This week is so small, Mini Me feels bad laughing at it

This is gonna be a relatively small week but never fear! Next week is gonna be huge. Like Elvis-meet-the-Beatles huge. Brace yourselves.

Toot toot! All aboard the fail train! That’s right, Brightest Day continues this week with the most epic cliffhanger issue I’ve ever read. Seriously, every single story was a cliffhanger. Where did Deadman and Dove go? Who is the other green Martian? Shiera’s mother is an ancient war queen? Is J’onn going to be burning down Star City Forest next issue? Why wasn’t there an Aquaman story this issue? There, I just saved you three bucks.

Tony Bedard may just be my lord and master. The man was born to write stories set on other planets. Hopefully, he’ll be on Green Lantern Corps for more than just this arc, because this is the best I’ve read from him in awhile. Then again, when your villian is the Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw, it’s kind of hard to be anything less than epic. It’s an Alpha Lantern slaughterfest this issue. Seriously, three were killed on-panel. One blew his own brains out, another died in cosmic surgery, and then Hannu beat the shit out of Boodikka. Yeah, you read that right, we lost Boodikka. A moment of silence, please. Okay, good. I was AMAZED by the art in this issue. Then again, I’d just read Brightest Day so, yeah. No further explanation needed.

I hate Bizarros. I hate them. So I can tell by the end of this month’s Supergirl that I’m not going to like the next arc very much, as she seems to be headed to a planet of Bizarros. Could you imagine having to be the writer on this book for that arc? You’d go insane! I pity you, Sterling Gates. You have my sympathies for having to write god only knows how many issues of Bizarro-speak.

Stop writing Power Girl, Judd Winick. You suck at it and I hate you. I don’t even have anything else to say. You suck, this issue was not fun to read, and I hate you.

Well, that’s all for this week, folks. Oh, before I forget, you can follow me on Twitter under the name touchofgrey37, and I’m in the midst of setting up a Facebook page for The ToG Blog. See you all next week! Peace out.


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