it’s still starring Lex Luthor, it’s pretty much assured to be at least halfway decent. But a Luthor/Deathstroke fight? And a Superboy second feature? Oh yeah, I’m digging this book. Actually, the second feature seems to be a lead-in to the new Superboy series starting in November. Am I the only one hoping for a cameo from Rex and Roxie Leech? Yes? Aw, shoot.

I love Gotham City Sirens for many reasons. The consistantly good writing. The consistantly good art. The intriguing covers that sometimes border on fetishist (covers 3-5 and the recent cover 15 show that quite well) and religious iconoclasm (easily the Pieta remake on cover 13). But what I love most about this book is that above all, it’s about three women whose binding interest was once crime, and now they’re genuinely friends. Harley’s little speech to Ivy after she’s been beaten nearly to death just got to me. Selina and Harley tried to reason with Ivy when they got to her, while most other vigilantes would simply focus on taking her out. I’m so glad this book exists, and I eagerly await the next story a- The return of Talia al Ghul?! Oh crap. How are you going to steer us through the storm of angst and daddy issues that come floating along with Talia’s every step, Tony? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

New Generation Lost! Man, this issue had everything. Political speeches! Daring escapes! A possible love connection forming between Gavril and Bea! Booster being smart! Bea…cursing for no reason! Tora…whining like a bitch. Sigh, the second Giffen-free issue. I hope this doesn’t become a trend But there is one little element that’s conspicuously missing from this book, and that would be Max Lord himself. Seriously, we don’t see hide or hair of him until the very last page. Is this a lead-in to some answers? Why are his mind-control powers deadly when used on one person at a time, but he was able to make the entire world forget about him with extinguishing the human race? Did he actually kill the woman who made Power Girl’s company bankrupt? When are you guys going to stop fucking around and reveal that Ted is secretly alive? The answers (?) next issue! Hopefully!

Teen Titans was…weird this month. Now I love the Teen Titans. I do. But…the new scientist chick they have in Titans Tower watched Miss Martian kill her beloved husband while being controlled by the Wyld, then did some kind of memory-wipe psychic whammy on M’gann so that she doesn’t remember the fight? What, does this lady have instant-retcon powers or something? Can I get some sort of an explanation, DC? I mean, there were other things in this issue that bugged me (Wyld considers Raven its mom? M’gann can astral project now? Kon and Cassie made out in the middle of a crisis why?), but that kind of took the cake. And the second feature wasn’t much better. I’m still pissed that Zach’s fondest wish was to be married to his never-before-mentioned dead girlfriend. At least Eddie got a mention, sort of. Zach, you don’t get to talk about Eddie. You were a horrible boyfriend, not even showing up to his funeral. I WENT THROUGH THAT ISSUE TEN TIMES. You weren’t in it. Oh well, at least Lori isn’t acting like a bitch anymore. She plays nice with the rest of the group just in time for an express trip into hell, fun!

And that’s your week in comics. Well, that’s my week in comics. Next week should be a big one. Hopefully. Because if Flash is pushed back one more week, I’m gonna snap. Peace out, you guys.


As of yesterday, The ToG Blog has officially gotten onto Facebook! Instead of waiting until Wednesdays to update you all on the little things that are going on in the comic world, I’ll be able to fill you in instantly with links, pictures, and other interesting tidbits to make your day. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! You can follow me personally on Twitter! touchofgrey37 I try to follow all the major writers and artists on Twitter, so you’re bound to see some interesting retweets!!/touchofgrey37

Well, that’s about enough network pandering. Peace out, you guys! I think I smell broccoli cooking, yum.

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This week is so small, Mini Me feels bad laughing at it

This is gonna be a relatively small week but never fear! Next week is gonna be huge. Like Elvis-meet-the-Beatles huge. Brace yourselves.

Toot toot! All aboard the fail train! That’s right, Brightest Day continues this week with the most epic cliffhanger issue I’ve ever read. Seriously, every single story was a cliffhanger. Where did Deadman and Dove go? Who is the other green Martian? Shiera’s mother is an ancient war queen? Is J’onn going to be burning down Star City Forest next issue? Why wasn’t there an Aquaman story this issue? There, I just saved you three bucks.

Tony Bedard may just be my lord and master. The man was born to write stories set on other planets. Hopefully, he’ll be on Green Lantern Corps for more than just this arc, because this is the best I’ve read from him in awhile. Then again, when your villian is the Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw, it’s kind of hard to be anything less than epic. It’s an Alpha Lantern slaughterfest this issue. Seriously, three were killed on-panel. One blew his own brains out, another died in cosmic surgery, and then Hannu beat the shit out of Boodikka. Yeah, you read that right, we lost Boodikka. A moment of silence, please. Okay, good. I was AMAZED by the art in this issue. Then again, I’d just read Brightest Day so, yeah. No further explanation needed.

I hate Bizarros. I hate them. So I can tell by the end of this month’s Supergirl that I’m not going to like the next arc very much, as she seems to be headed to a planet of Bizarros. Could you imagine having to be the writer on this book for that arc? You’d go insane! I pity you, Sterling Gates. You have my sympathies for having to write god only knows how many issues of Bizarro-speak.

Stop writing Power Girl, Judd Winick. You suck at it and I hate you. I don’t even have anything else to say. You suck, this issue was not fun to read, and I hate you.

Well, that’s all for this week, folks. Oh, before I forget, you can follow me on Twitter under the name touchofgrey37, and I’m in the midst of setting up a Facebook page for The ToG Blog. See you all next week! Peace out.

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Big week this week. Mmhm.

Big week full of Simone-y goodness, you guys! I’m excited, can you tell? Let’s do this thing.

Between Adventure Comics and Legion of Superheroes, DC is really making up for not having had the Original Legion for almost 20 years. AC is telling the stories of the Adult Legion back in their early days and, if the second feature wasn’t dealing with the Atom, I’d probably be buying the hell out of this series. But as we’ve established, I don’t give a crap about Ray Palmer, so I’m not buying it. This month’s issue centers on Saturn Girl, who doesn’t just want to be known as “the girl Legionnaire”, a worthy mission. Too bad she kinda sucks at it. Trains her ass off, doesn’t manage to save her Scicop friend, then sleeps with Cosmic Boy. Way too go, Imra! Please note the sarcasm. Moving on.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors starts this week and…I like it. Y’all know me, I’m not the biggest Green Lantern fan. But hey, I’m cool with the Corps, and I happen to dig Guy Gardner more than any other Lantern out there (yes, including Rage Kitty). So a series centered around Guy, Ganthet, and the Red Lanterns? Hell yeah I’m gonna read it. Maybe we’ll finally get some closure on Guy’s former Red Lantern status other than MOGO IS MAGIC BITCHES. My first impressions on the series? It’s gonna have action. Action and one-liners. I’m down with that. It was a good opening issue, gave the series it’s sort of mission statement (insert Star Trek theme here), and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Let’s hope it holds this trend.

It’s a good comic that can make you go BUM BUM BUM in your head. Like, a lot. Gail, you complete me. I ask the most of you, and you deliver. Welcome to Tranquility is like a breath of fresh air while in a time machine. Yeah, I know that makes no sense, but it’s how I feel on the book. WtT has an old timey, 1960’s comic feel while putting forth new stories. And this new arc…I’m flipping out. I really am. Mr. Articulate is back and not a zombie, Judge Fury and Pink Bunny have a…son? What? Okay, next issue. Stat.

Paul Dini, you can do no wrong. Like Gail Simone, Paul Dini is one of those writers whose words are worth their weight in gold. It was his name on the Gotham City Sirens book that got me hooked, and it is once again his fault I’m so enamored with Zatanna. This book has all the right elements. A good dose of action, a sprinkle of mystery, dashes of comedy here and there, and of course, that ever essential bit of magic that ties it all together. This issue begins a new arc, yes, already, and I can already tell that I’m going to dig it. Zee versus hellfire women in Vegas, with guest appearances by Zach Zatara. I think I can suffer through this. Once again, please note the sarcasm. I’m gonna be eating this title alive, folks.

This month in Batgirl, Steph proves that a good sense of humor is about as useful as a utility belt. I can name on one hand all the titles that actually make me laugh out loud, and this is one of them. It’s Batgirl and Proxy vs. Clayface this issue, and that Wendy Harris is alright by me. So lemme get this straight, comics. Wheelchair= genius now? I mean, this is official? Sigh, alright, comics. Whatever you say.

Birds of Prey was actually surprisingly unremarkable this month. I mean, it was interesting, funny, action-packed, and Babs totally outed Creote to Savant, but nothing really reached out and grabbed me like in the last three issues. Don’t worry, Gail. You’ll hook me right back in next month. Not all issues have to be winners.

Okay, Booster Gold. You’re my favorite book again. I mean, how can I not love this title? It’s got Booster and Beetle taking on a machine called a planet pounder (yeah, I know), and Ted totally knows that this Booster isn’t ‘his’ Booster. I’m quoting that, read the book. Then there’s Rip and Rani and, well, I love that kid. That’s Booster and Beetle’s eventual daughter. I know, I’m talking crazy talk, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

The week ended on a low note with Generation Lost. Yeah, I know. How can a book about the old JLI team possibly suck as bad as this? I’m just gonna blame Winick and call it a day. Apparently, Keith Giffen is no longer holding his hand as he writes by providing breakdowns. Makes sense. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Judd Winick is unable to write a comic on his own without making it suck harder than a Kryptonian prostitute, just take a look at Green Arrow/Black Canary. I’m not even going to bother to review this book this week. It was crap, read it in store if you must.

Well, that was this week in comics. I picked up some Batgirl backissues from 01, I’m gonna go devour those now. Same time next week? Awesome. ToG out.

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I meant it when I said “Rain or Shine”, folks.

Not a huge week, in comparison to the rest of the month, I mean. New issue of Red Hood! And after a one-issue break, Gail Simone is back on Secret Six! Whee! Alright, let’s do this.

Brightest Day. I’m starting off August with Brightest Day. I’m not a masochist, honest. So last issue, the white ring told Boston Brand to eat a cheeseburger. This issue, Boston Brand…eats a cheeseburger. Okay, let’s ride this moron train all the way home. Two pages later…HEY LOOK AT THAT BULGE! Seriousy, whoever drew that page, go back and do it again. The rest of the issue is, um, well…it’s just a big “This is what’s going to happen.”. I’m tired of Brightest Day. I’ve been tired of Brightest Day. We’re in the home stretch, boys and girls. Let’s end this thing clean.

Oh JSA: All-Stars, you complete me. This was the first time in awhile I’ve been equally pleased by both stories. The main story has the All-Stars in a third-world country…for some reason. Long story short, the bad guys are turning genetically spliced superkids into gods for their own evil purposes. The second feature is still plowing along. The two lovely couples are spending some time in the hospital, because bad guy Blue shot Tigress who is, listen to this, pregnant. Oh, and Icicle and Tigress aren’t trying to sell the Staff they’re after, they want to use it for themselves so that their baby won’t kill its mother. Heavy stuff, but I can dig it.

I may have to start buying R.E.B.E.L.S. again, because this new storyline is epic. Brainiacs 2 and 3 working together to re-capture the original, while 3 is also trying to take control of the planet Colu. I can’t even tell you how much of a fangasm I’m having here today. Oh, and the art? Claude St. Austin, I want to have your children. This man is amazing, and I’m going to be completely honest when I say that I think he is currently the best artist on an ongoing for DC. Yes, I like him better than Manapul, blasphemy, I know. If Tony Bedard and Gail Simone ever got into a knife fight, I don’t know who’d I root for.

Oh Gail. Gail my sweet, Gail my darling. You’ve just set a new standard for comics told in the Old West. I haven’t enjoyed a Western comic since the one-shot Elseworlds Justice Riders some years back, but this, this...epic isn’t quite grand enough to describe it. Yeah, I’m still not sure who I’d root for in a knife fight between scribes, but at least I know I wouldn’t trip either of them.

Red Robin isn’t my favorite of the Bat-books I pick up. That honor goes to Birds of Prey- which counts, as it’s set in Gotham, the team is run by the former Batgirl and has two known Batfamily allies in its starting lineup. I pick up eight Bat-books monthly (if you include Secret Six and Zatanna, like I do.), and Red Robin has catupulted recently from number seven to number four. Tim had me worried for awhile, but his post-Crisis emo lapse is over, his Beechen-era dickishness has finally been written away, he’s back in Gotham, he’s making nice with Steph and while that thing he has with Damian won’t exactly be resolved anytime soon, I think we’re finally seeing a grownup version of that sweet, snarky kid that’s been evading us since Young Justice. Welcome back, Timmy.

Red Hood was good this month. It was shaking out of the gate, and the first stretch wasn’t too hot either, but we’ve finally gotten to the point of this series. Jason is going to be trained by bad guys, who will inevitable have things going for them that even he finds reprehensible, and he’ll kill them, just to make the world a better place. You’re a good kind of psycho, Jay. Just keep that in mind while you’re shooting people, bashing skulls, and poisoning energy drinks.

Well, that’s it for this week folks. I’m pretty bushed, and it’s been raining most of the night which isn’t helping. I’m gonna have some dinner, then drop off to bed. Y’all know the way out, just turn off the lights when you leave. ToG out.

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