And so we enter the first week of the Flashpointpocalypse…

It’s a ridiculously Flashpoint-filled week. No, really. Four mini-series’ begin, plus the second issue of the main series is on the chopping block today. As for any major crossover event with multiple tie-ins, I enter skeptical and let the books impress me as I read. Do they deserve praise? Only time will tell.

The first mini, Batman: Knight of Vengeance, is kind of a dud. Thomas Wayne runs a casino, and apparently has the Penguin working for him. Oh, and he hates James Gordon, except the commish seems to know he’s Batman. I’m confused. This seems to be a world where Batman kills commonly (Ivy, Hush, Scarecrow, and now Killer Croc are shown to be dead), while carrying the guilt of his dead family around like a weight. So, dad is almost exactly like sonny boy, except for the whole ‘killing’ thing. I see. Whelp, the crazy tree grows strong in the Wayne family. Next!

Secret Seven is an arcana book featuring Shade the Changing Man and Enchantress. Uh, pass.

Sinestro, why do you have a crotch arrow? Whose idea was that in the costume design? Because it wasn’t the best idea. I can’t take you seriously now. Then again, the more things change…it seems Thaal and Abin Sur’s sister Arin were once an item in this universe, too. Perhaps that means Soranik Natu exists? That would be cool. Okay, so, different Corps exist in this world? I mean, the Black Lanterns obviously exist, the White Entity exists, Atrocitus is wearing a uniform of the Red Corps, Abin Sur’s ship was hit by some form of violet energy…but there’s no sign of the Blue or Indigo yet, and since Sinestro is still a Green…okay, this title intrigues me. I’ll pick it up.

So I was a little skeptical about the World of Flashpoint book- until I saw who it was going to be about. A book featuring Traci 13? Yes and more yes! I loved this book. Honestly loved it. It gave a more in-depth look to the way the world works in this new pecking order, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. And then there’s my girl herself. Traci 13 has been a character I’ve adored since she ran around with an iguana calling herself Girl 13 in Action Comics. My love for her strengthened through the Blue Beetle series, and her involvement in the Coven second feature in Teen Titans only confirmed my adoration. She’s an incredible character, this was an interesting first issue, and I’m going to shut up now before my gushing gets annoying. Actually, wait. So, Adeline Kane is alive in this world?! And Slade is too…what about Grant, Joey, and Rose? Where are they? Now I’m done.

Annd Slade is a pirate. Well, this is getting off to a classy start. So this issue is about Barry trying to convince Batman that the world they live in is wrong, which he does, and then try to get his speed back…which he does not. Sorry, but I’m not seeing anything good about this book so far, though the design sketches by Andy Kubert were pretty cool.

Weird Worlds is a prelude to a new ongoing. Fantastic.

I’m not too big a person to admit that the Static Shock Special made me cry. I watched every episode of the Static Shock cartoon, and I have a good chunk of the Static comics, as well as the trade of Rebirth of the Cool. He was an intelligent character that kept me interested in his book and made me laugh, what more could I ask for, right? I have very little right to talk about how Dwayne McDuffie influenced me as a writer, even though he did, because at the time of his death, I refused to accept that he was gone. He was an amazing writer, and an amazing person, not afraid to push boundaries or compromise his integrity. He created amazing things, both characters and team lineups, and crafted stories that made you give a damn. He was an amazing man, is an amazing man, and he will be missed.

Grava annoys me. I usually like the Academy stories, to a degree, but Comet Queen is just…irritating. Ah well, I think next month we’re going to learn more about Glorinth, so that’s nice.

Okay, is it just me, or did Kon and Simon stumble into Limbo Town? Because the zombie farm workers (Grundymen), the witchcraft-based society (Sheeda)…c’mon now. I know I’m just a simple girl from the Blue Rafters, but even I can make a damn connection.

Secret Six is one of those titles that I can’t not like. The hell storyline was disturbing, yes, but it was still quality. And now the aftermath. Liana is safe and Knockout is out of hell, so whom will Scandal choose? Or is this going to turn into an amazing threesome the likes of which DC has never seen? And then there’s Bane’s new girlfriend. Wherever they live has some amazing strippers, if they’re just willing to accept that their mates of choice fucking kill people every now and then.

That was this week in comics, and I actually enjoyed quite a bit of it. Not all of it, no, not with so much Flashpoint invading my senses, but maybe half of it. I’ll see y’all next week.


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