My Legion name would probably be Cries-About-Superheroes Lass

A fairly small week, but then again, it’s the end of the month. Five books, plus the things I forgot to say about Justice League last week.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read Justice League issue #2 until about ten minutes ago. The first issue, while not entirely disappointing, just didn’t hook me enough to make me want to read the second. Then, while at the Tate’s tent sale this weekend, someone said something to me that changed my entire attitude: “I think they’re trying to make Flash and Green Lantern to be like, the new Blue and Gold.” Wait, what? There’s going to be snark in this ocean of manliness and grimacing? Sign me up! Well, I read the second issue, and I’m still not impressed. Hal is still an idiot, Batman is essentially useless because no one will let him be smart, Superman is…I want to say big and stupid, but he comes off more as simple, rather than all-out idiot. I mean, Batman pointed out the lack of mask/lack of identity thing pretty quickly. As for the snark, it’s there, but it reminds me more of the interaction between Kyle and Wally than Ted and Booster. Also, Jim Lee draws a beautiful Flash. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say otherwise, he’s just fantastic. Supposedly Wonder Woman appears next issue, not to mention the first appearance of Cyborg, rather than Vic Stone, so I’ll keep reading. Oh god, speaking of the Stones, his fucking dad. I swear, I just wanted to slap that guy. Father of the year, much?

The second issue of Justice League Dark is…well, it’s a magic book. What more can I say. It’s odd, to the point of almost nonsensical bizarreness, but I like it anyway. The meat of this issue focuses on Dove and Deadman, and their relationship problems. Throughout their story, we also get snatches of John Constantine and Zatanna, both of whom are looking for Enchantress. And Madame Xanadu…well. I won’t spoil it for you, I’ll just say that her role isn’t what it seemed to be.

I’m officially pissed. No, seriously, get my red ring. I was expecting New Guardians to be a Wonder of Kyle book, but Jesus. So not only did he manage to get away from every Lantern Corps member that came after him unscathed, but all of the rings they were after officially “chose” him, and now he’s a rainbow lantern dressed in black. What. I think my least favorite thing about this issue is how you see everyone flying together majestically on the front, but inside, they’re beating the shit out of each other. Oh, and remember Ganthet, the only really cool Guardian? Glad you do, because his fellow Guardians lobotomized the feelings out of him. Classy, DC.

Okay, despite my occasional bouts of “what the fuck are you doing, Paul Levitz?!” in regards to the Legion, I have to say, this Secret Origin series is pretty good. Certainly the best Legion thing put out in a while, at least. The story is even centering around your favorite Legionnaire and mine, Brainiac 5. Can I just say that I love Colu? Every time something new is published in regards to that planet, I can’t read and absorb it fast enough. If any fictional planet deserved more airtime, it would be Colu. Oh, and for those of you planning on buying the issue, guess what? You formally join the Legion! Well, not really, though you do get a plastic copy of the Legion flight ring, and it looks pretty darn cool to boot!

I said “Tim, just stop it” out loud way too many times while reading this issue of Teen Titans. I’m going to be completely honest here: Teen Titans is like my abusive ex-boyfriend. I love this title so much, because of the history I have with it. So much that even when it has terrible issues, ideas, arcs, character interactions, I stay with it. Because I love it so much. So even though Skitter is basically a ringless Bleez, Scott Lobdell ships Cassie/Tim so hard it’s literally painful for me, and Solstice is now a naked shadow-encased monster with breasts almost as big as her head, I can’t stop reading. Teen Titans will treat me right eventually, I know it.

Yeah, it was Geoff Johns. He was the issue. Because so far? The Flash has rocked out loud. Iris is still present, and possibly still interested in Barry, if the number of times she’s hit on him mean anything. Then there’s Patty Spivot and how dang awesome she’s turning out to be. Nothing better than a book with two smart blondes, I say. Then there’s the story itself. Barry’s friend was part of the CIA, and they were apparently either cloning him, or giving him powers akin to Jamie Madrox. This is an amazing second issue, and the best way to finish my week.

That was this week in comics, and the second month of the reboot. For the most part, we’re settling into our stories. Villains have been revealed, heroes have been tested, and Hawk and Dove is still a terrible book. I’ll see you here next week.

Oh, before I forget. South Florida readers take notice, Florida Supercon’s Mini-Con is this Saturday at the Davie PAL center. It’s $8 a head to go in, and is set to have some really fun people attending, including yours truly. Hope to see you there!


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