Notice: We are now a gambling blog, apparently

Welcome to the first Wedesday of 2011, fanboys and fangirls! We’ve got five books and not a lot of time, mainly because the Heroclix players in my LCS are gradually encroaching on my writing space. Shall we begin?

And what was your new year’s resoluation, fail train? If it was ‘to still suck, storywise, but have vastly improved art’, okay, I guess you’re achieving that. Hi, Carol! Still touting the virtues of love? “My heart will kick your ass!” Seriously, that’s pretty much the Star Sapphires’ motto. This looks like it’s going to be a Hawks/Deadman issue, and I’m cool with that. I like the Deadman storyline, kinda. It’s basically the main storyline of Brightest Day, after all. This week, he’s visiting with his only living relative, his grandfather, who may or may not be the White Lantern. No, really. Look at that last page and tell me what you think.

JSA: All-Stars: Penis jokes still exist in mainstream comics. I don’t know if Tommy is going to keep the handle Wildcat or if he’s going to go by Tomcat now, a name he used to hate but now apparently likes. This bugs me, as I really like Tommy, so the ambiguity is painful. The Big Bad of this new arc seems to be Arthur Pemberton. Wait, Pemberton? As in Sylvester Pemberton, the Star Spangled Kid before Courtney Whitmore? This bears some investigation.

Weird Worlds is…weird. Three seperate stories in one book, two set in space, and one written and drawn by Kevin Maguire. Lobo, Garbageman, and Tanga. Will a book about these three survive a six-issue run? I hope so, I actually found this first issue pretty…good.

I think Adventure Comics may have the capacity to turn into a Mon-El book, which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. I’m alright with a 31st century Green Lantern book, so long as it’s written well. And good lord, is it written well. Paul Levitz plays Lar’s Daxamite strength and invulnerability, as well as his weaknesses, alongside his new Green Lantern ring quite well, and I’m interested in what this ‘Adversary’ blue baby thing is. In other words, a 31st century Green Lantern book could have been handled worse.

So, guess what my favorite book of the week was? Oh man, who’d have thought that a book set in Smallville could be so awesome? This issue, though, was chock full of slashy undertones. First Bart shows up and tells Kon that Tim will be “jealous” of his fight with Poison Ivy, then Kon essentially pulls the jock/nerd breakup with his friend Simon. Wow, boys. But all jokes aside, this issue was pretty cool., what with the introdction of a new hero and Kon being sloppy with his secret identity. Only an issue or two to go before the Superboy/Kid Flash race, place your bets in advance!

Well, that’s all she wrote, folks. And she’s not going to write any more until she gets a midol and some dinner in her, so I guess that means I’m about done here. See you next week, don’t forget to turn out the lights and lock the door when you’re done.

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