That’s really super, Superboy

Eight books today, y’all. And the balance of power is restored to my wallet…not. I’ve got so many held books, I could make a house out of them. A series ends today. A series begins today. Sigh, let’s get this party started.

The fail train is particularly epic this week. An issue focused completely on the two most boring lovers in comics, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, with a guest appearance by Resurrection Man in the last two pages. Oh, and guess what? Bruce is about to ascend even higher up the food chain, as Boston is going to try transferring the power of the white ring to him. DC, listen up. The reason we’ve liked Batman all these years is because he’s just a mortal man with some really badass toys. I know that y’all are really into the rainbow Lantern brigade these days, but keep Batman out of it.

A classic tale retold: the death of Lightning Lad! I shouldn’t be as excited about that as I am, but I swear to god, this was one of my favorite Legion stories as a kid. No, I never saw the original issue, but I read the issue in a reprinted volume from the library. And I loved it. This issue is focusing on the events prior to and directly after Garth’s death, from Imra’s point of view. Also, we get an appearance of Mon-El! Whee! Ray Palmer, I don’t care for your adventures, good day. I said good day!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Bruce Wayne, bitches! Okay, this issue of Batman and Robin is essentially a lead-in to the new Batman: Incorporated series, and that’s alright. And is it just me, or is the BI emblem reminiscent of the old Batman movie emblem? As my boyfriend is so fond of saying, “Batman is just handing out cowls to anyone these days, huh?” In that vein of thinking, Jason Todd, crazy!Bats should be making a return any day, by the grace of Grant.

I don’t want to read the third issue of the new Namor series. I just don’t. I love Namor with the white hot power of a hundred suns, but even I can’t justify underwater vampires. So I’m not gonna read it. Screw you, Marvel, I’m done.

What’s better than Cyclone? Two Cyclones! And what’s better than two Cyclones? Three Cyclones! Oh, time travel, never stop being awesome and confusing at the same time. In the rest of the issue, the rest of the JSA: All-Stars are off in space for some reason fighting something. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Gail Simone never fails to astound me. She’s writing two different Secret Six teams within the same book, set in a place akin to the Savage Land, with a subplot involving Spy Smasher and Amanda Waller. There are so many things going on in this book, I feel like I should be confused, except everything fits together so well, I honestly can’t see how I would be. I never realized how much I liked Jeanette’s banshee form until I saw it for the second time. And Bane…he’s gone from walking steroid to MVP of the series, way to go. When I grow up, I think I want you be Gail Simone.

Red Hood: The Lost Days ends this month, with a bang. Literally. So, Jason and Talia have done it. Thanks, Judd, that was something I never wanted to know. But yeah, this was a pretty good end to a decent series, hopefully Jason will be in more books. I’ll be sad if this is the last thing we see him in for awhile.

I’ve been waiting for the new Superboy series since it was first announced at SDCC. Kon-El has always been one of my favorite characters just because of one thing: he’s shown that he’s capable of personal growth. When he first showed up on the scene, he was this little douche that had little more to his personality than punching things, flirting with girls, and insulting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Since his first appearance over a decade ago, he’s become one of the most popular young heroes in the DCU. And now, with a second series beginning, well, I can only assume his populariy is on the rise. I forsee this book to be about Kon defining himself as not just a hero, but as a person. And hey, if Tim should happen to guest-star in an issue or two, that’ll be just swell.

So, that was my week in comics. See you here next week, I hope. Plans for the Flickr are being set in motion, should come about by the weekend. Yes, it takes me that long. My picture folders haven’t been sorted through in awhile. Until next time, remember to spay and neuter your children. Peace!


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