We’re starting with chicks, we’re ending with chicks…I dub this chick week!

Oh goodness gravy gracious, seems like it’s the second week of the month again. Eight books, including two DC 52’s I’ve only recently picked up, Batman and Wonder Woman! Shall we begin?

So, remember how I said I was annoyed with Kara’s characterization? Well, I still am, sort of. But at least she’s kicking ass now! Somehow managing to regain her yellow sun-caused powers, Kara saves herself from Argo’s fate, flying back to Earth just in time to start fighting Reign in New York City. It was sort of a slow issue, with random scenes (will the Irish girl play a bigger part in later issues), flashbacks, and a strange hallucination bit, but it was well-written and well drawn, so I guess I can excuse it. Though I have to say, I’m still confused as to the purpose of the knee holes in Kara’s boots.

Still not understanding how Green Lantern Corps is my least favorite Lantern-related book. I feel like I should love it, but it’s so…long-winded and boring. Even the action sequences are snooze-worthy. Ugh, how is this happening?!

Interesting. Maybe it was her name, maybe it was the way she was drawn to look like another Caucasian biped, but I had no idea Dragonwing from Legion of Superheroes was supposed to be Chinese…I think. Fairly certain, at least. I’m not too invested in this book anymore. Though, the scene with Dream Girl smooching Thom, then princess-carrying him back to his own chair was pretty cute. Girl power! Not to be confused with Power Girl, who looks nothing like Nura Nal. Speaking of people not looking anything like they should, has Francis Portela ever been to China? Because everyone there seems to be white in the future. I don’t think that’s a very good future, do you?

I’ve been trying to like Nightwing, I really have. But between the uninspiring art, the lackluster storyline, and Dick’s own recently bland personality, I’m afraid I just can’t find anything to enjoy. I’m sorry, Nightwing. I’ve failed you.

Ah, now this I can get into. Of all the little origin stories I’ve seen since the reboot, the one I’ve hoped for the most was this one, how Jason and Kori met. Long story short, he blew up a submarine and ended up marooned on the island she called home. We learn a lot about Kori’s character during this issue, and hopefully, a lot of the slut shaming will stop now. She was in a relationship with Dick Grayson, and presumably, he ended up hurting her, and they broke it off. She chooses not to dwell on her past with him, and actually sort of blocks him out, except for the happy times when they were together. The end of the issue actually brings up something interesting. Were Jason and Kori actually together, or were they just friends who had sex? It’s not an important question, or even one I hope to have answered right away, but it is a good question nonetheless. Oh! And another thing. In one of her Dick-related flashbacks, we see Kori with both Dick and Roy during a mission. So…did Kori know Roy previously? And if so, why hasn’t that been addressed? Did Roy forget her as a side-effect of the drugs he’d been on? I’m hoping they cover Roy’s history next, as I’m now very, very curious.

I only started reading the DCnU Batman title last month. And I’m actually pretty sad that it took me this long to hop on board the bandwagon. Those of you who have been reading this blog, or know me in real life, know I’ve got a pretty low opinion of Bruce Wayne. He’s just not an interesting character to me. And then someone pointed out that his book was being written by Scott Snyder. Now, I loved Scott Snyder’s work with DickBats, and I actually own the hardback trade of The Black Mirror. The man does quality work. Such quality work that, for the first time ever, I’m now committed to buying a monthly title focusing solely on Bruce Wayne. I’m a sucker for conspiracy theory stories, and secret societies, so this first arc is just sucking me right in. This latest issue is possibly the trippiest thing I’ve read in ages. The long-awaited confrontation between Batman and Talon of the Court of Owls! It’s certainly a good fight, visually, though there’s very little exposition to drive the story forward, until the last page. Basically, the Court is Caesar, and Talon is the champion gladiator. They take people from above who get too close to the secret, and have them run around in their labyrinth until they can’t go on, and then Talon ends them. I’m going to have to take a second now, before I start the next book, to thank Scott Snyder for making me like Bruce Wayne. Thank you, Mr. Snyder. You’re doing an excellent job.

I am not happy with Tony Bedard. I am not happy with DC. Why does everything have to be edgy and gritty? It’s 2012, not 1993. Jaime Reyes was a normal kid with good friends and a loving family…that happened to accidentally acquire the most powerful suit of living armor on the planet. And you’ve taken that away from us. The Scarab isn’t his friend, Brenda isn’t his friend so much as a love-interest-in-training, his parents’ personalities are warped, Jaime’s personality is shot to hell…the only real similarity I can find is that he still cares so much for the people in his life, that he would get as far away from them as he could just to make sure they’d be safe. I can’t look at you right now, Blue Beetle. Just, just go away.

You know what bugged me about Wonder Woman, when I read the first five issues last month? Why was it that she was the one to get the big re-origining? Batman’s parents are dead, Superman still came from a doomed world, but now Wonder Woman is actually the daughter of Zeus? Personally, I always loved the Perez origin, how she was made from clay and blessed by the goddesses. But hey, at least she’s not ‘edgy’. I really like the designs used for the different gods and goddesses in this book. Hades as a child with a head of candles, and Poseidon as a crowned sea monster are especially interesting. It’s also nice to see that Azzarello is paying attention to the classic depiction of Hera as a raging bitch. Though, the assumption that a woman could not rule the heavens without a man is pretty awful. All in all, Wonder Woman is a fairly good book, a nice blending of classic myth and modern adventure. I approve.

That’s this week in comics, everyone. On a personal note, I hope all of you enjoyed the recent holiday, whether with a loved one or by yourself, throwing Molotov cocktails at cars in city dumps. Hope to see y’all here next week!

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    Eric said,

    Are you mad?! Blue Beetle was AMAZING! Not only did they have a great battle, but they had a second fight which involved words and feelings, which can hurt a lot worse. Listen, if an alien weapon attaches itself to you of course things are gonna be dark, it is alien. Once Jaime gains control and thinks of himself as a hero then things will start to become fun. You are comparing it too much to the old series which was just as fantastic. Try reading it from a different perspective. And the scarab wasn’t his friend to begin with when he started out the last time either. Here, he’s only had it for a few days, not enough time for them to become buddies. Let their relationship develop; it’s one of the things I’m looking most forward too! And how are the personalities warped? His parents still care deeply about him and worry about things like tattoos like normal parents. Jaime cares for people and seeing what has been happening as of late it is hard to see everything about him. We need time to see what is going on. And Brenda is his friend, he just wants to take it a little further like Paco does. It’s completely normal. I’m sure she will end up with Paco. Blue Beetle – don’t go away. We need you here.

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