Oh the weather outside is frightful…no, seriously, I’m freezing

Happy Wednesday-before-Christmas, everyone! We’ve got eight books to cover, including two one-shots and the answer to the all-important question we’ve waited months for: Who shall lead the Legion of Superheroes?

First up is the long awaited Larfleeze Christmas Special. All I can say is, I’m glad DC already did their usual Holiday Special, because this one-shot, focused on Larfleeze’s hunt for Santa Claus, was ho ho horrible. Try again next year, maybe with a Batwoman Hanukah Adventure.

So, let me ask you something, DC. If you’re trying to uphold the sanctity of death, then why on earth would you reintroduce a character whose only power seems to be coming back from the dead?! Is it because Morrison is writing Batman: Incorporated? I bet it is. You guys let him get away with murder. Long story made incredibly short, Lord Death Man is now spacebound, and Japan has a new Batman. Also, Aquazon from the Super Young Team cameos, hyper-mega! Yeah, i probably shouldn’t do that again.

I’d like to congratulate two people today. Firstly, congratulations to Mon-El for being voted into leader of the Legion of Superheroes. Way to go, pal. Secondly, I’d like to congratulate Querl Dox from Gaia Online for guessing the outcome of the Legion Leader Poll a month or so in advance. Way to be as smart as the person you play, man. Legion was amazingly good this month. I’m really starting to get a feel for the character of Tellus. Having grown up reading the Reboot, I’d never even gotten to meet him until he started showing up in Action Comics a year or two back. In fact, I’m interested in getting to know all the characters that had been left out of the Reboot and Threeboot. Speaking of the Reboot, though, where the hell is XS?! She wasn’t even counted as an active Legion member when the vote for Leader came up! I am not pleased.

What? What? Tim, how would you know that the miniseries in which your father died was called Identity Crisis? Seriously, was that was Bruce classified it as? Why would he even do this? One panel into this Teen Titans one-shot and I’m enraged. This does not bode well. Aw, Eddie’s in this! I’ve missed him. Wait, is Ravager wearing a thong with the Robin symbol on it? Aaaand we’re back to me raging. Wait. Wait. Is Tim about to hit Eddie with a rolled up comic like he’s a bad dog?! Aw, Eddie has concern for Rose. And he really is a good fanboy detective. Wait, since when did Ravager’s costume have heels?! How is it that despite being the same age, if not older than the other people on the team at the time, everyone still treats Eddie like a kid? Of course you wish Kon was there, Cassie. That was the only thing you ever wanted during the OYL storylines. And now that he’s back, you treat him like shit, way to go! Little hearts? Really, Sean Murphy? You think this particular scene called for little hearts?! And then Pandora’s box was opened. Verdict: Teen Titans Cold Case was alright. Yes, it made me rage, but mostly, it was okay. Also, it made me really, really miss Eddie.
(The above is a reaction review, pay it little to no mind, as I was out of mine at the time.)

Green Lantern Corps amuses me. Any comic that has John Stewart blindfolded and bound like a calf at a rodeo is cool by me. We also get to see the extent of the pact between Ganthet, Guy, and Atrocious, and boy is it disgusting. I really haven’t got much to say about this particular comic, but the next one should be pretty awesome. The entire Sinestro Corps versus the Weaponer, now taking all bets. My money is on Natu shooting him before they even get to the surface of Qward, but that’s just me.

So, Zatanna freaked me the hell out this month. I’m not afraid of puppets, per say, but ever since I saw the movie Dead Silence, I’ve been no big fan of those wooden monstrosities. Paul, you are fantastic at setting things up. Fuseli, from the Brother Night storyline, takes Zatanna on a guided tour of one of her most prominent nightmares, at her own request this time. Hm, seems she and Daddy Z were even more similar than she thought. On a lesser note, I’m so in love with Zee’s stage manager now. “Are those real @#$%ing stars?!” Also, I happen to love how Zatanna’s therapist takes the form each of her clients would be most comfortable with. That’s one heck of a skill.

Man, I can’t get over how bad the art in Power Girl is now. I mean, maybe I was a bit spoiled by Amanda Conner, but holy crap, Sami Basri is right up there with Damion Scott on the DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WANT list in terms of art. And the plot, well, I already said my piece about Judd Winick taking away one of the only pieces of happiness in comics I got, so I think I’ll just stand down. I love minor characters. So when I saw the false-killing of Kara’s personal assistant/hacker Nicco, I flipped my shit a little bit. Max’s mind-whammy rears its ugly head yet again to keep people from finding out about him. You smug, glorious bastard. And don’t think I’m not talking about Max, too, Winick.

Generation Lost made me cry. Fire almost dying is not a good thing. Fire and Ice are probably my two favorite female heroes at any given time (sorry, Steph, Dinah, Helena, and Jesse), because aside from Wonder Woman, they were the first female heroes that I ever read about. But yeah, that’s the main plot of this issue: Fire was shot, and is now slowly dying. Except, enter Jaime and his magical ability to find healer mummies. Yeah, I don’t know either. End result: Fire makes a full recovery thanks to the magical healer mummy, and Max kidnaps Jaime. Way to end the year on a happy note, you guys!

And that was this week in comics. I’ve got a killer migraine and an insatiable hunger for microwavable yakisoba, let’s see if I can’t solve both in one fell swoop. Catch you later, fight fans! Peace.


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  1. 1

    hyperion09 said,

    Freezing? I thought you lived near the tropics? Then again, I live in ever-temperate Sydney… *shrugs*

    Speaking of the Reboot, though, where the hell is XS?! She wasn’t even counted as an active Legion member when the vote for Leader came up! I am not pleased.

    Methinks they’re holding her back for Flashpoint.

    • 2

      touchofgrey37 said,

      It’s 43 degrees outside my window, and I’m not happy. I live in the land of supposedly eternal summer, except now, it’s freezing over. The birds that migrated here aren’t pleased.

      Oh, I hope not. That would mean more time travel and a Legion/Flash crossover. Then again, I would totally root for Paul Levitz in a knife fight between him and Geoff Johns, so c’est la vie.

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