Oh boy oh boy oh boy, pretty art everywhere!

This week is fairly light, with only six titles, one of which being from Marvel. Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

If there’s one thing I can honestly say about Kick-Ass 2, it’s that i don’t know whether I love it or I hate it. On one hand, it’s stupid as hell. The idea of superheroes in a real-life setting, with no superpowers or anything, doesn’t always work. Watchmen pulled it off. For the most part, the first Kick-Ass series pulled it off. But Kick-Ass 2? With Red Mist gone psycho super-villain, he’s sort of dragging it into the territory of the unrealistic. But on the other hand, the members of Justice Forever are, were, pretty awesome, especially the girl whose sole mission was making sure that drunk chicks got home safely. If I was a superhero, I’d probably make that part of my repertoire. This issue sort of tips it into the ‘love’ field. I mean, yes, there’s the tragedy of Dave’s father, but suddenly, Hit-Girl! Face it, Hit-Girl was everyone’s favorite character from the first series, and now, she’s back! I’m sort of looking forward to seeing how the rest of this run plays out.

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. I have no idea where New Guardians is going with itself. The rings were drawn to Kyle, but he can’t use them. Members of the different Corps came after Kyle to take the rings back, but now they’re destroyed. And now Larfleeze out of nowhere? Alright..? This book needs to come up with a plot other than “Space police are cool!!!” like, now. Though, interesting to note, this series seems to be a bit behind Red Lanterns, as Bleez isn’t an Alpha Red yet here.

Justice League Dark is finally picking up speed a bit with the third issue. June Moon actually seems to be the main character for this arc, so far. Everyone is looking for Enchantress, but Enchantress is looking for her, so logic dictates…that being said, I love Zatanna and John’s interaction is fantastic. To me, this is a team where my main focus is, okay, how is this person going to react to this person? Not liking how Boston jumps from Dawn to June Moon, though. Romantically, not using his power. Because June doing the flips was pretty awesome, visually.

I had fairly low expectations for the Shade mini. In all honesty, James Robinson has lost a lot of credibility with me in recent years, with the work he did on Justice League, and of course, Cry for Justice. But then again, Starman was how I was introduced to him. The title that felt like it should be published under Vertigo. The crime fighter who wasn’t interested in fighting crime at least, not at first. The Shade, as I said before, was really one of the characters that made Starman for me, and the fact that none of that history seems to have been thrown out with the reboot really means something to me. Last issue, Shade was killed by Deathstroke. This issue, he shows us that aside from being the most understated badass in comics, he is also an intelligent, loving man. Sigh. The two narratives meet when Shade takes care of the mob boss out to kill Von Hammer, and the latter is hired by the former. This is one of those books that can say nothing in many words, and I like that. I know it’s padding, but it’s fun to read, and Cully Hamner did a fantastic job with the visuals.

I’ve been looking forward to this issue of Teen Titans. With #3, we finally get to meet Bunker, whom Scorr Lobdell has revealed as being openly gay. Now, for those of you who know me, or even those of you who know my opinions on the LGBT community, I’ve often said that they’re a group that doesn’t get much representation in comics, DC especially. In recent years, DC has focused much of its energy on lesbians rather than gay men, with Batwoman currently starring in her own ongoing, and Renee Montoya having had a mini-series, followed by a short starring role in Detective Comics. Meanwhile, Mikaal Tomas was in the Justice League and…that was basically it. We’re not going to discuss Piper’s role in Countdown, because I’ve spent a long time pretending Countdown never existed. So for an out character to be a major player in one of DC’s ‘teen’ titles? I’m excited. My initial thoughts on Miguel Barragan? He’s…cute. Very cute. Sort of flamboyant (and wow can you tell that that’s reboot Tim; normal Tim wouldn’t have let anyone get that far into his personal space for a hug without knowing them for years beforehand), but in a good way, not in an oh-christ-is-this-going-to-get-annoying-quick way. By the way, can I just point out that Brett Booth is really bringing his A-game, especially with the scene where Tim and Miguel are poking their heads out of the train to look at the people. Speaking of which, I expect this Girder/Thinker 2.0 hybrid Detritus to be a major player sometime later in the series…a threat level comparable to Trigon, perhaps? Oh right, and the other storyline in this issue focuses on Kid Flash and Solstice. I’m honestly hoping that, personality-wise, Kiran remains about the same as before. I’m not going to call Kid Flash Bart until he proves to me, in some way, in any way, that he’s anything like the Bart Allen I fell in love with when I was 7.

So, remember in the last Flash series, when Barry saved the occupants of a helicopter before it crashed? Pretty cool, right? Phweeet. That’s the sound of that moment flying away as the image of Barry vibrating an entire plan through a bridge to let it have a safe water landing knocks it out of the park. I will never call this man dull again. Francis Manapul, you are a god among men. You managed to do in five pages what Geoff Johns did not in twelve issues: you have made me respect Barry Allen. And then there’s…oh. Len. You. Uh. You’re generating cold without the gun. That’s kind of…neat? Call me crazy, but I always like the fact that Flash’s Rogues were all guys in spandex with fancy weapons, not actual metahumans. That’s why the ‘new’ Rogues like Girder, Magenta, even the new Zoom didn’t exactly take with me. Still, a Manapul-penned Len Snart is a beautiful thing to behold. Ahem. AAAAAIEEEEGH. Axel. Axel Walker is in this issue. And he’s beautiful. Oh dear god that’s two Rogue sightings in as many pages. C’mon, throw Evan or Mark in for good measure. Ahem. Anyway, the issue ends on a rescue mission and a- dead Barry?! Oh, c’mon. You all know as well as I do that it won’t stick.

Well, that’s this week in comics. Sorry that this is going up so late, but I had a bit of a run in with something called a ‘social life’, and then came American Horror Story. Still, I’ll see you all back here in 7. Until then, happy Thanksgiving!

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