This isn’t Becoming a Habit, I Swear

Relatively large week, y’all. Six books; five scheduled, and the last issue of Gotham City Sirens my LCS was shorted. Hang on, it may turn out to be a bumpy ride.

First up…geez, is the Fail Train still chugging along?! Seriously? How much longer is this going on? Twelve more issues?! Okay, where’s the emergency brake on this sumbitch? Sigh, anyway. So, this looks to be a Firestorm-heavy issue. Hooray. The Firestorm Matrix is activated by…holding hands? Really? Really, DC? Skip to later in the issue where Deathstorm (yeah, I know) has a microphone for no reason. None at all. He just has one. Can we just declare this over? Please? Guh, twelve more issues…

JSA: All-Stars made me baw. It did. Out loud. When Brainwave had each of the heroes give up something, and Courtney chose to give up on Al…my heart broke a little bit. And then just a few pages later, he’s hitting on Anna Fortune. Bad Al! No cookie! The second feature also reached it’s not-so-dramatic conclusion this week, and boy was I sad to see it come. Mainly because…I like seeing Liberty Belle and Hourman interact as partners instead of just a sappy married couple. Anyway, it’s worth picking up, if you haven’t already. New arcs start next month.

I only have one thing to say about Gotham City Sirens this month, and then I’ll be done. Gotham? Batman? They have the most badass women in comics. That’s all.

Red Hood: The Lost Days is one issue from over, and I’m very sad. This has been a quality series, and I’ll miss it once it’s gone. This time around, we get to see Jason beat the shit out of Russian mobsters, always a treat. And the drama meter goes up tenfold when some deadbeat hitman hints that he knows where to find the Joker. Shenanigans? Oh hell yes.

Secret Six, you never fail to amaze me. Nuclear threats, teams in the Savage Land, Amanda Waller scared shitless, naked Catman. Oh, and possibly a dead Bane. Am I disappoint? I am not disappoint. Gail, my dearest, you amaze me every time I open one of your books.

R.E.B.E.L.S., oh, R.E.B.E.L.S.. Lemme give y’all a little riddle. What do you get when you take Lobo, hot Coluans, and awesome Green Lantern fight scenes? The latest issue of R.E.B.E.L.S.. Seriously, Tony Bedard. Never stop writing series’ that take place in space. This is your calling. This is why DC pays you.

Sorry this post is a day late, you guys. I wrote it on Wednesday, but I was stuck without internet until…now. Next week will be on time, or I’ll record myself licking a doorway. Until next time. Peace out.

Oh! Last shout out to all Broward County manga and comic fans! West Regional Library wil be hosting their Manga and Comic Mini-Con this Saturday from 1-4 pm. Be there for some neat panels, a costume contest, and to buy some cool stuff from me. Because I actually have a table! Hope to see y’all!


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