I think I had a mild stroke hearing this news

There are talks to turn the critically acclaimed comic series Sandman into a TV series.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this.

I love this series. Like, it’s trying to take out a restraining order, I love it so much. I love the storylines, the places explored, the themes, I even love all the minor characters, like Nuala the elf and Wanda the transvestite. That one issue involving Emperor Norton was probably my favorite,  just because it was based on real people and mostly real events.

And then there’s her.

First introduced in ‘The Sound of Her Wings’, Death became as iconic a character as Dream. I’m not ashamed to admit that I wear an ankh that I got in the eighth grade to this day because of Death. Neil Gaiman’s Death was always so much more believable than other depictions of Death. I mean, I know that when most people think Death, they imagine a skeleton in a cloak with a scythe. But Death isn’t supposed to be scary. Yeah, it’s the End of All Things, but in its own way, it is also a beginning, if you believe in that sort of thing.

But back on track.

Sandman has a lot of things in it that would have to be changed for TV, depending on what station gets ahold of it. If HBO snaps it up, we might be cool. If ABC latches onto it, we’re fucked.

Right off the bat, there’s the issue of  Dream being held in a glass bottle cage for nearly a century. Naked. So they put a toga on him, big whoop. Then there’s how he ends up punishing the son of the man that captured him, eternal waking, aka endless nightmares that seem real. Well, that may have to be toned down. Such as, we may only get to see the shadow of the nurse’s head falling off. Oh, and then there’s the second big event of the first book, Dream’s descent into hell to retrieve his helm. That would probably be mostly CGI but, it’s hell. It’s still gonna be hell if you call it something like the underworld, the realm of the dead…it’s hell. And most major networks like to shy away from stuff like that.

And then there’s John Dee’s big diner story, 24 hours.

John Dee, aka Dr. Destiny, escapes from Arkham Asylum and goes to find his symbol of power, a ruby of dreams that, well, is actually the Ruby of Dream. While waiting for Dream to come fight him for possession of the ruby, John slowly drives the world to madness from a diner, and personally murders the diner’s occupants. Let me make a short list of some of the people that he kills, and why most of their stories will never make it to the small screen. Judy is a lesbian whose girlfriend broke up with her after she abused her.  There is a husband and wife; the husband occassionally buys and beats up hookers, the wife had a necrophilliac experience in college and sometimes tries to pretend her husband is dead when they have sex. There’s a trucker, who pretty much killed his alcoholic wife by buying a large quantity of booze and disappearing for a week. See why these people may prove an issue for standard television audiences? And this is just the first book!

Sandman was a ten (technically eleven, if you count Endless Nights) book series that made even the least comic-inclined of people take notice. It has a huge fan following, and has made Neil Gaiman a household name…at least to the people I know. If made, the TV series would run five seasons. That’s two books a season, a decent goal.

I’m not going to doom this thing just yet. Not much is known about it, and no one has been cast in any prominent roles. This is a wait-and-see project to me. I’m ToG, and I think I need to see what other people are saying about this. Peace.



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    Roach said,

    I can’t honestly see ABC taking something like this one (unless they try to make it like Supernatural some how, or there own take on how the comics would be it they wrote them, like Smallville). I’m betting it’s HBO that picked it up. It seems like the kind of thing they would have a ball with. I just hope Neil Gainman plays at least some part in the making of it.

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