I dub thee, DC what are you doing week.

It’s a…well, it’s a week. Six books, two of which are on their last chances. Sigh. Okay, enough stalling.

Green Lantern Corps, what are you doing? Peter J. Tomasi has effectively integrated the mythical hammerspace into DC continuity. For those not in the know, hammerspace is the term used in some anime fandoms to describe the place where characters keep previously unnoticed weapons or supplies. But instead of hammerspace being a dimensional rip, he’s made it into an actual planet. Okay, sure. Also, way to have aliens carrying around and trading completely random Earth weapons. Ugh. I’m actually pretty glad I’m not paying for this title anymore.

Nothing happened in Legion of Superheroes this month. Nothing. Unlike in the various downtime comics the post-Zero Hour Legion had, this one didn’t have any sort of underlying plot. It just showed the characters…existing. Which, I guess was okay. We see that Salu and Ayla are still lovers, that Imra and Garth went back to Winath to raise their kids, and that Glorith doesn’t really like being in the Legion. Okay, that shows a little bit of character development. But there’s just so little of anything going on, I nearly fell asleep. And don’t even get me started on that art. Good god, what is that art even trying to accomplish? Sorry, LoSH, you’re officially in-store.

Oh wow. Oh snap. I can’t even right now. Remember how I was hating on Blue Beetle last month? Jaime stabbed Paco through the heart, though not of his own will, and Paco was dying. Well, this month, Jaime had the Scarab save him…except the Scarab lied. Instead of inserting a, a healing bug into Paco, Khaji-Da turned him into a sleeper agent for the Reach, a Red Beetle. It was a twist I wasn’t expecting, and it certainly made this issue incredibly interesting. Blue Beetle, you are safe for another month.

I loved the first couple of issues of Supergirl. They were wonderfully drawn and interestingly written. But now? This, ‘oh god where is Krypton what are these powers what’s going on’ Kara’s been saddled with has really begun to irritate me. I mean, jeez. I’ve heard broken records that occasionally play different songs. Anyway, in this issue, Kara discovers what happened to Krypton by way of her home of Argo City, which was protected from the destruction by a giant force field, though it has since died. And then we get the fight scene. This seems to be a pattern with Supergirl. Kara is confused and scared, someone superpowered appears, she gets angry, there is a fight. I really hate to do this but…I’m benching this book.

I think this may be ‘what are you doing’ week. Because Nightwing had me saying that every couple of pages. We’re in New Orleans this month, so of course there’s going to be a voodoo priestess. I mean, why not? And of course she’s Jimmy the clown’s ex-wife. And of course Raya is hooking up with the guy who’d liked her forever and also fought Dick a couple of issues ago. Next to no progress was made with that book subplot, so I guess we can write this issue off as filler..?

Oh god, I can’t even. Even? It’s gone. Knocked out of the park. Red Hood and the Outlaws, as I may have said before, is a book that gets better with every issue. Most of this month is focused on Jason’s fight with the Untitled in hiding as well as Jason’s past with the All-Caste, though the other plot, Kori and Roy versus Crux, is also pretty prevalent. Let’s talk about that first. Roy’s character in the reboot seems to be that of a man who plays the fool, but still has a lot of heart to him. He proves that by not really saying anything when Kori reveals that she’s been depowered, just sets out to help her the best he can. Any other person would probably dwell on her powerlessness, but not him, and that’s nice. Kori is also showing a bit of heart this issue, especially in her scene with Roy, and at the end, where she doesn’t immediately agree to use her, very lethal, powers on the angry mob chasing Jason. Speaking of whom, wowzers. Aside from wielding the most badass weapons (swords that seem to require your own blood to work, holy shit) I’ve seen in quite a while, he also shows an amazing ability to not give a flying fuck. His own murder? Batman being a douche? Ignore all that, let’s kick some ass. Wow.

And that was this week in comics! I’ve got a teeny, tiny social life to go sustain now, so I must be off. By the way, Tumblr officially convinced me to go out and buy the first five issues of Wonder Woman and Batman, so I may do a mass assessment of the two books later, once I read them. If not see y’all next week.


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