This is Grey. See Grey flail over Batwoman. Flail, Grey, flail!

For reasons, I have decided to drop Resurrection Man entirely. Sorry, RM, I don’t have time for you. That being said, we’ve got 6 books to go over, let’s get started!

What can I say about Huntress? Well, aside from the revelation (via Paul Levitz) that she is not, in fact, Helena Bertinelli, I don’t know what else to say. I’m not interested in the exploits of Helena Wayne, even if she seems to be just as bloodthirsty as the Huntress DC spent 20 years developing.

Batman and Robin is my least favorite Bat-title that I’m still reading. No, really. It’s just…Bruce doesn’t really talk to his kid, and yet Damian still has all this loyalty towards him, solely because Bruce is his father. Ugh, ow my heart. This issue focuses less pages on Damian and Morgan, and more pages on Bruce’s training with, and eventual betrayal by, the Ducards, so I wasn’t actually paying as much attention as I could have. Frankly, the only person who is doing Bruce Wayne justice in the DCnU is Scott Snyder. Batman and Robin, you’ve been downgraded to in-store, officially.

Well, that’s an interesting re-origining. In Batman: The Animated Series, Harley was a shrink at Arkham that fell in love with the Joker, who manipulated her sympathies. In her introduction in the DCU (and subsequent re-origining in her own ongoing series), she was already interested in him when she got the job at Arkham, he only had to nudge her a bit to get her to go full bananas. Now, Joker seems to have been playing Harley’s white knight in order to get a friend in the system who would bust him out. We’re seeing a lot more emotion from Harley, and Adam Glass seems to be straying back to her original personality, which is nice, but also a shame. I’d love to see a world where Harley is legitimately over the Joker, but you can’t have it all. In other news, Savant lives, and he’s dressing like Taskmaster. I wonder if Creote is waiting somewhere out there in the wide world for when Savant is finally off the hook. Still no sign of Digger, though, so that’s…depressing.

I don’t know if I’m happy or angry about the new issue of Superboy. “Kon-El” is now directly translatable as “Abomination in the House of El”, when it used to just be another member of the El family back on Krypton. But…this issue had Supergirl. And Solstice. And it ended on Rose Wilson. So many fantastic ladies in this book, and the thing I’m focusing most on is Scott Lobdell taking a piss on Superboy’s last identity. Ughhh.

Geoff Johns is approaching self-parody. “Hal isn’t going to be a Green Lantern anymore! Hal is going to try and make things work with Carol! LOL JK his jealous lover is going to show up and make him wear his ring again!”
I wish I was joking, but that’s the exact summary of this issue, regarding Hal Jordan. Sinestro, on the other hand, was off kicking some ass. Hunting down Lyssa Drak, learning the plans of the Guardians regarding the third army, wow, Sinestro is like the second Lantern coming or something! I actually like the direction this series is going, to be completely honest, even if I’m not liking the speed it’s getting there.

I’m in love. I am. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like Amy Reeder drawing Batwoman, but oh god. I’m so on board with this. The Weeping Woman story, while the first arc has ended, is not over. As it turns out, she was made into who she became by a man named Maro, who draws power from superstition. Kate is taking pretty well to working for the DEO, if her love of her new suit is any indication. Speaking of love, Maggie! Maggie and Kate are my favorite part of this book. Their relationship is developing so naturally as the issues go by, it really makes me root for them. On a sadder note, Bette is still in a coma, but her uncle is there for her. Every day, reading to her as she lies there. It’s the perfect combination of pain, and joy, and sadness, and love, this book. It’s by far one of the best titles DC has put out in a long time.

And that’s this week in comics! I’m actually fairly satisfied with what I read, but that’s me. How are you liking your books?


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