We’re number 2! We’re number 2!

So begins the second month of the reboot. Oh, and look! Our first mini since the reboot began, and it’s dealing with our favorite Mafia princess, Huntress. I have six books to address this week, may as well get started.

You know what? Hawk and Dove was so spectacularly terrible this month, I’m not even going to address it. Congrats, series. You are officially off my radar forever and for always.

How can a series with such beautiful art be so badly written? Huntress is being portrayed as a lot more bloodthirsty this time around, but that’s not really what bugs me. Paul Levitz just…is not that good a writer. He had his time, it passed, and now he is on far too many books for his own good. Marcus To, however, is right on the level. His expressions and action lines are flawless, and I’m so glad to see that he chose to put Helena back in her cross uniform, that was always one of my favorites. Story-wise, this book is a pass. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Red Lanterns is probably my favorite of the Lantern books out right now, if only because Atrocitus is looking at his life and going, “What am I doing?”, a question that many people are asking right now. Unsatisfied with his current level of rage, Atrocitus decides to become some kind of crimson avenger to those who have lost loved ones, and are, themselves, full of rage. Though the cover is a total fake-out. Spoiler alert: the kid doesn’t join the Corps. Which is actually a real pity, she’s so cute, she could have been their mascot or something.

This book isn’t the JLI, it’s the Fang and Gavril show. Even when falling to his possible doom, August General in Iron takes potshots at Rocket Red. I just want to pinch their ridiculous iron faces. And while they decided to turn tail because a member of their party was injured, it was still nice to see that, yes, Guy and Ice are still together. Well, that theory just got shot in the ass. Damn it, Jurgens. What are you even doing? Why are you using Ice’s Generation Lost personality?! Are you going to use that backstory, too? Ugh. Hey, look! Booster has a backbone! And…AG and Batman are happy to follow him?! Oh, my heart. Can I just say one thing and not be judged? I don’t like Godiva. She’s seriously the worst example of a man trying to write a ‘sexy’ woman, and failing. Badly. Holy shit please tell me that’s Manga Khan’s redesign. Okay, hi, I am officially on board with this book. C’mon next issue!

The second issue of Static Shock answers a couple of questions, but raises a few more. Why is Static fighting the evil Power Rangers? Who is the Joker-like figure talking to Piranha? On the up side, we learn that Sharon has a…clone? Doppleganger? Well, whatever it is she has, it either thinks it is her or wants to be her, and refuses to give up the rights to her life. Aside from the questions both asked and answered, this issue also introduces us to a completely unnecessary checking-out scene in which we meet what may be Virgil’s series love interest. I know it was drawn through the eyes of teenagers, but random cleavage really wasn’t needed, okay? Overall, though, a good issue. I’m digging this series so far.

Animal Man is going to be our ‘what the fuck?!’ series, I see that now. Maxine Baker is turning into a horror movie child, the kind that is so young, yet so much more knowledgeable of the situation at hand than the adults are. And while the art is…actually really fucked up looking at times(the hippos…the hippos…), the faces of the Baker family are all very expressive and powerful. Traveling through the ‘life web’ to the ‘red place’ is the main focus of this issue, once Maxine and Buddy leave home, but I’m more interested in the villains. What are they? Where did they come from? No, seriously, what the fuck are they? Buddy saw them in his nightmare last issue, and obviously the hippos birthed them this issue, and then they took on the forms of the zookeepers they killed…but what are they? Hopefully, the next issue will shed some light on them.

That was this week in comics. Just a warning: Second issues are being snapped up as quickly as the first. If you want to get yours right away, try either calling your LCS to reserve them before they come in, or go pick them up yourselves as quickly as possible. I’m Touch of Grey, and there is some pasta on the stove that needs my assistance.


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