Something old, something new, something cleavage’d, and little Blue

Teeny tiny haul this week, friends. Only six books, and one of them is Fail Train. Sigh, okay, let’s get on with it. Go on and give me all you’ve got.

…but, Lorena is supposed to be lost at sea. Just before the new Teen Titans arc started up, Aquagirl and Bombshell disappeared while at sea. They’re lost. At sea. So how the hell is Mera finding Lorena on dry land?! Geoff, you have a boner as wide as the Pacific for continuity, how did you miss this? Back on Zamaron, Hawkgirl commits matricide for love! Please visualize a foofy hand flap to go with that. And Carol basically tells the shippers, “Yeah, me and Hal? Forever in the dance of UST. Just deal with it.” And then there’s sexy time! Or not. White Ring, you are the ultimate cockblocker. Seriously, that was some Shazam level cockblocking you just did. On the scale from annoying kid brother to Shazam, you’ve about passed it. That was cold, Ring. Damn cold.

Okay, I like this Nico guy. I like him a lot. I mean, he’s got a direct line to Batman, not many newbies get that. Oh, and we get a look at how the end of last week’s Generation Lost came to be. Max, I’m really starting to overlook the fact that you’re foxy and hate you again. Must be the Sami Basri art. Also, Cadmus cloned Kryto?! What could the point of that be?

For the record, Bernard Chang? I love you? You draw one hell of a great Supergirl. Aaaand we get to see just how stupid teenage boys are in Metropolis, fantastic. Ooh, and Supergirl ties almost directly into Power Girl. Remember the big cloning experiments? Well, Lois is going to be doing a story about them, aparently. Is this Alex kid a clone of Max? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting. Mind control powers, creating an iPhone app specifically to target and kill superheroes…the splash shot of it in action, by the way, was damn genius. We get to see little Iris running around as Impulse, Static in his old costume, Miss Martian out of her coma somehow…this was a good issue. I’m looking forward to the rest of this arc.

Goddamn, Sinestro. Sinestro is one of those villains that should be used sparingly. Darkseid, over time, lost his edge. He was passed around the DC offices like a bong at a frat party. But even now, especially now, Sinestro makes comic readers quake in their boots. Because when he shows up, you know you’re fucked. And Weaponer, I think you’re pretty fucked. Tyler Kirkham seems to love splash shots, and the one at the end with John and the rest of the Thunderers, holy shit. An overall excellent issue.

I like how the Legion/Adventure series’ interconnect like Legion/Legionnaires did back in the Reboot years. This issue mostly takes place on Durla and- hold on a second! R.J. Brande?! Alive? What is this sorcery?! Oh, right, Durlans. And the true mastermind is possibly Reep’s aunt? Okay, I can dig it.

Apparently, Earth-16 has He-Man. Taking a look around the shot of Wally’s bedroom, I also see a Bat-Mite doll. Oh, and I think the Superboy/Kid Flash/Robin OT3 still stands. Also, I like the little nod to the original Young Justice series with the ‘Forever Sixteen’ store. For those who are new, or simply don’t remember, at one point, Kon El’s DNA was fixed so that he would never grow up, he’d stay sixteen for the rest of his existence. Oh, and here’s another nod to the main DCU! Superboy only picked up a rack of black t-shirts with the Superman symbol. Also, I love how Kon is so totally focused on gaining Superman’s approval. That’s all he wants, his main goal. What a woobie! As much as I love the original Young Justice series, this new one is nothing like it, and I’m just going to have to live with that. I’ll try to see it for its own merits, not just the things I’m used to.

Well, that was this week in comics for me. Seeing as the Heroclix nerds are gearing up to play, I need to abandon my space and get on home. Love you all, and until next week, peace!
Oh, and I finally reread last weeks post. I’m not changing a thing, because this is one of those things I will look back on in the future and fall over laughing.


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