Madness and Rainbows, must be the end of the month

This week, the last week of the month, is actually pretty tiny. Four books, three of which are a single continuing story and will be treated as such. Oh well, it’s still better than having to sit through Fail Train.

Gotham City Sirens is, quite frankly, all over the place. We get POV scenes from Selina, Harley, Black Mask (no, not the dead one)…everyone but Ivy and Batman. Central theme is this: Selina can’t seem to bail on her girls, Dick is a master manipulator, Bruce’s Joker-fixation is only slightly less intense than Harley’s, oh and speaking of whom, Harley has flipped her shit. If you can’t tell from the creepy ass cover, Harley is back to being Joker’s hench-wench with a vengeance. Oh, and remember that doctor she gassed a couple issues back? Turns out Harley isn’t the only doc with an inmate lover. The first Black Mask, Jeremiah Arkham, is going back to his lady love, though it seems their devotion to each other is mutual, unlike the nigh one-sided love between Harley and Joker. End result? This is probably my favorite arc so far. Jam packed with action, mayhem, romance and good old fashioned torture, this is the kind of thing comics should aspire to be.

I’m going to treat the issues of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern Emerald Warriors as one big story…mainly because they are. They’re literally just one story spread out over three issues. And really, with these issues being parts seven, eight, and nine, I hope this means that this War of the Green Lanterns thing is drawing to an end.
First up is Green Lantern. Pff, Guy just barfed a blood cat onto a Guardian. This should’t make me laugh so hard. Ooh, and now we get back to the characters I actually care about. The Book of the Black has imprisoned the other members of the Crayola Calvary in their own memories and goddamn, is Indigo scary when she’s not compassionate. Ohh, I see what’s going on here. Krona is going to turn the four Earthmen into Guardians. Well, that’s just a great idea, isn’t it? Please note my sarcasm.
In Green Lantern Corps, we continue with part eight. Whoa! I did not see that coming! Well, at least it makes sense. In Legion of 3 Worlds, Sodam Yat mentioned how hard it was to find new recruits after they lost Mogo. And then there’s the fact that John is a pretty experienced planet-destroyer, if you think about it. I still say he’s going to be the one to die, though. Unless Mogo was the Lantern they were talking about..? In other news, I love how ineffectually effective Kyle is in this story. It’s just…it’s adorable.
Oh, fuck you Emerald Warriors. Guy doesn’t love the Corps more than anything, he loves Tora. You know it, I know it, shut the hell up. Raar. But hey, at least Kyle got to show off his healing powers, right?

I’m going to get going now, I’ve finally got someone to go see Thor with, so I’m taking advantage of that. See y’all next week, same time, same place!


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