I meant it when I said “Rain or Shine”, folks.

Not a huge week, in comparison to the rest of the month, I mean. New issue of Red Hood! And after a one-issue break, Gail Simone is back on Secret Six! Whee! Alright, let’s do this.

Brightest Day. I’m starting off August with Brightest Day. I’m not a masochist, honest. So last issue, the white ring told Boston Brand to eat a cheeseburger. This issue, Boston Brand…eats a cheeseburger. Okay, let’s ride this moron train all the way home. Two pages later…HEY LOOK AT THAT BULGE! Seriousy, whoever drew that page, go back and do it again. The rest of the issue is, um, well…it’s just a big “This is what’s going to happen.”. I’m tired of Brightest Day. I’ve been tired of Brightest Day. We’re in the home stretch, boys and girls. Let’s end this thing clean.

Oh JSA: All-Stars, you complete me. This was the first time in awhile I’ve been equally pleased by both stories. The main story has the All-Stars in a third-world country…for some reason. Long story short, the bad guys are turning genetically spliced superkids into gods for their own evil purposes. The second feature is still plowing along. The two lovely couples are spending some time in the hospital, because bad guy Blue shot Tigress who is, listen to this, pregnant. Oh, and Icicle and Tigress aren’t trying to sell the Staff they’re after, they want to use it for themselves so that their baby won’t kill its mother. Heavy stuff, but I can dig it.

I may have to start buying R.E.B.E.L.S. again, because this new storyline is epic. Brainiacs 2 and 3 working together to re-capture the original, while 3 is also trying to take control of the planet Colu. I can’t even tell you how much of a fangasm I’m having here today. Oh, and the art? Claude St. Austin, I want to have your children. This man is amazing, and I’m going to be completely honest when I say that I think he is currently the best artist on an ongoing for DC. Yes, I like him better than Manapul, blasphemy, I know. If Tony Bedard and Gail Simone ever got into a knife fight, I don’t know who’d I root for.

Oh Gail. Gail my sweet, Gail my darling. You’ve just set a new standard for comics told in the Old West. I haven’t enjoyed a Western comic since the one-shot Elseworlds Justice Riders some years back, but this, this...epic isn’t quite grand enough to describe it. Yeah, I’m still not sure who I’d root for in a knife fight between scribes, but at least I know I wouldn’t trip either of them.

Red Robin isn’t my favorite of the Bat-books I pick up. That honor goes to Birds of Prey- which counts, as it’s set in Gotham, the team is run by the former Batgirl and has two known Batfamily allies in its starting lineup. I pick up eight Bat-books monthly (if you include Secret Six and Zatanna, like I do.), and Red Robin has catupulted recently from number seven to number four. Tim had me worried for awhile, but his post-Crisis emo lapse is over, his Beechen-era dickishness has finally been written away, he’s back in Gotham, he’s making nice with Steph and while that thing he has with Damian won’t exactly be resolved anytime soon, I think we’re finally seeing a grownup version of that sweet, snarky kid that’s been evading us since Young Justice. Welcome back, Timmy.

Red Hood was good this month. It was shaking out of the gate, and the first stretch wasn’t too hot either, but we’ve finally gotten to the point of this series. Jason is going to be trained by bad guys, who will inevitable have things going for them that even he finds reprehensible, and he’ll kill them, just to make the world a better place. You’re a good kind of psycho, Jay. Just keep that in mind while you’re shooting people, bashing skulls, and poisoning energy drinks.

Well, that’s it for this week folks. I’m pretty bushed, and it’s been raining most of the night which isn’t helping. I’m gonna have some dinner, then drop off to bed. Y’all know the way out, just turn off the lights when you leave. ToG out.


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