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It’s a Damian Wayne sort of day, I think

Eight books this week, and very few distractions. Am I happy? Hell yes, I am! Shall we begin?

So, Deadpool. What can I say about this guy, and this title, that hasn’t been said a million times? Very little, aside from the fact that this particular issue has Steve Rogers sitting in his lap. That…was pretty boss. I like this title. I like it a lot. Because god damn, it’s Deadpool, and he’s kind of impossible to hate.

So, who hates cliffhangers? Oh, Gotham City Sirens. You tease me with wonderful, wonderful teamups and then you make me cry. I think that this is officially an abusive relationship. But ooh, it hurts so good.

More Deadpool? Man, you’d think I liked the guy or something. But yes, Deadpool Team-Up is a delightful romp into the realm of the absurd, as is basically every Deadpool title ever…but this one has guest stars! Thor and Deadpool band together to fight a naked nerd whose body is being inhabited by a hot demon. Wade admits his attraction to Thor many times. Hilarity ensues. I’m not a huge fan of Thor, no, really this time, but this wasn’t a terrible issue. In fact, it made me laugh a few times.

Oh man, I love Action Comics. Seriously, Lex Luthor is just fun to read about. And then there’s the lead in to the Secret Six crossover that’s coming next issue, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that. But I think the real winner of this awesome issue would have to be Jimmy Olsen. Sure, he’s kinda drawn like shit, but hey, he pulled a Power Girl! No, he didn’t suddenly aquire huge…tracts of land. He saved the planet! Yaay! And…Chloe doesn’t give a damn. Y’know, there is no pleasing this girl. Oh, hi badly-drawn Lois Lane! How’re you doing? Find Jimmy a new girlfriend? I smell shenanigans!

Batwoman is an interesting character. No, seriously. I liked her back in 52, but after reading Batwoman: Elegy, I was hooked. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a spunky redhead, and that I can be very biased when it comes to them. Let me summarize this issue in three words: Yay, stalker Bruce! Seriously, this man is more paranoid than the Question on crack. Goes around just following Kate instead of doing his Bat-job. One thing I wasn’t pleased about was the amount of oh hey she’s a lesbian you guys! that showed up in this issue. Seriously, noting that she was released from West Point because she came out, the story of which was shown in Batwoman: Elegy, showing him going undercover in a gay club to watch her hit on girls…we get it, J.H. Williams. Kate Kane likes vagina. Let’s not make a Midnighter out of this. For people unfamiliar with the name and term, here, lemme tell you. The Wildstorm character, Midnighter, is gay. He’s married to a man, they adopted a little girl together. For awhile, Midnighter had his own series, and the writers could not for the life of them go an issue without drawing attention to the fact that he was gay. It got to be sort of a running joke within the fandom, and good lord, did it get old fast. So please, writer or writers of Batwoman. Don’t pull a Midnighter.

Batman and Robin was downright weird this month. Then again, when your villain is revealed to be a woman with a hole through her head, well, weird doesn’t really begin to cover it. Certain observations were made by Damian that I agree with. Now that the mantle of Batman has become sort of like a franchise, every player involved can become their own type of Batman. Dick is the resident HappyBats, and that’s just swell. It makes me wonder, though. How much longer before Bruce takes on a Robin of his own? And will that Robin be Tim? Or Damian?

Speaking of Damian, I’m getting a really familiar vibe off of Teen Titans this month. Back in 03, Kory was all up in a snit because the Robin on her team wasn’t Dick. Now, the current roster is up in arms because the Robin they’re working with isn’t Tim. Team, don’t be afraid to try new things! I’m sure Damian will work out fine, once he’s done being a screw-up. Speaking of unresolved sexual tension, if Damian is still on the team once he hits puberty, he’s going to get such a gigantic crush on Rose. They’re too alike for him not to.

I don’t know how I feel about the Captain Atom issues. He’s never been a character I liked, or could even partially relate to, because of the military thing, but at the same time, he’s probably an essential part of the JLI somehow. Well, he’s strong, at least. Man, Damian has been cropping up everywhere today, huh? In this issue of Generation Lost, he’s 131. Hmm, 131 years old minus the 112 years Nate was in the time stream means that the current Damian is…19?! Well, that isn’t right at all. Someone didn’t do their math right, and I am not pleased.

Well, that was this week in comics. Have a happy Thanksgiving, for those in America, and remember, next week new comics come out on Thursday. I’ll think up something neat to post on Wednesday to make up for it, though. Peace out!


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I know what girls like…comics! Well, we DO.

Big week this time around. Ten books! And we’re pretty lady-heavy, too. Shall we begin?

Is Batman Jesus? I think so.

Batman is DC’s answer to Wolverine. He can’t die. He rarely sustains any sort of crippling injury. And now, he’s felt the power of the White Ring. I think Bruce Wayne has officially ascended to deity status, and we should just let that be. Oh, and what’s this? Boston Brand and Dove? Okay, Fail Train. Good to see you’ve got your priorities in check. Also, Batman remembers Max! His downfall has begun!

I’m not feeling too into Justice League today. I don’t know what it is, I just see the word ‘Omega’ and my brain gets bored. Like, instantly. It’s weird. Anyway, I scanned it, and HOLY CRAP. Claw, you’re gonna dig this. Evil Kara lives again! But…I still don’t want to read the book to see how it happened.

Legion of Superheroes: whatta book. I haven’t enjoyed a creative team like I do Levitz and Cinar in a while. I mean, Paul Levitz is very, very oldschool. You’d think Yildray Cinar’s art wouldn’t fit in with the stories he writes, but by god, it does. Onto the story. Oh, Kirt. Never stop being a dick. You’re so enjoyable as a dick. Ooh, and what’s this? Yeah, the Green Lantern Corps just isn’t going to leave this guy alone, seriously! Also, who is Professor Li? I personally think she’s Ra’s al Ghul in another body. Also, the expressions Brainy can come up with…PRICELESS.

Batman Incorporated: “Kill all Japanese crimefighters!” Wow. That was…unPC. Just a little. Okay, so. Japan. Tentacle porn. Apparently the two go hand in hand. I’m really seriously super-hoping that Batman Incorporated isn’t going to devolve into stereotypes on parade.

The last thing I’d read with Adam Beechen’s name on it was the Batgirl: Redemption mini a couple of years back, so you’ll have to excuse my nervousness. Zatanna went from the hands of a great writer to…Adam ‘Sonova’ Beechen. And y’know what? Man did his research. It was a cute one-shot that once again shows that parental love is undying. Not bad, Beechen, but don’t mean this gets you a pass for Cass Cain.

Some things are just uncalled for. The sight of Ted Kord holding a gun to his own head, as per Kara’s mangled memory, made me cry. Actually cry. Big ol’ tears. And then, two pages later, BAZAM! The JLI now has one of the most powerful people in the universe on its side. I am so happy. So happy.

Holy crap. Supergirl was super-creepy this month but then again, any storyline that prominently features toys that kill will scare the pants off of me. And now…the Dollmaker. What was that noise? Was that a brick? Oookay, next book, please.

At long, long last, the first arc of the new Flash series comes to an end. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Was it worth the wait? Honestly? No. It was a drawn-out story with a cliffhanger for the future, no definite ending, and an overall routine plot. The only truly notable thing about these first six issues was that one time when Barry saved that guy from a helicoptor. That was pretty badass. But that was it. Sorry, Geoff. I think you may want to stick to your magic ring stories.

See, this is what I’m talking about! Larfleeze stealing Flash’s wallet, Flash/Parallax OTP, man, you had Barry Allen on the brain while writing Green Lantern this month, huh Geoff? There is something I’d like to point out, though. In Time Masters, Hal is a douche. In basically any other book by any other writer, Hal Jordan is portrayed as cocky, brash, arrogant, and more than a little bit of a jerk. This isn’t fanfic, Geoff. Hal Jordan isn’t as saintly and compassionate as you make him out to be. He has his moments, though. Speaking of moment, check the Hal/Barry bromance thing going on. I mean, god damn, boys.

Ahh, ending the week on a high note. There is nothing quite like watching two people who normally settle their differences with pretty light shows beating the snot out of each other in the middle of Greenwich Village. Also, if I may just say, Soranik Natu is the hottest female member of the Green Lantern Corps, hands down. I’m pretty sure that, should the Weaponer defeat all the people that come at him, he’s not gonna let her go anytime soon.

And that was this week in comics! I’m starving, how about you? I thought so. Peace out, my lovelies! Until next week!

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Female empowerment week? I think yes.

Oh, what an adventurous week this will be! Ten titles, no Marvel, and the end of a series that, frankly, I really didn’t give half a rip about anyway! Shall we begin?

My boyfriend read The Return of Bruce Wayne before I did and told me not to bother. I…did not listen. But instead of really reading, I just glanced through. It was pretty generic, from what I saw. Lots of mentioning of holes (a little part of me kept cracking ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. I’m so ashamed.), Hal Jordan being a douche, etc. Sorry, Grant. I’m giving this one star, would not read again.

Knight and Squire, on the other hand…it’s like Paul Cornell said to himself, “Hm, how British can I make this series before it becomes too British and people drop it from their pull lists?” I think you’re almost there, honey. I mean, I’m kinda fluent in the utter nonsense (thank you, Louise Rennison) that British writers can come up with, but even now…I think he’s just making stuff up. I’m not dropping the series, though. It just has that perfect mix of action and comedy that keeps me reading.

I think my eyebrow was quirked the entire time I was reading Welcome to Tranquility. I couldn’t help it, I just…god damn, Gail. Tommy and Derek were in love once? I mean, I thought what he had for her was a creepy obsession or something. And Seresa may be parapalegic? Or, if she gives up the ghost, Vengence of the sidewinder spirits? Holy moley. And Tommy was..? Good god, woman, don’t you tease me like this! Augh, cliffhangers, my one true weakness! Next time, Simone, next time..!

So, Emerald Warriors is quickly becoming my favorite incarnation of Green Lantern. Why? Just…read the Guy/overseer interaction in the atmosphere. That’s probably the funniest damn thing I’ve read in weeks. Also, I know how I’m all ‘Blue Corps, yay!’, but the Red Lanterns are really starting to grow on me. Bleez in particular, because she’s just…from all the stuff we know about her, she’s pretty much a Libby with a heart of gold…except she’s technically evil? I dunno. The metaphor derailed itself. End result, Emerald Warriors is awesome, pick it up if you can.

Batgirl, anyone? While Babs shall always be my favorite Bat-lady, Steph gets props for being a strange yet awesome combination of her, Dick, and Tim. She’s a lady that cracks jokes and worked her ass off to get where she wanted to be, and that deserves a bit of respect. See, this is why I’m afraid of colleges, people are always dying of something. Cloaked men chasing a science major and murdering him? Just a normal day on campus, nothing to see here.

Red Robin: Oh, hey, Cass! Where the hell have you been for a year? Also, a little shout out to the Teen of Steel. Apparently his colors aren’t the only thing Tim’s got on him. (“They call me ‘Superboy’..? That’ll be news to Conner…”) Cass turned down the Bat! Okay, I’m kinda psyched about that. Maybe there’s hope in her being the new Nightwing after all… Ha! And Tim gets his own sexy, sexy enemy. His own Catwoman, if you will. Ack, stop with the fruit throwing! Her name is Lynx for pity’s sake! Also, Bathugs! They are certainly the best kind of guy-on-guy hugs to have (just ask Superboy). Oh my, Tim. You’ve certainly learned well at the knee of Dick, you manslut you.

“But I wanted to beat up Nazis!” is probably the greatest excuse in time travel, please excuse the pun, history. So, anyone wondering when General Glory would pop up in comics again? No? Well, too bad, here he is! And…he’s off his rocker in a major way. Y’know, I hope DC chooses to keep Rani around, her interactions with the Carter family are just too adorable for words. “Please don’t call me Boppy.” You know you love it, Rip.

Generation Lost was hella depressing this week. Basic synopsis: because Max Lord is a bastard and Nate is a good soldier, Magog dies and Max’s life is fully restored. What. The fuck. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. Ohh, wait. Max had to kill Magog to stop a war that would decimate the world from happening, I remember now. Y’know, I just had a thought. Would people on other worlds remember Max? Manga Khan, Kyle, who I don’t think was on Earth at the time of the mind wipe (unlike Guy), even Starfire and Adam Strange. Would any of them remember him? I mean, aside from Booster Gold and Power Girl, I don’t think he’s shown up in any books other than this one. Is he a contained subject? Or is the entire universe doomed to forget all about the guy who is kinda aspiring to be Hitler? And before people get up in arms about that comment, think about it. His entire purpose for being evil? Rid the world of superheroes from other planets, or with ridiculous superpowers. He didn’t want to kill Ted, he wanted Ted to join him because they’re both fully human. Except, Max isn’t fully human. He had mind-controlling powers, and then he was a cyborg. That’s another thing that I don’t think was ever explained. How did Max go from being a nonpowered cyborg to being human again? Did he clone himself or something? What’s the deal, DC? Ugh, I’m giving myself a headache, next book.

R.E.B.E.L.S.: The book that goes there. Seriously, I think I may like this series better than any other (set in space) not only because of the writing, but because of the art. Claude St. Aubin and Kevin Sharpe have made Starfire look better than she has in any series since her appearances in The New Teen Titans. And yes, I’m counting the art in the early issues of the Titans book in there, as well as how Ed McGuiness drew her in Superman/Batman. I’ve never been a huge Starfire fan, something that was cemented by the cartoon, but it seems to me like she’s never been more feminist or had more integrity than she does in this series. I’d never expected to describe a woman whose sole reason for living used to be Dick Grayson as a ‘feminist’, but god damn, Kory. Way to go. Also, and this is a major SPOILER ALERT, last page, are those a bunch of tanks of Czarnians?! Holy shit.

God damn, Gail. I know I’m taking the lord’s name in vain an awful lot this week, but can you blame me? Huntress vs Shiva, and Helena is still alive? The art kinda threw me for a bit of a loop, in that it wasn’t the best. Kind of like a watered-down version of something Francis Manapul would draw with his unnatural hand. But good god on the mountaintop, can Lee and Melo do a fight scene. It was that alone that redeemed the art for me. Gail, I’d gush more, but I honestly can’t think of anything that I haven’t said a hundred times before. You’re an earthbound angel, lady.

Well, that was my week in comics. For anyone who cares to check it out, I’ve started a weekly thread in the Comics board on Gaia Online’s forums called The Appeal of Fandom, which flows a lot like this here blog. Only, instead of being a breakdown of books, I examine popular things within comic fandom. It’s all pretty simple, but fun! I’m actually going to go check in on it now, see y’all next week!

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That’s really super, Superboy

Eight books today, y’all. And the balance of power is restored to my wallet…not. I’ve got so many held books, I could make a house out of them. A series ends today. A series begins today. Sigh, let’s get this party started.

The fail train is particularly epic this week. An issue focused completely on the two most boring lovers in comics, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, with a guest appearance by Resurrection Man in the last two pages. Oh, and guess what? Bruce is about to ascend even higher up the food chain, as Boston is going to try transferring the power of the white ring to him. DC, listen up. The reason we’ve liked Batman all these years is because he’s just a mortal man with some really badass toys. I know that y’all are really into the rainbow Lantern brigade these days, but keep Batman out of it.

A classic tale retold: the death of Lightning Lad! I shouldn’t be as excited about that as I am, but I swear to god, this was one of my favorite Legion stories as a kid. No, I never saw the original issue, but I read the issue in a reprinted volume from the library. And I loved it. This issue is focusing on the events prior to and directly after Garth’s death, from Imra’s point of view. Also, we get an appearance of Mon-El! Whee! Ray Palmer, I don’t care for your adventures, good day. I said good day!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Bruce Wayne, bitches! Okay, this issue of Batman and Robin is essentially a lead-in to the new Batman: Incorporated series, and that’s alright. And is it just me, or is the BI emblem reminiscent of the old Batman movie emblem? As my boyfriend is so fond of saying, “Batman is just handing out cowls to anyone these days, huh?” In that vein of thinking, Jason Todd, crazy!Bats should be making a return any day, by the grace of Grant.

I don’t want to read the third issue of the new Namor series. I just don’t. I love Namor with the white hot power of a hundred suns, but even I can’t justify underwater vampires. So I’m not gonna read it. Screw you, Marvel, I’m done.

What’s better than Cyclone? Two Cyclones! And what’s better than two Cyclones? Three Cyclones! Oh, time travel, never stop being awesome and confusing at the same time. In the rest of the issue, the rest of the JSA: All-Stars are off in space for some reason fighting something. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Gail Simone never fails to astound me. She’s writing two different Secret Six teams within the same book, set in a place akin to the Savage Land, with a subplot involving Spy Smasher and Amanda Waller. There are so many things going on in this book, I feel like I should be confused, except everything fits together so well, I honestly can’t see how I would be. I never realized how much I liked Jeanette’s banshee form until I saw it for the second time. And Bane…he’s gone from walking steroid to MVP of the series, way to go. When I grow up, I think I want you be Gail Simone.

Red Hood: The Lost Days ends this month, with a bang. Literally. So, Jason and Talia have done it. Thanks, Judd, that was something I never wanted to know. But yeah, this was a pretty good end to a decent series, hopefully Jason will be in more books. I’ll be sad if this is the last thing we see him in for awhile.

I’ve been waiting for the new Superboy series since it was first announced at SDCC. Kon-El has always been one of my favorite characters just because of one thing: he’s shown that he’s capable of personal growth. When he first showed up on the scene, he was this little douche that had little more to his personality than punching things, flirting with girls, and insulting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Since his first appearance over a decade ago, he’s become one of the most popular young heroes in the DCU. And now, with a second series beginning, well, I can only assume his populariy is on the rise. I forsee this book to be about Kon defining himself as not just a hero, but as a person. And hey, if Tim should happen to guest-star in an issue or two, that’ll be just swell.

So, that was my week in comics. See you here next week, I hope. Plans for the Flickr are being set in motion, should come about by the weekend. Yes, it takes me that long. My picture folders haven’t been sorted through in awhile. Until next time, remember to spay and neuter your children. Peace!

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Updates to come

I’m planning on starting a Flickr account for the blog. I’ll be uploading interesting cosplay pics I’ve found, funny/suspect comic panels (expect a ton of Blue Beetle), and pictures from conventions, hopefully of people holding my lovely The ToG Blog sign that can be seen on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting it. I’m not much of a social network kind of person, and since I can no longer tweet from my phone (I’ll be needing to upgrade to a $45 plan from Metro once I get a job), I’ve been neglecting Twitter, too.
Flickr, however, will probably overflow with content. My “nerdy stuff I took pictures of just because” folder on my computer is full to bursting, and I’m always adding more. Once I set it up and start posting content, I’ll link y’all there.

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