I’ll be in the ANGRY DOME

Another entry? What, am I on a role or something?

It’s convention time! Not for me, of course. I have no money. However, for those who live in Baltimore and Toronto, this weekend was a joyful affair, as both Baltimore Comic-Con and Fan-Expo were going on! Heh, joyful. Right.

Dan Didio, what exactly do you have against Dick Grayson? Fans love him, writers love him, artists really love him and his much-lauded backside, so what’s your beef? Were you in love with Batman as a child, but that damn pesky Robin (plus the fact that he’s NOT REAL) stood in your way? Did he kick your puppy? Steal your girlfriend? WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE, DAN?! In other Batclan news, Damian is never going to age, and Bruce will be using guns when he comes back. Alright, and here the bitching begins.

It took Dick about 50 years to get to legal age, and it took Tim almost 20. Don’t say that Damian will never age. He’s going to, it’ll just take time. Us truly insane fans can wait it out. Characters grow up, and in time, overtake their mentors. Wally went from Kid Flash to Flash, and just as Dick eventually became Batman, so too will Damian some day. I think I’m in the minority that thinks Tim would do well as Nightwing instead of Red Robin (yummm), but whatever. Oh, and this stemmed out of the topic of Damian, and it sort of explains why all the Silver Age characters are back in the saddle:

“The concept of aging characters served everybody well for a period of time, but it’s created all of our problems. The whole generational aspect is wonderful because it gives us history.” DiDio feels it’s best to hold the line, and “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” forcing them to have “their” Flash, Green Lantern or Atom. But since all of the legacy characters’ origins shoot off of the original character, they brought back those original characters.
As Speedforce.org so helpfully translates: Dan Didio explaining that “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” so they decided to pick one Flash, one Atom, etc. and standardize on the “classic” version.

…Didio, I hate you.

You didn’t even pick the “classic” characters! Classic Flash? That’d be Jay Garrick. Classic Atom? Ray Palmer? Nope, you’re thinking of Al Pratt. Classic Green Lantern? I’m sorry to tell you this, Geoff, but that’s Alan Scott. If you’re going to do something in the “classic” sense, GET IT RIGHT.

/end rant.

“On the topic of the post-“Blackest Night” “dead means dead” rule, DiDio brought up Kid Devil’s death in “Teen Titans.” There was originally a plan for his resurrection, but to prevent the cheapening of death the plan was nixed. Van Sciver: “I don’t want to read any more superheroes crying over open graves.”

…begin rant/

Eddie was marked as dead the second he lost his powers. I knew it. I saw him powerless and went, “Oh shit, Eddie is gonna die.” The Teen Titans have become the official DCU cannon fodder. And as a longtime fan of the Teen Titans, I’ve just resigned myself to it. The current roster has the potential to drop dead at any moment for no good reason. I get it now. But blatantly teasing the fans with the possible revival of what I’m considering the only good thing to come out of the One Year Later Teen Titans series? That’s just being a dick, Didio. Not to MENTION that the entire Blackest Night event was about cheapening death. Oh, you can cheapen death all you want when Green Lantern is involved but if you want to, say, have one of the magicians (a certain Zatara, perhaps) raise Eddie from the dead in an unpermanent fashion…nope, that’s cheapening death. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Didio.

There were other interesting things, like how Generation Lost hadn’t started out as a JLI comic and how Wednesday Comics may be going digital, but my main reason for writing this entry is to bitch about the bad stuff. If I hear any good stuff, I’ll come back. Until next time, y’all. Peace.


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  1. 1

    MWUAHAHAHA said,

    Lime green background, huh?

    • 2

      touchofgrey37 said,

      You got a problem with that, hon? Because some people happen to LOVE lime green. I am one of those people.

      • 3

        MWUAHAHAHA said,

        I love the color.

        Just not when I’m staring at a computer screen, reading lengthy posts for more then 12 minutes(sometimes I’m a slow reader.).

        Still, I’ll give it a try, check out some entries and whatnot.

  2. 4

    Roach said,

    But…but but but…butbutbutbutbut *brain is broken* *repairing* *repairing* *repair complete* But he’s the one that did that in the first place! What the hell Didio!? He’s the one who let people go back and make all these changes to the characters pasts. Practically freaking encouraged it! A lot of it was done by Geoff! Who he is very close with! I-I just…that…it doesn’t!….What the hell?!

    I think he and Geoff have just been masterminding this from the beginning. They took the DCU in there clutches, turned it in to their own vision of what should be and then put up a no take backsyes rule so that it will have to stay that way until they are no longer around to enjoy it. That’s not fair.
    I can understand the no killing for the pure sake of killing rule (if that’s really even part of that death rule they installed) because I’m tired of that. I can get behind that (even though I’ll believe that crap when I fucking see it, or don’t see it as the case may be). But the no bringing people back to life rule?! This is a universe where people make freaking field trips to hell! The border between life and death in the comic world is like the border between the US and Mexico. It’s there, people make a big deal out of it, but it’s not all that hard to get across if you really try. You know what makes death cheep. When you bring back and icon character who died for a reason and no one else was willing to touch on. As much as I’ve come to like them since they came back, and I like there story line. You can’t say it didn’t make their death cheep. Even Barry said it in his own way.
    But sometimes, just some times, a little death and resurrection dose you good. Bart Allen can contest to that. Jericho could too for a short time (before someone who couldn’t even get his name right decided to start writing for him), and look at Jason Todd? He’s never been more popular. Literally! (Poor, poor Jason.)
    Bringing Eddie back would not have made his death any cheaper. It was already cheep (then again I see all death in Teen Titans as cheep and just begging for attention).

    And this whole staying with the classics crap! It was under his term that things became muddled and confused. He wanted a darkened world and he had the characters fixed and molded to fit it, what the hell did he expect to happen?! It’s more like he just wants things to be pointed in a certain direction and at the characters he has a preference for. He want’s his version of classic. Which is bull shit!

    Gha! I’m sorry. T-T I ranted again…and that was a rather rude one…sorry.

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