This is the shortest post ever, I’m so ashamed.

Last Wednesday of the month, and what do I have to show for it? One book. One. DC, you’re not planning ahead well. On months with 5 weeks, it may be a good idea to not shove all your great books into the first two weeks. Anyway, all preamble aside, this week, we’re looking at Legion: Secret Origins.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I think Legion: Secret Origins is the best Legion book out right now. The main Legion book is just a continuance of the last Legion series, pre-reboot, and it’s nothing special. Legion Lost is, for lack of a better phrase, completely lost in its motivations, and I honestly don’t see it lasting longer than the first arc. Legion: Secret Origins is a re-imagining of how the Legion of Superheroes first formed. The original origin is that a bunch of kids, all inspired by Superman, banded together to form a super-team. This was supposed to be a one-shot story in an issue of Adventure Comics, but the idea was so popular that the Legion kept making appearances, eventually getting their own feature and later, their own comic. The origin of the Legion that everyone knows is this: Three superpowered teens happen to be in the right place at the right time and end up saving the life of a very, very rich man. The man is R.J. Brande, who is pushing for the idea of a United Planets (kind of a UN in space), and likes the fact that three kids from three very different worlds were able to work together to achieve a single goal. So…he turns them into a superhero team. That premise is still the same in Secret Origins, with a bit of a twist. And what is that twist? Someone really, really, really wants Brande dead. I mean, three assassination attempts in two issues. Jeez. So far, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, and Cosmic Boy have been spending all their time keeping him alive. Every time the comic cuts away to the secret cabal of old people or Brainy and Tinya, I expect the others are just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs until someone shoots at R.J. again. It’s sort of repetitive.
Oh, speaking of Brainy and Tinya, my god is their interaction adorable. Brainy has this very obvious, “Oh god it’s a real girl, what do” thing going on, where his first response is to treat her like she’s an experiment. Tinya…isn’t happy about that. And I’ve got to say, I like this version. Tinya Wazzo has never been my favorite member of the Legion if only because she’s one of those girls who can’t really function when her boyfriend isn’t around. That’s how the one in the first Reboot Legion was, anyway, and it annoyed the piss out of me. By the way, is it just me, or is the fact that so many people are interested in Brainy’s force field probably going to come up as being very important later in the series?
The secret cabal of old people is another segment I find more interesting than the main focus, which is Brande and his bodyguards. From what I can tell, it’s a Coluan man, a Naltorian woman, and a human man watching the entire universe on screens, and…talking to each other. They’re obviously the secret braintrust behind the United Planets, but still. Something needs to actually happen before- oh my god one of the old guys stood up! Shit is going to go down, people! This is not a drill, shit is going to go down!

Well, that’s about it for the actual reviewing this week. Tiny Titans also came out, but it wasn’t really that good this month, which sort of disappointed me. Stay tuned for another post about…whatever the good people at Tumblr decide I should write about.

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