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How is it I can be so optimistic at the beginning, and spitting fire by the end? Only DC.

Man, I had to do the run-around from hell to get all my comics this week. The place where I normally get my books didn’t have a couple (thank you, Diamond), so I had to go to a different comic shop nearby, get them, then ride back to my LCS to finish the rest of my books. Ah well, at least I got a lot of exercise, right?

As always, the Flashpoint tie-ins will be reviewed in one go.

What to say about Lois Lane and the Resistance. This issue, it’s less Lois Lane and more Resistance, frankly. We get Grifter’s backstory, which, by the way, thank you so much, Flashpoint, for letting us know that Lady Blackhawk, Batwoman, and John Stewart died before the Amazonian/Atlantian war kicked off. That was completely unnecessary, and a kick to the head for the fans of the characters. Speaking of anally violating the people who buy your books, why the fuck did you kill off Hawkgirl again? Was once a year just not enough? Still, it paved the way for new-yet-familiar faces amongst the Furies. Giganta, Cheshire and…is that Cassandra Cain? No, probably Lady Shiva. Anyway, they’re the new kill squad sent to waylay the Resistance, along with Vixen, Artemis, Huntress…other-winged-chick, and…a blue-skinned version of Forager from New Genesis? Whoop, and then there’s a betrayal. Whelp, I think I’ve about read as much as I can stand.
Give Sterling Gates a Kid Flash ongoing. I’ll get a petition going, maybe see if the better off fans would be willing to help pay his salary. Just do this for me. For us all. I haven’t seen Bart this Bartlike since Young Justice ended. Here, he’s not just Impulse in a Kid Flash costume, or a smaller version of Wally. He’s Bart Allen. He’s got a lot of the things that made him such an enjoyable character to read about back when he was Impulse, as well as the signs that he’d grown as a person by putting on the Kid Flash suit. There are a lot of shout-outs to his Impulse persona in this issue. Thinking faster in virtual reality, doing things without thinking them through, even the way he gets hit by the information wave and falls down is reminiscent of the time he watched one of his Scouts die on Apokalips in Young Justice. I really love this mini, and I really, really hope that the ending of it isn’t what they seem to be hinting at, The Death of Kid Flash.
We now return you to your scheduled programming.

If anyone was wondering if Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn was a thing, I think this issue of Gotham City Sirens answers that. Actually, this entire issue was just a set-up for the next one, the final one. Ivy and Harley want to kill Selina. That’s pretty much it. That’s the issue. I’m sort of disappointed.

Kyle Rayner, you are scum. Seriously. I just, what the fuck? The chick he’d seen in Miri Riam’s crystal back in Sins of the Star Sapphires was Jade?! So he has spent at least two years canonwise lying to his girlfriend? She brought his slack ass back to life during Blackest Night! Oh man, no wonder Kyle looked like he’d been hit by a tornado when Jenny came back to life. Oh my god, I’m just so angry right now. I have to read something else before I flare red.

Ahh, nothing like Guy being a badass to calm me down. This issue of Emerald Warriors ends on a bittersweet note, but I’m not going to Tarantino you. The basic premise is this: Something is kidnapping Green Lanterns and destroying outposts. It’s a monster from eons ago (of course) that was recently freed when a chunk of Mogo broke open its prison. And it’s eating Green energy. I’m not sure how to feel about this issue. Yes, Lanterns die, but for the most part, they’re ones I’ve never heard of. All in all, I’d probably give this issue a 3 of 5. Good writing, pacing, and art for a one-shot, but not really much emotional depth. But next issue…Batman?!

Okay. I just. I can’t…
What the fuck just happened?
Superbitch-Prime is somehow back on Earth-One. Bart uses a virtual reality machine he invented to fight, and kill, Inertia over and over. Superboy is flirting with Ravager as he walks out of Cassie’s room with the rest of his stuff. What’s going on here? Seriously, no one is acting like themselves, except maybe Raven, who is bitching about Solstice again. Cut away to a cafe where Gar is, gasp, on a date with a chick without powers or any visibly crippling issues. Then something explodes and we’re probably never going to see her again. She didn’t even get a name. Alright, and here’s where I really take issue. Why did they choose Sun Girl as an opponent for Solstice? Sun Girl is Megan’s big firey foe. She has no connection to Solstice at all. And why is this a ‘new’ Inertia. Who is it? Is it an older Jai from an alternate Earth with dyed hair? Is it a new character we’re going to lose with the Reboot? And what’s with Indigo’s history? No, she wasn’t the reason Donna and Lilith died. That was a Superman robot. She was part of the Outsiders when Superboy shaved his head and went Luthor-induced crazy. And Inertia didn’t kill Bart, he set everything in motion so that the Rogues could kill Bart. He didn’t deliver the final blow. What is the point of this entire arc?! Is there even a point? Is this just going to be three issues of mind-fucks and fight scenes? I’m just…I can’t right now. I’m so angry. I am spitting with rage. I need to go take a swing at someone.

That was this week in comics. I wasn’t joking about getting into a fist fight. I’m going to go punch the hell out of some boxes. At least I can’t injure them. See you all next week.


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The girls are back! For another month or so!

Nine books this time around, geez. I think my wallet may actually be looking forward to the September Reboot. Oh, and speaking of which, be sure to pick up the FREE Reboot primer from your LCS this week! Get the skinny on the new 52, and see a sneak peek of the new Justice League! And then promptly come online and start bitching about it.

As always, Flashpoint is going to be one massive paragraph. Hold onto your hippogriffs, folks.
Wonder Woman and the Furies is one of those titles that just makes me sad. Deception across the board, war-mongering…it’s just a book I won’t buy on principle.
So, in no universe is Dick Grayson allowed to have parents. I get it, I get it. Deadman is still a douche, Count Vertigo is a good guy, hmph. If this issue ends with Dick putting on that fucking helmet, I’m going to vomit at the predictability of it all. Oh. Oh my. Holy balls. Okay, there are things I love about Flashpoint, and things I hate about Flashpoint. And Kory’s design? That’s one for the LOVE side. The costume looks impractical as hell, but I’ve always been a sucker for things that couldn’t possibly exist in real life. And her gauntlets. And her HAIR. God, I bet it’s all just painted on.
Legion of Doom is fun. It’s a villain book, plain and simple. There are familiar faces, but no real good guys. There is gruesome death, bloody executions between inmates in plain sight. And it starts Mick Rory, Heat Wave. You can bet your bottom dollar that I enjoy this book. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I do recommend it.
We now return you to your scheduled programming.

Wasn’t too fond of this month’s issue of Zatanna. Oh, no wonder, Paul Dini wasn’t writing. No offense to you, Derek Fridolfs, but Paul kinda has me spoiled when it comes to the Mistress of Magic. And when you make your one-shot issue about witch hunters and assassination attempts, well, at least the art was good. And apparently, Zee is a Doctor Who fan. Did any of you catch that scarf?

I’m only reading Legion of Superheroes for Yildiray Cinar’s art. I’m sorry, Paul Levitz, but this bad habit you have of turning an entire issue into a fight scene is just grating on me. Still, ooh, look at all the pretty, pretty ladies and gents.

So last time on Supergirl, Kara went to school to solve a mystery (again). This time, she’s compromised her secret identity after a fellow student gets kidnapped (again). And the villain of this arc, fresh off his spot in Power Girl, is , yes, Professor Ivo. The art is alright, the writing is engaging, so why do I keep feeling like I’ve read this story before?

This month’s Power Girl is so obviously for the fans. The female fans, at least. Every comic girl dreams of being a superhero at least once in her life and in this issue, a few girls actually get to live the dream. I’d like to think that superhero conventions where real superheroes show up happen in the DCU. Superman and Superboy probably love going to those things. I’m going to miss this book, it had a good run.

I’ve got a series of complaints to lodge with the two-shot War of the Green Lanterns epilogue. First off, this art is terrible. Everyone has foot-face syndrome. Okay, with that bit of bitchery out of the way, I’m just going to come right out and say it. What the fuck, you guys? No, seriously, what the fuck? The Guardians going all nuts over Hal being able to kill Krona, not immediately stripping Sinestro of his ring, Kilowog quitting…what’s going on here? And then there’s the only really good scene in the issue, the scene where Saint Walker constructs a glowing blue Sayd for Ganthet as he heals himself subconciously. That was really sweet, and will hopefully lead to a reunion.

To call Gates of Gotham an intriguing book is an understatement. It’s a mystery steepled in the history of Gotham City itself. The four families of old Gotham, Wayne, Elliot, Cobblepot, and Kane, are as deeply engrained into the Batman mythos as they are in the memories of the readers. This issue, we learn of the tragedies of years past, and how they fit into the present. It’s mostly talk with very little heavy action, but it’s good nonetheless.

That’s this week in comics, and about the end of my battery life. I’ve got an appointment with the latest Harry Potter movie, again, so this is where I take my leave. Hope to see you all again next week, same place, vaguely the same time.

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I’m happy with this week’s haul. This worries me.

It’s that time again! Sorry to sound like an awful children’s program, but I’m a little excited about this weeks lineup. Hopefully, some of my excitement is rubbing off on you, and you decide to read onward.

As always, Flashpoint minis and tie-ins will be reviewed in one block.

I’m not sure how much I enjoy Emperor Aquaman. I mean, it’s an Aquaman book, that should speak for itself. I just don’t care for the guy. But lately, it’s like the universe has been trying to force me to like him. Killing off Garth, elevating Mera to new levels of kickass…it’s honestly getting hard to be able to say, “Fuck everyone that lives below the ocean, land is where the cool people live.” And don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some things about this title that make me rage (Tara Markov and Helena Bertinelli are both Female Furies that serve Wonder Woman?! England is essentially a male concentration camp?!), but it’s just, it’s not bad. I feel so conflicted.
It seems to be ‘everyone try and take over the Ravager’ day in the Deathstroke book. Not a great issue, truth be told. There was a big deal made over Slade getting his crew mostly killed, but no big reason as to why we should care. Good first issue, not so good second, the third better be awesome.
I like the Citizen Cold book quite a bit. Lots of cameos from Flash history. For instance, anyone else remember Chunk, the scientist with the black hole in his body? How about Fallout, who powered Iron Heights for a time during the reign of Warden Wolfe? The one thing that really irked me about this issue, and this is a spoiler, is that apparently, yeah, Wally West is dead in this universe. If Flashpoint is supposed to be a gateway to the new 52 come September, does that mean that he’s going to cease to exist? Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the biggest fan of Wally West but let’s face it, he was always the more compelling Flash.
Fuck the United States government in this world. Fuck it extremely hard in the ear until its collective brain turns to oatmeal. That’s all I have to say about this issue of Booster Gold. I just, I can’t even right now. I can’t.
We now return you to your scheduled programming.

Oh wow. Oh wow. It’s like my eyes and brain had sex with this comic, because holy god. Long, spoiler-filled story short, Hal Jordan isn’t a Green Lantern anymore. Sinestro is. And I, I think I’m going to cry because oh my god were the circumstances just amazing and-
Okay, Geoff. You win. I’ll read a monthly Sinestro book, no problem. You win.
Meanwhile, in Green Lantern Corps…John Stewart killed Mogo. This is the second planet he’s destroyed. Are we focusing on this? Nope, he and a rookie are going to go on a mission to stop war on the planet, get this, Vorrin-Tog. Yup, I’ve got my own planet. Anyway, I like this issue. Green Lantern Corps is supposed to be about Lanterns other than the ones from Sector 2814, and this Qurina character seems interesting. I hope they keep her around.

Batgirl is a consistently good title. Pretty much every issue is worth the cover price, if not more. But what do you get when you have one Batgirl versus five people in super suits? The beginning of an epic team-up. Stargirl, Miss Martian, Bombshell, and Supergirl guest star as what I’ve dubbed ‘team kickassia’. But what I didn’t see coming, for once, was the last page. Someone hired the Reapers to off a guy. The guy? Daddy Brown, of course! As someone who always wanted to see Cluemaster pulled apart by trains, I’m actually pleased by this ending, and where it could go from here.

Red Robin was the second book this week to make me close the book with a resounding ‘What?!’. Okay, so, Cass is still a good guy, Tim wears pints of his own blood on his back, there’s a kid that can fight better, and faster, than Cass, Tam was in love with Tim’s masked identity, and Tim killed Captain Boomerang? That’s one run-on sentence full of WHAT.

I love legacy heroes, and flashback issues. Guess what Birds of Prey is doing this month? It’s time for a trip back to post-War times with Lady Blackhawk and the original Phantom Lady, Sandra Knight, featuring a cameo by the first Dinah Lance. And of course, it’s an arc featuring Nazis. Nazis, to comics, are like the ultimate Earthbound evil, am I right? Anyway, it’s a great issue, though it’s not penned by Gail Simone, but with a cover, and interior art, by Billy Tucci, I don’t care. Can this be the new artist for BoP? Please?

I know I’ve said this before, but I adore Solstice. She’s a nice, normal girl…who happens to have superpowers. She’s a good balance to those angst-buckets who call themselves Teen Titans. Once again, Raven is being a mope. Seriously, what is with this chick? Always spoiling a good time. [Please take note: I’m taking the mick out of Raven because I can; I don’t actually bear any ill will towards the character.] And look, Tim is showing humility! Is it Christmas already?! All joking aside, this was a fantastic issue. I’m looking forward to the relationships that will be established between Solstice and the rest of the Teen Titans…until September, when she’ll be wiped out of existence.

That was this week in comics! I’ve got a bit of a ride ahead of me, so I’ve got to get going now. But I’ll be here again next week, same time, same place. Ta!

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It’s a good week to be a Jason Todd fan

Seven books this week, guys and dolls! And since I’ve cut a great deal of Flashpoint out of my life, only two minis and the main aside from my regular lineup. Oh, and something about the finale of the Red Hood arc in Batman and Robin..? Let’s begin.

As always, Flashpoint is going to be one big review.
In the main book, oh, what a surprise. Barry’s alive. Yaaay. Oh, yeah, and Victor, despite being the #1 heroic figure in the country, is no longer sanctioned to actually try to save the world. Whaaat the fuck. Back on the Flash side of things, Barry manages to convince Thomas to get him back up to the roof and, of course, the second lightning bolt manages to restore his speed. And then he…sews a new costume. Oh look, we’re getting into a round of Comic Book Science! Blah blah blah Speed Force, blah blah NegaForce (Sailor Zoom?). Now we’re back to Barry talking about the old Earth, being a shipper, looking for Superman yatata yatata…I swear, I am so bored reading this book. So Barry and Thomas have enlisted Cyborg to break into…Cadmus? Maybe. And- wait. What.
Is, is that the skeleton of Krypto?! What the fuck, Flashpoint?!
I have a prediction. They’re letting ‘Subject 1’ out into daylight for the first time. He wasn’t raised by the Kents. He wasn’t raised by anyone. I, I don’t think Superman is going to be a good guy.
Orrr he could turn bitch and run. Superman, everybody!
In the second issue of the Abin Sur mini, we start with a flashback from Sinestro’s training days, and how he met Abin Sur’s sister. Huh, this training sequence looks familiar. Didn’t we just see it in Thaal’s fist spar against Hal in the Green Lantern movie? I see what you did there, comic. Oh, I love how the U.S. government is always villainized as controlling of the things they don’t understand. Mainly because, well, it’s true. But yes. And now Abin works for the government! Man, Sinestro is forever the bad guy, isn’t he? Is that how this works? Sinestro = power hungry bad guy, no matter the universe? Because frankly, that sucks.
It’s teleport time in World of Flashpoint! After Madame Xanadu dies (?!) in Traci’s arms, she is sent off to find people to make a team. First up is the corpse of T.O. Morrow, next is Natasha Irons, who seems to have an arm made of (I assume) Steel, who is fighting Nazis in Brazil. Way to stereotype, comic! Then she finds Gar Logan, almost completely animalistic (who remembers Future Gar from Teen Titans? Rex Ogle does!), but she leaves him to protect Africa, to a degree. Well, at least we know that Guy Gardner is still okay. He’s in Australia, running a bar, and that’s where Traci goes next. I’m sensing a trend here. If the end moral is that Traci has to fight her battles alone, I’m going to be both torqued and pleased. It’s always nice to have an empowering female character, but teasing readers with the chance for a Natasha-Gar-Traci-Guy team is just cruel.
I am expecting so much fanfic to come out of this. Please. Please. I love that this is a thing now, can you tell? Oh and by the way, I was right. I also love it when I’m right.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled comics.

In Adventure Comics, boobies! No, seriously. Lydda, you have an owl on your chest, why did you need a boob window? Because the leftover pieces of owl look like nipples. Bad fashion choices in the 31st century! I know most of this issue seems to be of the Academy students bitching about not getting into the Legion, but I can’t stop laughing at Lydda. Apparently, her boob window costume was ceremonial or something, because in her battle costume, while the window is still sort of there, the owl’s eye holes are also windows! Oh god, look at your choices, Lydda.

Okay, so I was wrong. The city under the Earth isn’t Limbo Town, but the even more ridiculously named town of Hollowville. Which is full of zombies. Okay. And once again, I was right about something. This is starting to get sad. Stop being so predictable, comics. But yes, Psionic Lad was sent back in time to kill Simon, who will apparently go evil some time in the future. And then the comic takes a turn for the weird when Parasite attacks Psionic Lad…somehow, the sorcerer from when Smallville was founded attacks Superboy, and the Phantom Stranger has been captive down below for a while, which means the guy with Superboy is…someone else? Comic, make a little sense, please? Please?

The Secret Six is up to eight members now, and I think they’re miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m entertained, but the characters themselves…after being released from hell, Knockout is a broken Fury. She doesn’t want anything, even her former beloved. Bane is itching to fight, as is Catman, but they don’t want to settle for each other. Ragdoll is…oddly quiet. Scandal worries for her love. Jeanette and Deadshot bang. A lot. And King Shark, well, he’s a shark. Seriously, between his introduction into the series and this issue, King Shark seems to have undergone a lobotomy. But onto the focus of the issue. Bane wants to break the Bat by breaking his children (shippers please note, Thomas called a hands-off on Huntress). They’re recruiting his villains against him. And you know what? I’m looking forward to the outcome.

Batman and Robin #25 is everything I want in life. No, I mean it. It’s drawn well, written well (Winiiiiick?), Jason is both bantery and naked in the span of only a few pages, and it ends with, well, a bittersweet happy ending. This was a great end to a good arc. Winick, I consider this your apology for Generation Lost.

And that was this week in comics! If you’re not yet following me on Tumblr, my screenname is touchofgrey37. Spamming your dash daily with Jason Todd and fandom things. Wait, that was me giving y’all a good reason not to follow me. Anyway, my laptop is about to crap out, so I think I’ll have to end this. See y’all next week!

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A quick rundown of the Flashpoint minis

And by rundown, I mean number rating out of 5. Frankly, I’m only going to read the ones that scored higher than 2, just to save myself a lot of time and rage.

Whatever Happened to Gotham City?

Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance – 1 of 5. It just didn’t grab me. To be fair, most Batman-centric books don’t.
Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons – 2 of 5. It’s more of a Deadman title (whose Flashpoint name should, frankly, be Doucheman), though what we see of Dick and his interractions with his parents is just precious.

Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold – 4 of 5. It’s a Captain Cold book. Captain Cold, you guys. Written and drawn by Scott Kolins. Need I say more?
Flashpoint: Deathstroke & the Curse of the Ravager – 3 of 5. It’s got a nice look to it, and the writing is decent, but it’s a book where Slade actually cares about Rose in a way that isn’t self-serving, and that just isn’t true to his character.
Flashpoint: Legion of Doom – 3 of 5. Yes, it’s a Heat Wave book. Yes, it had Cluemaster (meaning Steph could possibly exist in this universe?) and Plastic Man at the end. But I don’t know if it can hold up over three issues.
Flashpoint: The Outsider – 1 of 5. No. Just…no. Nothing really interesting about this book, nothing redeeming. I can live without it.

Whatever Happened to the Aliens?

Flashpoint: Abin Sur – The Green Lantern – 3 of 5. For too long, Abin Sur has been regarded as ‘that dying purple guy that gave Hal Jordan a ring’. It’s good to see him in a bit of a starring role for once, though I’m fairly sure he’s going to die at the end of his mini.
Flashpoint: Project: Superman – 1 of 5. Pass. Just, pass. It’s like a Captain America origin story with aliens instead of science.

Whatever Happened to Science & Magic?

Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown – 1 of 5. Again, pass. The ‘go to sleep in this year, wake up in this year’ is as reminiscent of a Captain America/Winter Soldier story as Project Superman.
Flashpoint: Secret Seven – 1 of 5. Couldn’t even finish the first issue. Sorry, but pass.

Whatever Happened to Europe?

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman – 2 of 5. Seeing as the Aquaman/Wonder Woman storyline is a big, big part of Flashpoint, it’s good to see how it all started, and where it’s going.
Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies – 2 of 5. See above.
Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance – 3 of 5. While I didn’t like the whole ‘kill of Jimmy Olsen in order to bring Lois Lane into the Resistance’ move, the book itself is alright. Um, until that last page. Pouches? Pouches. Pouches!

Everything You Know Will Change in a Flash

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost – 5 of 5. Bless this book. Written and drawn well, good story, the chance that Jenni will be making an appearance…oh yes, this book has done well.
Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint – 5 of 5. Okay, it’s a Traci 13 book and will probably have more cameos by affluental magic users. This should be a thing forever.

He Never Got the Ring

Flashpoint: Hal Jordan – 1 of 5. Damnit, Flashpoint! You spoiled the ending of Abin Sur’s mini. Pass.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours? (comic reviews to follow shortly)

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