Use the Speed Force, Bart!

With only four books, this is my smallest week of all. Yet, with two of those books being Flash and Teen Titans, I suppose you could argue that this is my most anticipated week of all. Due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts, I’m sort of playing race the clock, so let’s get going.

You ever read something, and decide you just can’t? I just can’t, Justice League Dark. I’ve tried with you, but I can’t. Sorry. Begone with ye.

This issue of Green Lantern: New Guardians is yet another giant fight scene! Okay, maybe it has a little bit of plot, but it’s mostly a giant fight scene. The big bad? Spoiler alert: he’s actually some kind of intergalactic, planet-saving angel. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the planets in the system ship are actually worlds that were once threatened by Larfleeze, which is why this archangel flew to their defense, and why he seems so threatened by the rings. There was a small wonder of Kyle moment, when GL 2814.4 managed to hijack all of the other rings and link them up for communication, so okay.

Last time on Teen Titans, Superboy kicked the collective asses of everyone currently on the team. This time…well, let’s just call it the Kid Flash issue. Good points: They finally got Bart the correct eye and hair color, way to go Andrew Dalhouse! Only took you six issues. And we got some backstory..sort of. It seems Bart is from the 31st century here too, except he’s a wanted man. You can tell from the poster in Interlac that says Wanted: Bart Allen, plus some numbers, though I can’t exactly make them out. And from the costume he’s wearing, he sort of looks like Jaime. According to the woman who is not actually Detective Jocelyn Lure, he’s got a very, very long rap sheet, but, his memory was wiped and a new identity was assigned. Is his name actually Bart Allen? I mean, that’s the name on his wanted poster. Please, please tell me that they didn’t decide to make my baby evil. That’s not cool, DC. In non-Bart related news, Virgil and Red Robin? BFFs, apparently. Which is cool. Actually, it would be super cool, if it meant that Tim would be showing up in Static Shock. Unfortunately, as I’ve lamented before, that book was cancelled. Still, Static could be a Titan. Right? On another note, Miguel’s sexuality was handled fairly well, with him just stating it as a fact. It’s nice that the Titans having a gay member was made to be a bigger deal in theory than in execution. Finally, Scott, stop it. You’re pushing way too hard for Bart/Kiran to be a thing. The villain of this issue, by the way, is another new character named Grymm, a teenager with psionic powers. Yes, he looks a bit like Murmur, but that’s not what annoyed me. He has this weird verbal tic at his introduction; constantly stating that the people who have him captive wouldn’t trust him with things. Um, duh? Buddy, you’re in a straitjacket. It’s pretty obvious you’re locked up for a reason. Overall, it wasn’t a bad issue. If I was rating, I’d give it a seven of ten.

Oh. Oh, wow. For those of you just joining me on this blog, I love the Flash. The title, the hero, the family, I adore all of it. And I’ve never loved the Flash more than right now. According to the most recent issue, Barry has been the Flash for five years. The Rogues have been around about as long. And, until this encounter, Len Snart has stuck to using his cold guns as Captain Cold. I only have one major complaint about this issue, and that’s the dying sister narrative Len has going. For over a decade now, Lisa has been treated as better off dead than alive. Her zombie was a main focus of the Blackest Night: Flash mini, and in the recent Citizen Cold Flashpoint mini, she died there as well. This is going to be the third time we’ve had a dead Lisa as a prominent part of a Len plot in less than four years, something has to give. The meat of this issue is the fight scene between Flash and Captain Cold, but in the smaller cutscenes, you see that Barry and Patty Spivot are now officially dating, and also taking to solving cold cases in their spare time together. Though, maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s still a small spark left between Barry and Iris, as he obviously felt very awkward being there as she and Patty discussed the cold case in question, just before Len attacked. Oh, and I almost forgot the comic book science angle! Remember Dr. Elias’ treadmill from issue #2? Well, he built another one. A bigger one. And this time, instead of measuring Flash’s energy output and analyzing it, it stores the Speed Force energy Flash gives off when he runs too hard. Also, the earpieces, which used to be used for scanning police waves and, I believe, listening to the radio as well as making transmissions of his own, are now a sort of monitor for Speed Force output. Okay? At least they look cool. At the end of the day, this is still an A+ issue, making Flash the only comic I’ve been consistently satisfied with since the reboot.

My sincerest apologies for the late update. Between forced socialization and several distractions, this post is technically going up on Thursday, where I live. I hope you forgive me enough to come back for, get this, the fifth Wednesday of February. How the hell did the shortest month manage to grab five Wednesdays?! I for one am flabbergasted.


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