My apologies for the late hour of posting. Or is it early now?

Eleven books this week, what is this, the second week of the month? DC, you’re killing me here.

Abin Sur’s one-shot was actually pretty good. Got to see Amanda Waller back when she, er, had a soul? I dunno how else to put it.

I’m going to address all the Flashpoint books as one again, to save time and space.
Man, Grodd is a total bitch in this. A big baby seeking attention. Fuck this guy. He’s like Superbitch Prime in a gorilla’s body. What oh no he did NOT just kill Catman. Thank god this is just a one-shot. I could not put up with this shit for three issues.
Okay, so, the basic point of Wonder Woman and the Furies is that everyone wants to off Diana, even her own people. She was legitimately in…love? With Arthur. She seemed to have a good bit of affection for him, at least. I wonder how Mera fits into this.
And then there was the Legion of Doom. It’s a Heatwave book. Sweet god in heaven, I’m in a world where there is a Captain Cold book and a Heatwave book running at the same time. Is, is this real life? Is this just fantasy? And it’s actually pretty good. I just love how the jail is located in the Legion of Doom building. Ooh, Cluemaster? Does that mean that Steph exists in this universe? Holy fuck Plastic Man just came out of Cluemaster’s mouth?! Holy shit. Yeah, I’m reading this for as long as it’s coming out because this is crazy awesome.
The Deadman and the Flying Graysons book just totally endears me to Boston Brand’s character. Please, recognize the sarcasm in my tone here. I hated Deadman during Birghtest Day, I never really liked him beforehand, and right now? Fuck, I just want to strangle this dork. He’s a total jerk to Dick, just because Dick wants to perform with his folks instead of going off and performing on his own. Hmm, Doctor Fate and the helmet remember the world before the change, how interesting. I actually want to see how that develops.
I give the Flashpoint books this week a 6 of 10. Legion of Doom and the Wonder Woman book knock it out of the park, while the Grodd and Deadman books kind of fall flat. And now onto our regular programming!

How is this book getting cancelled?! Batgirl is, quite frankly, one of the most consistently entertaining books DC puts out. Damn you, reboot! In this issue, Steph travels to England and teams up with Squire to save the Greenwich Mean (which is, apparently, a magic sword. Okay.), and all of this is a precursor to Steph’s Batman Inc adventure later this month. Oh, Squire, you made my heart turn over. “You are most certainly not a sidekick.” You tell them, girl.

Still not touching this storyline. Nice to see the two-issue Power Girl arc had a happy ending, though.

Kara herself put it best when she said, “First Harvard, now Stanhope.” Sending Supergirl off to college seems to be a staple of her secret identity nowadays, which I find a bit odd. Isn’t she supposed to be, um, sixteen? Or is she the opposite of Tim Drake and aging rapidly? DC, if you’re going to set an age standard on your sidekick characters, make it consistent, would you? Anyway, to the storyline. In this first issue of three, Professor Ivo is stealing genius orphan kids from colleges around the country for…some reason. The plot must be in the next issue. Oh, and of course Kara meets a boy. And since later issue covers show him all Snow White style, he is obviously set to be the arc’s love interest. And since this is Supergirl, he’s either going to die or be evil in the end. I know I side-eye this series pretty hard for being predictable, so I really hope this arc proves me wrong. Supergirl, I want to love you, but you’re just making it so hard.

I only have one thing to say about this Professor Li plot: FINALLY. Fourteen goddamn issues of her randomly showing up, then vanishing again only to show up later to be mysterious. Augh, and of course they cut to the other storyline. Paul, Paul, I’m in actual physical pain over this. Seriously, fuck everything else in this issue, what’s up with Professor Li? Tell me.
…so that’s it? She’s from one of the three worlds, the world of Wisdom, that Saturn Queen and her cronies seek to destroy? Oh, fuck that, worst reveal ever.

Tiny Titans is such a cute book, and this month is focused on my favorite kind of heroes, speedsters! Sorry, but as soon as I saw my Thad on the cover, I knew I had to not only read this issue, but buy it as well. Hopefully the coming Reboot won’t put the kibosh on the Johnny DC titles, because I’d be sad to see Tiny Titans go.

Damnit, Raven, are you still on this?! Okay, lemme back up a bit. This issue of Teen Titans is absolutely saturated with Indian mythologies, and I love it. Kiran is definitely an interesting, compelling character. Anyway, Gar pushes his powers to the limit, I suppose, assuming the form of a great ape, a la the monkey king Hanuman, and breaks the captured Titans out of Rankor’s cages. Can I just say right now that I’m sick of these Subway comic ads making a comic look longer than it actually is? This issue ended on a cliffhanger with Kiran preparing to fight Rankor. Oh, I hope she shows up in the reboot, I’ll miss her if she doesn’t.

I know I’ve been mentioning the reboot a lot, but it’s just because I’m worried. We’re going to lose a lot of characters, and even more are going to change drastically. I’m afraid that by September, I’ll be completely out of touch with my favorite characters. I pride myself on knowing the histories attached to the characters I write about, what’s going to happen when everything changes? Aah, ignore me. I’m just being crazy.

By the way, I apologize for the delay, but I didn’t actually get to my LCS until nearly 9 pm due to car issues. Flay me with your words, loyal readers, I deserve it for breaking deadline. Just…don’t make me lick a doorway, okay? Same place next week, just an earlier time, honest. Peace be with you.


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  1. 1

    Chemist52 said,

    Hahaha! I got the Inertia Tiny Titans issue too…couldn’t resist it! I was standing in the comic store, staring at it, and thinking: “but, if I DON’T get it, I won’t be able to say I have all of Thad’s appearances anymore…”

    Totally bought it 😀

    Not to mention, Blue Beetle’s “All Natural Lemon-Free Lemonade” was just hysterical…!

  2. 2

    Belen said,

    “My apologies for the late hour of posting. Or is it early now?
    The Blog of ToG” ended up being a perfect post.
    If perhaps it possessed alot more photographs
    this would certainly be quite possibly better. Cya -Matthew

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