The girls are back! For another month or so!

Nine books this time around, geez. I think my wallet may actually be looking forward to the September Reboot. Oh, and speaking of which, be sure to pick up the FREE Reboot primer from your LCS this week! Get the skinny on the new 52, and see a sneak peek of the new Justice League! And then promptly come online and start bitching about it.

As always, Flashpoint is going to be one massive paragraph. Hold onto your hippogriffs, folks.
Wonder Woman and the Furies is one of those titles that just makes me sad. Deception across the board, war-mongering…it’s just a book I won’t buy on principle.
So, in no universe is Dick Grayson allowed to have parents. I get it, I get it. Deadman is still a douche, Count Vertigo is a good guy, hmph. If this issue ends with Dick putting on that fucking helmet, I’m going to vomit at the predictability of it all. Oh. Oh my. Holy balls. Okay, there are things I love about Flashpoint, and things I hate about Flashpoint. And Kory’s design? That’s one for the LOVE side. The costume looks impractical as hell, but I’ve always been a sucker for things that couldn’t possibly exist in real life. And her gauntlets. And her HAIR. God, I bet it’s all just painted on.
Legion of Doom is fun. It’s a villain book, plain and simple. There are familiar faces, but no real good guys. There is gruesome death, bloody executions between inmates in plain sight. And it starts Mick Rory, Heat Wave. You can bet your bottom dollar that I enjoy this book. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I do recommend it.
We now return you to your scheduled programming.

Wasn’t too fond of this month’s issue of Zatanna. Oh, no wonder, Paul Dini wasn’t writing. No offense to you, Derek Fridolfs, but Paul kinda has me spoiled when it comes to the Mistress of Magic. And when you make your one-shot issue about witch hunters and assassination attempts, well, at least the art was good. And apparently, Zee is a Doctor Who fan. Did any of you catch that scarf?

I’m only reading Legion of Superheroes for Yildiray Cinar’s art. I’m sorry, Paul Levitz, but this bad habit you have of turning an entire issue into a fight scene is just grating on me. Still, ooh, look at all the pretty, pretty ladies and gents.

So last time on Supergirl, Kara went to school to solve a mystery (again). This time, she’s compromised her secret identity after a fellow student gets kidnapped (again). And the villain of this arc, fresh off his spot in Power Girl, is , yes, Professor Ivo. The art is alright, the writing is engaging, so why do I keep feeling like I’ve read this story before?

This month’s Power Girl is so obviously for the fans. The female fans, at least. Every comic girl dreams of being a superhero at least once in her life and in this issue, a few girls actually get to live the dream. I’d like to think that superhero conventions where real superheroes show up happen in the DCU. Superman and Superboy probably love going to those things. I’m going to miss this book, it had a good run.

I’ve got a series of complaints to lodge with the two-shot War of the Green Lanterns epilogue. First off, this art is terrible. Everyone has foot-face syndrome. Okay, with that bit of bitchery out of the way, I’m just going to come right out and say it. What the fuck, you guys? No, seriously, what the fuck? The Guardians going all nuts over Hal being able to kill Krona, not immediately stripping Sinestro of his ring, Kilowog quitting…what’s going on here? And then there’s the only really good scene in the issue, the scene where Saint Walker constructs a glowing blue Sayd for Ganthet as he heals himself subconciously. That was really sweet, and will hopefully lead to a reunion.

To call Gates of Gotham an intriguing book is an understatement. It’s a mystery steepled in the history of Gotham City itself. The four families of old Gotham, Wayne, Elliot, Cobblepot, and Kane, are as deeply engrained into the Batman mythos as they are in the memories of the readers. This issue, we learn of the tragedies of years past, and how they fit into the present. It’s mostly talk with very little heavy action, but it’s good nonetheless.

That’s this week in comics, and about the end of my battery life. I’ve got an appointment with the latest Harry Potter movie, again, so this is where I take my leave. Hope to see you all again next week, same place, vaguely the same time.

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