Big week this week. Mmhm.

Big week full of Simone-y goodness, you guys! I’m excited, can you tell? Let’s do this thing.

Between Adventure Comics and Legion of Superheroes, DC is really making up for not having had the Original Legion for almost 20 years. AC is telling the stories of the Adult Legion back in their early days and, if the second feature wasn’t dealing with the Atom, I’d probably be buying the hell out of this series. But as we’ve established, I don’t give a crap about Ray Palmer, so I’m not buying it. This month’s issue centers on Saturn Girl, who doesn’t just want to be known as “the girl Legionnaire”, a worthy mission. Too bad she kinda sucks at it. Trains her ass off, doesn’t manage to save her Scicop friend, then sleeps with Cosmic Boy. Way too go, Imra! Please note the sarcasm. Moving on.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors starts this week and…I like it. Y’all know me, I’m not the biggest Green Lantern fan. But hey, I’m cool with the Corps, and I happen to dig Guy Gardner more than any other Lantern out there (yes, including Rage Kitty). So a series centered around Guy, Ganthet, and the Red Lanterns? Hell yeah I’m gonna read it. Maybe we’ll finally get some closure on Guy’s former Red Lantern status other than MOGO IS MAGIC BITCHES. My first impressions on the series? It’s gonna have action. Action and one-liners. I’m down with that. It was a good opening issue, gave the series it’s sort of mission statement (insert Star Trek theme here), and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Let’s hope it holds this trend.

It’s a good comic that can make you go BUM BUM BUM in your head. Like, a lot. Gail, you complete me. I ask the most of you, and you deliver. Welcome to Tranquility is like a breath of fresh air while in a time machine. Yeah, I know that makes no sense, but it’s how I feel on the book. WtT has an old timey, 1960’s comic feel while putting forth new stories. And this new arc…I’m flipping out. I really am. Mr. Articulate is back and not a zombie, Judge Fury and Pink Bunny have a…son? What? Okay, next issue. Stat.

Paul Dini, you can do no wrong. Like Gail Simone, Paul Dini is one of those writers whose words are worth their weight in gold. It was his name on the Gotham City Sirens book that got me hooked, and it is once again his fault I’m so enamored with Zatanna. This book has all the right elements. A good dose of action, a sprinkle of mystery, dashes of comedy here and there, and of course, that ever essential bit of magic that ties it all together. This issue begins a new arc, yes, already, and I can already tell that I’m going to dig it. Zee versus hellfire women in Vegas, with guest appearances by Zach Zatara. I think I can suffer through this. Once again, please note the sarcasm. I’m gonna be eating this title alive, folks.

This month in Batgirl, Steph proves that a good sense of humor is about as useful as a utility belt. I can name on one hand all the titles that actually make me laugh out loud, and this is one of them. It’s Batgirl and Proxy vs. Clayface this issue, and that Wendy Harris is alright by me. So lemme get this straight, comics. Wheelchair= genius now? I mean, this is official? Sigh, alright, comics. Whatever you say.

Birds of Prey was actually surprisingly unremarkable this month. I mean, it was interesting, funny, action-packed, and Babs totally outed Creote to Savant, but nothing really reached out and grabbed me like in the last three issues. Don’t worry, Gail. You’ll hook me right back in next month. Not all issues have to be winners.

Okay, Booster Gold. You’re my favorite book again. I mean, how can I not love this title? It’s got Booster and Beetle taking on a machine called a planet pounder (yeah, I know), and Ted totally knows that this Booster isn’t ‘his’ Booster. I’m quoting that, read the book. Then there’s Rip and Rani and, well, I love that kid. That’s Booster and Beetle’s eventual daughter. I know, I’m talking crazy talk, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

The week ended on a low note with Generation Lost. Yeah, I know. How can a book about the old JLI team possibly suck as bad as this? I’m just gonna blame Winick and call it a day. Apparently, Keith Giffen is no longer holding his hand as he writes by providing breakdowns. Makes sense. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Judd Winick is unable to write a comic on his own without making it suck harder than a Kryptonian prostitute, just take a look at Green Arrow/Black Canary. I’m not even going to bother to review this book this week. It was crap, read it in store if you must.

Well, that was this week in comics. I picked up some Batgirl backissues from 01, I’m gonna go devour those now. Same time next week? Awesome. ToG out.


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