Late, but not forgotten

Hey, it’s apparently Rosh Hashanah! I, being a terrible, awful Jew, forgot all about it. Whoops! But I’ve had my big, filling dinner, I’m very tired, and I’m here to bring you some neat stuff that I’ve been dying to buy since I first saw it. Let’s begin so I can go to sleep.

First up, a pair of Flash briefs from Kohls! You ever see a costume and wonder, what on earth could this guy be wearing beneath that fancy suit?! I mean, it’s so tight, you can practically tell what religion he is. Well, as far as the Flash is concerned, wonder no more! $10, from

Next, some neat patches from the Fanboy Scouts Geek Merit Badges! My personal favorite was the Speedster patch, I should be buying one in October. There are only 1000 pieces of each design, so buy the ones you want before they’re gone!

The third and final thing before I pass out is something that I hope to buy very, very soon. I’ve been waiting for years for an actual Flash chain wallet to hit the market, and one finally came! It’s a bright, lovely red with the Flash symbol on it, and a nice chain. I want one more than I could possibly tell.

Well, those were some of the neat purchaseables I found on the internet! I’m tired as heck, goodnight!

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    Roach said,

    I could totally see Bart wearing those man panties. Also, I really hope they make a Blue Beetle patch. ^ ^

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